10 Standout Stair Railings and Why They Work

Stair railings are a necessary part of the architecture of your home if you have stairs. They are important, even required, for safety purposes. But you don’t have to sacrifice your style for cookie-cutter stair railings! Here are ten fantastic stair railings that enhance the style and décor of the surrounding spaces while still fulfilling their functionality. That’s a win-win.

Charming Nautical Rope Railing.

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This is a creative example of stair safety with style! A light monochromatic color palette helps the unique silhouette and shadows of the rope railing stand out. There is a good choice of angular lines throughout the space – in the furniture, rug, and even in the “waterfall” effect of stair treads and risers. We also love the detail of the excess rope knotted and hanging on the wall as though it is, in and of itself, a piece of artwork.{found on Riley Architects}.

Traditional Closed Riser Stair with Clean, Contemporary Railing Lines.

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Gorgeous woods are awesome on a staircase, because the wood is exposed from multiple angles. This particular staircase combines cherry (risers) and jatoba (treads), and it would be a shame to incorporate any railing that would detract from those beautiful materials. The beauty of this stair railing, with its open sawtooth-style iron stringers, is that it uses simple design to enhance and showcase the stairs’ beautiful craftsmanship. Overall, the effect is stunning.{found on specializedstairs}.

Twisted, Torqued Wood Railing.

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These stairs themselves look like they might be something out of a Dr. Seuss book (in the best way possible!), with their gentle twisted spiral effect. But the ultimate detail that puts this particular stair railing over the top is the twisted look of the wood at the center curve. In a tall, narrow space that is all white and neutral, it’s this kind of architecture that makes the staircase space something special.

Easygoing Coastal Stair Railing.

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This stair railing successfully intersects a laidback, beachystyle (greyed out wood looks like driftwood) with cottage, barn, or farmhouse appeal in the “X” design. It’s a versatile statement, however, with its elements of modernity with slim cable safeguards running horizontally. The treads match the railing for continuity in the look, which is a good idea design-wise, because there is a lot going onwith all the criss-crosses and lines.

Modern Open Riser with Cable Steel Railing.

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In a completely modern, minimal space, the stair railing should definitely reflect that style. This one accomplishes this to perfection. Open risers provide greater visual capacity through the space and keep the open, airy flow and feel. We love that there is a clear view, not only through the stairs themselves, but also through the steel and cable stair railing. The metals are a great choice here in combination with the whites and medium tones of warmer wood.{found on theuncommonlaw}.

Industrial, Small-Space Shelving Railing.

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This design is decidedly unique and quite thrilling! The railing is open without being, well,open. And it’s an excellent choice to pair a railing made out of wood with what appears to be concrete treads – a kind of urban chic, industrial vibe without feeling like a cave or a box. This stair railing gives an interesting, almost honeycomb, feel to an otherwise enclosed space – it’s an illusion of windows, almost, while providing critical small-space functional and aesthetic architecture.

Contemporary One-Tone Stair with Metal and Wood Railing.

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Whenever a staircase is long, or there are multiple staircases that come together, a visually lightweight stair railing is a good design choice so as to not weigh down the entire space. These railings in particular remains true to the style of the home with its contemporary look, but even more than that, the railing appears to have an adjustable mechanical system, with its screws and fittings, which somehow brings presence to an otherwise architecturally simple space.{found on elementalarchitecture}.

Simple, Elegant Railing.

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Where the interior design of a space leans toward the simply elegant (such as this space does with its large glass and brass pendant hanging from a high vaulted ceiling, and with tall detailed baseboards and door panels of a simple, whitish hue), a wrought iron railing with a simple, elegant design is the perfect complement. The scale of this railing mimics the pendant in the same visual plane, which further adds cohesion to the scheme. This is an understated, sophisticated choice.

Balanced, Eclectic Staircase & Railing.

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When your staircase can be the focal point of a space, you’ve got a prime opportunity (and responsibility) to make it worthwhile. This particular example does this perfectly. The juxtaposition of a thick, chunky wood tread (and discernable wood grain) with slender, vertical cables as the “railing” is spot-on: both elements play off of and enhance each other. The accent wallpapered wall with its slim black-and-white print is a nice combination with the slim cables as well. A lovely blend of yin and yang here, where it all comes together.

“Invisible” Glass Modern Staircase.

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This elegant, completely modern glass staircase is a stunner visually, but it’s also impressive architecturally. Each stair is supported on one side only, cantilevering out of the solid wall. On the other side of the tread are two floor-to-ceiling rectangular sheets of glass. The effect of the thick glass stair treads “floating” in space and the glass railing installed as an invisible support is brilliant and minimalist, and this setup makes the entire space.