The History And Evolution Of The Console Table As We Know It

The history of the console table is an interesting and rich one. It’s believed that the origins of this piece of furniture are in French and Italian furniture design. Large console tables were a must-have in aristocratic mansions and palaces in the late 17th century and throughout the 18th century. They had theatrical designs with intricately carved details and delicate gilding.

Black and silver - masculine console table

Originally, console tables had a half-moon shaped top on two legs and they were attached to walls using S brackets called consoles. That gives us a clue regarding the name that we have become accustomed to.

Contemporary console table with lights

The brackets allowed the original console tables to look as if they were freestanding pieces. There are still a few such designs even today. However, most modern console tables no longer rely on brackets and are able to fully support themselves.

rustic branch console table

When they were first introduced, console tables were mainly decorative furniture pieces. They didn’t really have any functionality linked to their designs. In time, they gradually became more and more practical while preserving their decorative characteristics.

Wood branch legs console tabl

Console tables later started to feature four legs instead of only two. This allowed them to rest against a wall or the back of a sofa without needing brackets or additional support. They also evolved to be both useful and decorative.

Brass legs and group of console tables with marble on top

The console tables of the 17th and 18th century were often ordered in sets in two or four together with matching mirrors and stools. Such sets are also available today. This collection is a really stylish example.

round style console table design

One of the main roles of the initial console tables was to create symmetry in a space and to help create a harmonious decor through matching features and design details.

Walnut console table with glass on top

Console tables generally follow specific design details. Narrow console tables are the most common. This makes them space-efficient and easy to integrate in a variety of spaces such as entryways and hallways.

Tranditional farmhouse console table

Console tables are interesting because they’re a sort of hybrid furniture piece. A console table is both a decorative piece and a functional design element. It can include storage or can come with matching accessories.

Newton white and gold console table

There are lots of very interesting and eye-catching designs to choose from when it comes to modern console tables. The Newton table, for example, has a sculptural base formed of metallic spheres and semi-spheres joined together into a twisting and unique body. It comes in both black and white console table versions.

Atom style console table design

The design strategies for console tables are similar to those for coffee tables and side tables. For instance, if the table has a clear glass top, this means that the base can have a really interesting design.

Gold legs and marble top console table

The Crooked console stands out in a different way. It features a marble top that gives it a distinguished and elegant look and the base is a metallic brass structure with a graphical look.

Gold legs console table

In the case of the Zybra console, both the top and base are interesting and eye-catching. The marble is sleek and elegant and the metallic brass base adds glamor to the design while keeping it real.

Floating console table

Wall-mounted console tables are not necessarily a thing of the past. They are still popular today. Such designs can make a space look bigger or can help save floor space. This particular design is also interesting because it includes lots of storage.

Black console table design

The role of a console table in today’s homes is a decorative one meaning that you can display flower vases, sculptures and other things on it but also a functional one especially in the case of the tables that have built-in storage.

Robber Baron

This is the Robber Baron Buffet, a console table that’s meant to impress and stand out. It’s part of a collection that celebrates art and industry and it impresses with its golden accents and sculptural form.

UMA upcycled console

If the main role of your console table is meant to be a decorative one then you could make the table itself stand out in an artistic manner. Designs like this one are guaranteed to stand out and to impress.

woman woodwork console

On the other hand, you could opt for a very simplistic or a minimalist design. This way the focus will be on the items you choose to display on the table. Of course the table itself can look interesting too.

Concrete console table

There’s a variety of styles, designs, sizes, shapes and materials to choose from when looking for the right console table for your home. Perhaps one with a few rough edges, a concrete top and a reclaimed wood base would be just right for an rustic-industrial space.