Wall Baskets To Enhance Your Home Decor for a Unique Look

Wall baskets are great for storage but that’s not their only use. Many look nice, which makes them popular as decorations too. But how to actually display them?

Wall Baskets

One idea is to hang all sorts of baskets on a wall or from the ceiling, creatively mixing and matching. There are lots of ways to use baskets for storage and decoration at the same time. Here are some examples.

18 wall basket decorating ideas

Display using vintage wall baskets

A vintage wall display using baskets

This is a popular way to decorate a big empty wall in your home. Select baskets with different shapes, sizes and designs but similar colors or finishes. Start with the largest basket and then add the others around it. Check out salvagedliving for ideas like this one on a chic black wall.

Combining plants and baskets

A combination of plants and baskets

If you’re not a fan of baskets alone, combine them with other items. hunker has a cool idea for baskets and plants together. All you need are Fryken boxes with lids and a stock of artificial plants from the store.

Basket and wall art

Basket and wall art display

Another idea is to display a print or another piece of wall art set inside a shallow basket. This sort of basket acts as a frame and makes an interesting backdrop for the art. Check lizmarieblog to find out about doing this at home, maybe in the entryway.

Custom arrangements

A custom arrangement of shapes and sizes

A custom design strategy is often the way to go and twelveonmain has useful tips. For instance, move hanging wall baskets around and change the arrangement until you find the most pleasing one.

Hanging wall basket planters

Hanging wall basket planters

Another popular option is to complement your hanging wall baskets with faux greenery. This design on akailochiclife has greenery cascading from baskets at different heights.

Create your own decorative baskets

Make your own decorative baskets


You can also craft the wall baskets instead of buying them at the store. Try using a variety of materials or repurposed supplies such as placemats. Rocksolidrustic has lots of popular ideas. You can even use spray paint and painter’s tape to add patterns to the sort of baskets you get from a store.

Hanging storage wall baskets

Wall-hanging storage baskets

A nice project idea on thecraftpatchblog uses wall baskets for both storage and decoration. At the store, get three large wicker baskets, cotton cord, leather and a wooden dowel.  This makes a versatile set you can use in different home spaces, including the mudroom.

Decorating with wall baskets

Decorating with wicker baskets

Hanging baskets on the wall is easy once you have the supplies and a plan in mind. Creating a design for your home, however, can take a while. Look at makingmanzanita for inspiring ideas. They’ll help you create beautiful decor using your own stock of baskets.

Boho wall basket decor

Boho basket decor idea

Decorating with wall baskets may seem more suited to a rustic cabin than to a modern home but that’s not true. Baskets can add a boho-chic vibe to a kitchen, make a large space seem cozier, or add texture and color to a blank wall in the bedroom. Check out lollyjane for inspiration.

How to mix and match your baskets

How to mix and match your baskets

Remember that every home is different so add your own flair to the design. Devise your own combination of baskets to complement the decor around them. Some useful tips and ideas are on roostandrestore.

Handmade fabric baskets

Handmade fabric baskets with custom designs

These adorable fabric baskets could be just the wall baskets you need. The tutorial on applegreencottage explains how to make them. Since they’re not store-bought, you can customize the dimensions and design while keeping costs low.

Hanging toy wall baskets
Hanging storage baskets for toys

Wall baskets are useful at home forstoring items like toys, crafting supplies or other items you stock up on. They keep the contents accessible and look great. This project from u-createcrafts is inspiring and creates custom fabric baskets at low cost.

Hanging wall baskets for organization

Hanging bins and baskets for storage and organization

Hanging baskets and bins, even plastic ones, are useful for organizing different home items. They’re great for the kitchen or the bathroom, where they can hold makeup products, a stock of cleaning supplies or toiletry products.

This design from practicallyfunctional uses chains, S hooks and rods you buy at the store.

Over-the-door hanging basket

Over-the-door hanging basket

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible, check out some of the available products.

This small wicker basket, which you can order from Etsy, is cute and practical. It can hang from a hook over the bathroom door and adds more storage, including in the bedroom.

Tiered hanging basket trio

Tiered hanging basket trio

These baskets can hang in your kitchen full of fruits and veggies or in your bathroom filled with toiletries. Order this three-piece set on Etsy. They are lightweight and have a delicate woven pattern.

Multipurpose crochet baskets

Multipurpose crochet baskets

Hanging wall baskets are versatile and help organize all sorts of items in the bathroom, tools in the kitchen or supplies in your office. These crocheted baskets from Etsy have a beautiful design and look wonderful in any setting, including the mudroom. 

Cotton rope fruit baskets

Cotton rope fruit baskets

This tiered hanging basket set is perfect for the kitchen. The different-sized cotton rope baskets are connected. They can hang either high from the ceiling or low from the underside of a shelf or a kitchen cabinet. You can also do related searches to explore ways to make something similar from scratch. Otherwise, check out the baskets on Etsy.

Handwoven storage wall baskets

Handwoven storage baskets

These handwoven baskets are large and can hold quite a bit. Use them to store items like extra towels or toilet paper rolls in the bathroom or even some laundry in the bedroom. They’re designed with a single handle so they hang on a wall and save space. Check them out on Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why do people put baskets on walls?

Using baskets as decor is the sort of strategy that adds charm and texture to a space. It’s also a budget-conscious way to decorate large wall areas. 

Are basket walls still popular?

Decorating a wall with an assortment of baskets has been popular for some time and the trend shows no signs of fading.

How do you hang an African basket?

Hanging baskets only need a picture hanger or a nail. Just loop some fishing line or thread through the fibers on the back of the basket. Then, hang the loop on the nail or hanger.

What can I put in a wall basket?

You can put just about anything in a wall basket. The only limitation that will stop you is weight. The contents shouldn’t be too heavy. 

How many baskets do I need for a basket wall?

Whenever creating arrangements, choose an odd number. The exact number will depend on basket sizes and the space you’re trying to fill. You can even overlap baskets, but don’t hang any too far apart. 

Wall Basket: Conclusion

Whether you’re trying to add storage or just want unique decor, wall baskets are a great option. With the variety of styles available, it’s easy to find some that are functional and complement your decor in the best way.