Basement Bedroom Design Ideas You’ll Want To Sleep In Yourself

Basement bedroom options never seem that appealing, but there are easy ways to create a fabulous one. We have some expert project advice that will help you transform this underused space into a beautiful bedroom.

basement bedroom
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Whether you have a crowded house or just want an extra guest bedroom, you have lots of choices for basement bedroom ideas.

Basement Functional Upgrades

Functional UpgradesView in gallery
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No matter what kind of basement bedroom ideas you have, there are certain upgrades you’ll have to make to the space. You want it to be comfortable, cozy and inviting — not an afterthought. Before you even start thinking about decor, you must address some of the major issues that basement bedrooms often have.

Is it Legal?

Is it Legal?View in gallery
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Before you spend any money on a basement bedroom, you need to check local building codes to see what is required. You can be sure that there are requirements under the Uniform Building Code for a basement bedroom. These can vary state by state or town by town. You can certainly plop a bed down and call any space a bedroom but for safety’s sake, you want it to be a legal one.

A window is a must in any basement bedroom. The window has to be big enough for a person to climb out in case of an emergency.

  • Any window opening has to be at least 5.7 square feet.
  • The opening has to be a minimum of two feet wide and 20 inches high to be legal.
  • If the window sill is below grade, there has to be a window well outside that also has to meet local codes.
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The windowsill can’t be too high up. In a legal bedroom, the windowsill has to be low enough that you can actually use it. Generally, this means no more than 44 inches above the floor. So, if you have a small horizontal window at the top of the wall, it won’t count.

It has to have natural light and exterior ventilation. Building code requires that a legal bedroom have natural light and ventilation from outside. For these reasons, the window size cannot be less than 10 percent of the floor’s area. Moreover, the part of the window that opens can’t be less than 5 percent.

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You might need a closet. Some local building codes require a built-in closet for a space to count as a legal bedroom.

If you’re set from legal and safety standpoint, here’s what’s next.

Deal With the Damp

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 In a basement bedroom, the main thing that keeps it from feeling homey and cozy is the damp, which also makes basement bedrooms feel cold.


If you’re finishing the space, make sure that you added enough insulation to the basement bedroom walls. This keeps the chill out and the heat in — and guests warm. If the area already has drywall or other walls, make sure it’s properly insulated. If you have bare concrete walls, it pays to spend a little more to add wood panels or even a frame and insulation with drywall.


DehumidifiersView in gallery
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It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a basement man cave, basement family room or basement bedroom. In general, basement spaces need a dehumidifier to keep the dampness under control. Not only does a dehumidifier increase comfort, but it will keep mold and mildew from growing due to dampness.

Add Bright and Layered Light

Add Bright and Layered LightView in gallery
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After the damp, darkness is the next biggest issue in basement bedrooms. Without the right kind of lighting, it will feel like a tomb since there’s no way to get more natural light..

Even if one wall is above grade, you still need more lighting than in an average above-ground bedroom. Layers of lighting are more critical in basement spaces since there really isn’t any natural light.

First, you will need plenty of bright overhead lighting. This provides enough illumination for activities and to navigate around the room safely. After that, sconce, pendants, floor lamps and table lamps will help create the right mood and cozy atmosphere that you want for a basement bedroom.

Consider the Ceiling

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Many basements have low ceilings, so take that into account before you plan to add something like a drop ceiling. It might be fine for walking, but if a taller person raises their arms to get dressed, they might hit the ceiling or a light fixture. One option is to play up industrial elements and just paint all the pipes and fittings that run along the ceiling. If painting the ceiling, go for a satin finish that will help reflect some light.

Flooring Is Important

Flooring Is ImportantView in gallery

Basements have humidity so not all types of flooring work in basement bedrooms. For that reason, forget about solid wood. A painted floor or laminate tile are good options. These surfaces can be warmed up with area rugs, which also provide some texture and color.

Many people choose wall-to-wall carpeting with padding because it makes a basement bedroom feel warmer. It can be a good choice. However, keep in mind that if your area is prone to any kind of flooding, wall-to-wall carpet cannot be salvaged and will have to be replaced.

Make it Look Bigger 

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You might have a small bedroom space, a low ceiling, or both. In all cases, you want to make the room feel more expansive, this will help combat some of the closed-in feeling you get with a basement bedroom. Use the same tricks as elsewhere in the house to create a sense of openness. Mirrors, paint color choices, and furniture scale are among the great basement bedroom ideas that create more visual space.

