Modern Bedside Tables Built for Style and Comfort

A modern bedside table is not just a nicety of life. Rather, it supports a more organized bedtime routine and provides a place for items necessary for great sleep.

modern bedside table

Also, bedside tables frame the bed, the most important focal point of the room, and help to fill out the space on a large wall. In short, bedside tables may not be a necessity, but they are a luxury that would be hard to do without.

Modern Bedside Table Details

Modern Bedside Table Details

The best modern bedside tables are a blend of form and function. Many of these tables or cabinets have hidden storage like drawers that make maintaining organization in the bedroom easier. Modern nightstands have clean lines and simple styles. In addition, they are crafted from wood, glass, metal, and other natural materials like marble.

How tall are bedside tables?

Bedside tables range in size. Most bedside tables are between 24-30 inches high. However, the size table you buy should be determined by the height of your bed. In short, they should be within 2 inches of the height of the mattress. If you have a low bed like a platform bed or a large bed like a California King, you will need to take this in mind and buy an appropriate size nightstand.

What is the width and depth of bedside tables?

The depth of the nightstand varies by the size of the bed. If you need a bedside table for a room with a twin bed, use a nightstand that is between 18-22 inches wide and deep. For a queen and king bed, bedside tables should be between 22-27 inches deep and wide. Keep in mind, finding the right size table for the bed is important, but the size of the room matters too. Therefore, the correct size varies in every situation.

How To Pair Bedside Tables With A Bed

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The bed and the nightstands are the most important focal group in the bedroom. You can either use the same style nightstands as the bed or you can vary the styles. Mixing and matching the bed and nightstands can be an effective way to create an exciting look.

Vary the style – To create a more custom bedroom design, pair a bedside table and bed of different styles. For example, use a mid century modern bedside table with a traditional bed or rustic modern nightstands with a bohemian bed frame.

Mix up materials – Choose nightstands that are made from a different material from the bed and dressers in the room. For instance, use a clean lined modern white bedside table made from marble with a bed made from rattan or wicker.

Play with scale – Find tables that have unique sizes or are different visual weights than the bed you are pairing with it. For example, if you have a solid and substantial bed, pair it with slender and delicate nightstands.

How to decorate a bedside table

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It is important to have useful items like phones and bedside lamps within arm’s reach while we sleep, but you can style bedside tables in amazing ways too. Decorating a bedside table is personal, so each person should style their nightstand in their own way. However, there are some items that everyone should consider.

First, the most important item around your table is lighting of some kind, either a bedside lamp or a wall fixture like a sconce. Next, consider adding pictures or plants to your table that make you happy. Also, think about finding a tray or wide bowl. This will be attractive and useful as a catch-all for personal items like a phone.

For book lovers, you can decorate with a small stack of fun books.

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Last, add an alarm clock so that you don’t have to use your phone; if you find a unique style clock it looks great on the table while providing a vital function. The most important thing is not to overfill the table. Leave whitespace so that it doesn’t look cluttered and too busy.

Modern bedside table ideas

There are many wonderful modern bedside table styles. We have gathered some together to help you get a sense of the style and materials that make these modern bedside tables stand out.

Modern wood bedside table

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This tiered wooden nightstand has the classic spare detailing of the modern style. Also, the double shelf works well for extra storage. The minimalist hanging lighting frees up the shelves for plants or other decor.

Small bedside table

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Finnish Design Shop

If you are looking for a minimalist modern nightstand, consider something like this from Hem. The Key Side Table has a solid round wood top and floats over the floor on metal tripod legs. While this table does not have built-in storage, the spare style is perfect for a minimalist look.

Round bedside table

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If you are looking to use mixed material for your bedside table, consider one made of marble and metal. This round table has a circular brown marble top with spare black metal legs. Together with the colorful bedding and upholstered headboard, they create an eclectic modern style.

Oval wood bedside table

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If you are looking for a unique shade, try an oval table. This is a beautiful and timeless shape that works well with modern bedroom furniture.

White bedside table

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Finnish Design Shop

The Hide Table was designed by Karoline Fesser. This white bedside table is perfect in a bedroom. It has a hidden storage compartment that can be visible or turned so that it hides all your clutter for a more clean look.

Modern floating bedside table

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For a modern minimalist style try a floating nightstand. This table has a simple form but adds a marvelous warm texture to the otherwise cool toned room.

Modern nightstand with drawers

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If you are looking for a bedside table with presence, consider a style like this wood chest. It has a beautiful inlay front to add interest to the design. In addition, the drawers in this bedside table work well to store all the extra items you have around your bed for an uncluttered look.

Mismatched bedside tables

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Avoid a matchy style by using nightstands of different shapes. For example, here the designer has paired a small bedside table with a larger bedside table with a drawer. Both complement the mid century styling of other furniture in the room.

Glass bedside table

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This bedside table has a large top useful to hold the bedside table lamp while still leaving room for other room decor. The juxtaposition of the delicate table with the solid style bed is effective.

Black modern bedside tables

Black modern bedside tables

The Alyssa Nightstand has a mid century modern style with two large drawers for storage. Pair this with a different textured bed for a stunning design. You can find the Alyssa Nightstand on Wayfair LLC.

Rustic modern wood nightstand

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If you want a rustic modern look, consider a weathered wood bedside table. This one has a gorgeous ash color and two large drawers for storage. However, even though it is small, there is still enough room for small decor and bedside needs.

Ikea bedside table

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Ikea bedside tables are known for their Scandinavian modern style. The Björksnäs is made of solid wood with attractive leather pulls on the drawer. In addition, this table has a simple design that will blend with any modern style bedroom.

Floating bedside table

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We love how this floating-style nightstand pairs with the other room furniture. This table is low; it is a few inches lower than the mattress making access to this table effortless.

Rattan bedside table

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Cox and Cox

This rattan nightstand is an ideal addition to modern bedroom furniture. It adds some rustic texture and warmth to modern bedrooms which tend to be more sleek and spare.

Smokey glass bedside table

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You don’t have to be confined to using just bedside tables beside the bed. Instead, you can use any small table that is the right height.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What should the bedside table include?

A bedside table should have enough room on the top for all your bedtime items and any lighting needs that you have. In addition, if you need more storage in your room, a nightstand that has drawers helps with organization and clutter.

Should bedside tables be higher than the bed?

Bedside tables should be within 1-2 inches of the mattress. It is okay if it is higher as long as it is just by a few inches.

What is the purpose of a bedside table?

The purpose of a bedside table/nightstand is to allow you quick access to items you need before bed including lighting, reading material, an alarm clock, or your phone. Also, you can use these as part of living room furniture for a side table.

Should you have 2 bedside tables?

The number of bedside tables you have should be based on the storage needs you have, the shape and size of your room, and the number of people that use the bed. For example, if your bed is on a long wall, you may need a nightstand to balance out the bed so that it creates a substantive focal point for the room. Also, if there are two people that use the bed, each may need a table to place their things before bed.

Does a nightstand need drawers?

Drawers in a nightstand are helpful in that they help contain the clutter of the bedroom. However, drawers are not a necessity. Many lovely nightstands do not have drawers. This is a personal preference.

Modern Bedside Tables: Conclusion

Bedside tables are an integral part of modern bedroom furniture. Modern bedside tables vary in appearance and material, but their clean and simple style works well as an addition to many bedroom styles.

They frame the bed and give you another opportunity to display your personal style. However, the most important function of a bedside table is to give you a place to set your things aside as you prepare for bed and support your sleep all through the night.

In the end, anything that makes better sleep possible is necessary to everyone.