Fluffy Bedroom Rugs Are a Chic and Warm Decor Accent

Fluffy bedroom rugs are just the ticket for creating a warm, soft spot for your feet in your personal retreat. Whether that’s next to the bed, by a vanity seat or in a seating area, a fluffy area rug is a stylish and chic addition to the decor.

fluffy bedroom rugs

Types of Fluffy Rugs

A fluffy bedroom rug makes a statement both in visual appeal and textural bliss. As with most bedroom carpets, a wide range of styles is available.

Types of Fluffy Rugs
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So, if you want wall-to-wall puffiness or just a fluffy area rug to highlight a location in the bedroom, you can find the right option.

Faux fur

Faux fur
BERNHARDT Restoration, Inc.
Faux fur
About Space Studios
Fluffy Bedroom Rugs Are a Chic and Warm Decor Accent 2
Hollingsworth Design, LLC

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a fluffy rug for the bedroom.

Faux fur rugs have long fibers that create a wispy, cushy feeling under bare feet. One option is a faux sheepskin rug, which some consider the ultimate in fluffiness.


Flokati rug
Eldorado Stone

Flokati are wool, a natural material. They have a super fluffy, shaggy look, similar to faux fur. Typically, they come in shades of white, light gray, and dark gray.

Surprisingly, they are also affordable. So, if you’re looking for a fluffy white rug, try a flokati.


Shag rug
Guimar Urbina Interiors, Corp.
Shag rug

Shag is the old-school term for a rug that has very long, cut loops. These are usually made with synthetic materials that create a hairy, shaggy texture. These are sometimes called high pile.

High Pile

High Pile rug
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High Pile rug
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As already mentioned, these rugs have longer yarn that creates a thick, plush feel. Generally, anything with loops higher than a one-quarter inch qualifies as medium to high when it comes to pile.

If you want an accent rug on top of your wall-to-wall carpeting, this is a better option than a low-pile rug.


Fluffy Bedroom Rugs Are a Chic and Warm Decor Accent
Hand-Knotted rug

Many hand-knotted rugs have great texture and make great choices for bedroom spaces. They are typically wool and/or cotton and come in different designs and color combinations. These fluffy area rugs are a great artisanal addition to your decor and perfect for a little Bohemian touch.

If you opt for hand-knotted styles, you can repeat the texture from the rug on the floor with pillows on the bed or a chair.

Great Fluffy Bedroom Rug Options

Ready to start shopping for your own fluffy bedroom rug? Before you head for the store, check out these great ideas to accent your floor.

Decor Accent

Decor Accent
Sierra Sustainable Builders

A fluffy bedroom rug makes a great accent and this traditional bedroom does it right. The navy faux fur rug is a fabulous bit of texture on the dark wood floor and a similar throw blends the bed into the decor scheme.

Two Types of Fluff

Two Types of Fluff

The colorful room features two types of different styles of fluffy bedroom rug on a wood floor. A flokati sits by the armchair while a marvelous bright pink fluffy rug option anchors the bed and adds more color. This is a great option for older kids too.

Contemporary Neutral Option

Contemporary Neutral Option

If a fluffy white rug is not for you, this plush rug is an elegant option. Area rugs like this one are reminiscent of an old-style shag, but with great modern appeal.

A Bohemian Vibe

A Bohemian Vibe
Colossus Mfg.

If all you want is a small spot to land your feet in the morning, a hand-knotted area rug with Boho appeal is a great choice.

Textured Fluff

Textured Fluff
Demi Ryan Home

This bedroom shows the huge impact that fluffy bedroom area rugs can have when placed atop wall-to-wall carpet. This one has amazing texture and pattern too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What type of rug is fluffy?

Any rug that has long cut loops will be fluffy. Some, like flokati and faux fur, are extra fluffy, while others are a shag type.

What is a fluffy rug made of?

A fluffy bedroom rug can be made of different materials. You can find options in including wool, faux fur, real fur, polyester, cotton, blended materials and even leather.

How to wash a fluffy area rug?

Hand washing is the best option for a fluffy bedroom rug, although size will be the limiting factor. You can wash small ones in the sink or tub, while some types may can go in the washing machine.

On the other hand, some may require professional cleaning. Always consult the manufacturers instructions.

Do fluffy rugs shed?

Shedding is the main drawback of a fluffy bedroom rug. You can minimize it by gently vaccuming in the direction of the pile on a regular basis.

Where do you put a fluffy rug?

The bedroom is a fabulous place for a fluffy type of rug. Place it next to the bed, by a chair or at the foot of the bed — anywhere you want some extra warmth under your feet.


A fluffy bedroom rug is the ideal accent for your private space. It give you extra softness and warmth that you can wiggle your toes in.