Pick the Right Paint

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Picking the right paint to create a cozy basement bedroom is all about color. A basement space doesn’t have natural light to warm things up so choose colors that warm the space.

Instead of opting for hues like bright white, cool blue or steely gray, opt for shades that have warm undertones. Creamy whites, earthy colors and bold hues that are at the warm end of the spectrum are best. These will subconsciously create a sun-warmed vibe that improves the feel of the space.

It also helps to limit your palette to just a couple of main colors to help create a serene and coordinated vibe.

Stick to a Style

Stick to a StyleView in gallery
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Basement bedrooms often lack a sense of style and end up being a jumble of leftover bits and pieces. If you choose a style when you start creating a basement bedroom, you can let it guide your choices. This way, you’ll end up with a purposeful space that’s stylish, welcoming and comfortable.

 Ready to start creating your own lovely basement bedroom? Check out these basement bedroom ideas that will inspire your own space.

Basement Bedroom Ideas

Layered lighting

Layered lightingView in gallery
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Using only overhead lights can make a basement bedroom feel rather stark. Creating a softer vibe is all about layering the lighting. Here, bedside lamps supplement the overhead lighting. Their placement on the nightstands inside the recessed area allows them to reflect on the wood and put out a warmer light.

Natural elements

Natural elementsView in gallery
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Face it — there’s no letting the outside in when you’re decorating a basement bedroom. When you’re trying to liven up a basement room, adding natural elements will make a big difference.

From wood pieces to natural-fiber textiles and low-light potted plants, they all are basement bedroom ideas that add some nature to an otherwise completely “indoor” space.

Cozy feeling

Cozy feelingView in gallery
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The room uses all the great basement bedroom ideas to create a cozy feeling. It has warm wood flooring and the wall are painted a nice, warm neutral shade.

There’s an area rug for physical and visual warmth as well as a textured bedspread. Finally, the lampshades have a peachy tone that makes the light rosy.

Small Basement Bedroom

Small Basement BedroomView in gallery
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In many cases, your biggest challenge might be the small size of the basement bedroom. The slim bedroom space in this image shows how you can still have great bedroom style in tight quarters.

Take advantage of the long spaces by keeping the space near the bed clear. The chest at the end of the bed provides some storage and there’s room for a sitting area too. Overall, having clean, minimalist decor is among the wonderful small basement bedroom ideas.

Calming Neutrals

Calming NeutralsView in gallery
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A neutral palette is always a good choice and basement bedrooms are no exception. This one has a plush carpet for warmth under bare feet and added softness from the upholstered headboard.

The bedside tables and lamps give the room a subtle touch of glamour too.

Neutral bedroomView in gallery
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A darker neutral palette also works in basement bedrooms. Although it gets little natural light, the darker walls are balanced by the overhead lighting and the bedside lamps.

Do Double Duty

Do Double DutyView in gallery
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If the basement has to do double duty because space is tight and you need more than just a bedroom, there are lots of basement bedroom ideas. They can easily blend with basement family room ideas or basement game room ideas.

A modern murphy bed design is one of the space-saving basement bedroom ideas for a basement room that needs to serve more than one purpose. It provides a place for overnight visitors but doesn’t limit the space as a dedicated guest room does.

Multifunctional bedroomView in gallery
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This is one of our favorite basement bedroom ideas. An open-plan basement space can be a real benefit. This is especially true when you use a room divider to section it instead of chopping it up into separate rooms.

This whole space feels open and the neutral, modern decor scheme does not feel like a basement bedroom at all.

Recessed lights in the tray ceiling eliminate the need for separate wall lights. Moreover, the divider becomes an attractive focal point in the middle of the room.

Bold Decor

Bold DecorView in gallery
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This basement bedroom abandons the idea of white walls and a light color scheme instead embraces the bold side.

Rich plum walls cover the entire room and the floor has an equally bold floral carpet. It also takes advantage of other basement bedroom ideas to make the space feel more open and cozy.

Sliding doors add style and recessed lighting means no ceiling fixture is hanging down to get in the way.

Bold bedroomView in gallery
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There are lots of bold basement bedroom ideas and this one combines two different types in this guest bedroom.

First, the bold olive green wall provides a solid base for the room’s decor. At the head of the bed, an accent wall with bold floral wallpaper provides a distinctive look. Together, it’s different enough without being overwhelming.

Finally, the egress window provides a little light, but the drum ceiling light and small bedside table lamps add another layer of lighting.

