18 Types of Bed Frames By Design and Functionality

The type of bed frames that people select has a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of their bedroom. There are many different kinds of bed frames with a variety of functions and designs. Bed frame types can define the look of the bedroom, from the classic elegance of a four-poster bed to the sleek modernity of tatami frames.

Types of beds

Bed frames are more than just decorative pieces; they can serve a variety of purposes, such as adding storage or extra sleeping space when required. Understanding all the different types of bed frames can help you as you seek to create a bedroom that is both stylish and useful.

Types of Bed Frames

Beds are the focal point of the bedroom, so it is no surprise that there are such a wide variety of types of bed frames. There are so many different types of beds that it helps to classify these bed frames by design and functionality.

1. Simple Frame

Simple Frame

A simple bed frame is defined by its basic and straightforward style. It has a frame and legs that support the mattress, but it has little in the way of decoration. Because these do not feature extensive support, a box spring may be necessary for full support. You can find simple bed frames in a variety of sizes and materials. They are often the least expensive bed frame type.

2. Platform Bed Frame


A platform bed is a bed frame design that features a sturdy, flat surface. They often have a slatted surface that directly supports a mattress without the need for a box spring or other foundation. This is a simple and spare bed style that works well in contemporary or modern bedroom styles.

3. Canopy Bed Frame


Canopy beds are built with an upper frame that typically extends from four vertical columns on each corner of the bed. This may or may not be covered with decorative fabric. Canopies can serve both decorative purposes and create a greater sense of privacy. Canopy beds are often traditional, but there are spare, modern styles that work well in contemporary bedroom designs.

4. Storage Bed Frame

Types of beds

A storage bed is one that includes a built-in storage space in the bed. This storage space typically consists of drawers or compartments underneath the mattress. This type of bed frame is useful for people with limited bedroom space as it eliminates the need for extra storage pieces.

5. Floating Bed Frame

Types of beds

This bed frame type creates the illusion that the bed frame is floating above the floor without legs or other visible support. Floating bed frames have a central support system with extended sides that create the floating illusion. These beds are most often used in modern or contemporary bedroom designs.

6. Bunk Bed Frame

Types of beds

A common bed type in children’s rooms, bunk beds feature two beds that are stacked on top of one another. Bunk bed types allow more sleeping room for the same floor space as one bed. These are also common in dormitory-style rooms.

7. Four-Poster Bed Frame

Types of beds

Four-poster beds feature posts or columns on each of the four corners of the bed. Four-poster beds come in a wide range of styles and can feature elaborately carved or simple wooden posts.

8. Sofa Bed Frame

Types of beds

A sofa bed, also called a sleeper sofa or a pull-out sofa, is a bed type that serves both as a sofa by day and converts to a bed at night. Sofa beds are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

9. Medical Bed Frame

Types of beds

A medical bed, also known as a hospital bed, is a bed type that has a number of features that are useful to people who are infirm or are recovering from medical procedures. They are equipped with raising or lowering potential and feature side rails for extra support. Some medical beds have wheels and tilting mechanisms.

10. Trundle Bed Frame

Types of beds

Trundle beds consist of a main bed frame and an additional bed, or trundle, that fits beneath the main bed frame. The trundle frequently has low-profile wheels for ease of movement. It could also have an adjustable frame that allows you to raise it to the same height as the main bed frame. This is the best type of bed frame if you need more sleeping space that does not take up space during the day.

11. Daybed Frame

Types of beds

A daybed is a multi-purpose bed frame designed for sitting, reclining, and lounging during the day and sleeping at night. Like sofa beds, daybeds have two sides and a backrest. Many daybeds come with a trundle option, which expands the sleeping space.

12. Half-Poster Bed Frame

Types of beds

A half-poster bed is similar to a four-poster bed, but it features two tall columns or posts on each side of the headboard. It may feature low posts or no posts at the base of the bed. This is typically a traditional or classic bed frame type.

13. Adjustible Bed Frame

Types of beds

An adjustable bedframe features an adjustable base that the user can adjust to suit their sleeping or relaxing preferences. Typically, on an adjustable frame, the head or foot of the bed can be raised or lowered via a remote control mechanism. These beds may also feature massage capabilities.

14. Sleigh Bed Frame

Types of beds

Sleigh beds feature a distinct head and footboard style that resembles a sleigh. They often feature outwardly curved ends. These bed frame types are most often used in traditional or classic bedroom styles.

15. Panel Bed Frame

Types of beds

A panel bed features a headboard and sometimes a footboard with a raised or recessed panel. These beds present a structured and symmetrical appearance. They are a popular bed frame type because they work well with a variety of bedroom styles.

16. Upholstered Bed

Types of beds

Upholstered bed frames feature upholstery or padding that covers either both the headboard and footboard or just the headboard. The upholstery can define the look of the bed, as it can feature a wide variety of coverings, from fabric to leather. Upholstered bed frames are popular because they are so varied in appearance, style, and color.

17. Tatami Bed Frame

Types of beds

A tatami bed is a bed frame type that takes inspiration from traditional Japanese tatami mats. Tatami beds feature a low-profile frame made of a natural material like wood or bamboo. These bed frames feature highly in modern, minimalist design or in Asian-inspired homes.

18. Murphy Bed Frame

Types of beds

A murphy bed, also called a pull-down bed or wall bed, is a space-saving bed frame that is stored within a wall cabinet. This bed frame features hinges on one side that allow it to fold vertically. This is an excellent space saving bed frame option and is often used in guest rooms.