Visual Tricks

Visual TricksView in gallery

When you need to make the most of a basement bedroom and have it feel like a light and cozy retreat, use all the tricks.

Visually, the bedroom feels very airy. First, the basement window is not tiny. Second, the tray ceiling and modern lighting make it bright enough.

As a note, with windows this large, you might need blackout roller blinds to keep it dark for sleeping.

The interior design of this additional bedroom is pretty basic. However, the french doors act like an internal window and let in more light.

Sliding Doors Create a Separate Space

Sliding Doors Create a Separate SpaceView in gallery
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Some say that sliding barn doors are past their popularity, but they’re still useful when it comes to basement bedroom ideas.

Large sliding doors can divide an open-plan space and they also create a grand entrance to the basement bedroom. They can be lovely decor ideas when in warm wood with a refined rustic vibe like this.

Sliding bedroom doorsView in gallery
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Sliding doors also give you extra room in a basement bedroom. This type means that you don’t have to allow clearance for the door when it swings open.

Low-Slung Furniture

Low-Slung FurnitureView in gallery
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Using low-slung furniture as this sunny yellow basement bedroom does can make a space feel bigger despite low ceilings. Keeping the bed, headboard and nightstand shelves low lets the open space dominate the overall vibe.

Ceiling Interest

Ceiling InterestView in gallery
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If you don’t have low ceilings consider using decorative ceiling beams to create more interest. This basement bedroom feels cozier with the rustic beams, even though they do close the space a bit.

Bedroom ceilingView in gallery
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Unique basement bedroom ideas like this one can put the focus on the ceiling, even when it’s not too high. This design runs the wood up the basement walls to put the focus on the bed.

Pops of Color

Pops of ColorView in gallery
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To jazz up white walls and a very basic color palette, this basement bedroom uses colorful bedding for a vivid pop. It also uses modern lighting on a single wall behind the bed to creat interest and another layer of light.

Colorful bedroomView in gallery
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Its former life as a basement garage is not a problem for this warm and inviting basement bedroom. The daybed provides a pop of color that brightens the distinctive teak paneling. Custom lighting ideas and a floor lamp provide plenty of illumination.

Kids Bedroom Style

Kids Bedroom StyleView in gallery
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Small bedrooms in the basement can easily be comfortable, colorful kids bedrooms. This one uses bunk beds, an open closet with built-in storage and a long bleacher-style bench to maximize the space.

Kids bedroom 1View in gallery
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Combine basement bedroom ideas like warm wooden flooring and recessed bunk beds to create a one-of-a-kind space. This room will accommodate lots of kids for sleepovers!

Kids bedroom 2View in gallery
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If you don’t have a lot of space, bunk beds are one of the best basement bedroom ideas. they make the most of the square footage without making the basement bedroom feel crowded. Even adults can use bunk beds like these.

Go Luxe

Go LuxeView in gallery

The quickest way to eliminate any “basement bedroom feeling” is to go luxe with the interior design. Use plush carpet, thick fur throws and blankets and pillow covers.

Also, make sure the lighting is glamorous. This route can get you the coveted hotel vibe!

Basement Apartment

Basement ApartmentView in gallery
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If you have the space, one of the best basement bedroom ideas is to create an entire basement apartment. This gorgeous basement bedroom has two sitting areas.

If you’re considering this route, make sure that you think about other basement room ideas like a kitchen space and basement laundry room ideas.

Create an Illusion

Create an IllusionView in gallery
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The average basement bedroom has small basement windows, but it doesn’t have to look that way. One of the best basement bedroom ideas is to cover an entire wall with drapes. this creates the illusion that there is a huge window behind them.

Dark Drama

Dark DramaView in gallery
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Embrace the dark side and go for drama instead of fighting the dark basement space. basement bedroom ideas like recessed lighting as art, painted concrete walls and minimalist furniture create a really unique space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How to keep a basement dry without a dehumidifier

There are a variety of ways to keep a basement dry without a humidifier. Set up some kind of airflow to cut down on humidity, use crystal salt or charcoal to absorb moisture. Make sure the space has ventilation or, always have the air conditioning running.

What is the best dehumidifier for a basement?

The best dehumidifier for your basement is one that’s large enough for your space. Generally, you only need a small one with 10 pints capacity for 500 square feet of space. For each additional 500 square feet in your basement, you need 4 pints more of capacity.

Where to place a dehumidifier in basement bedrooms?

Whenever you need a dehumidifier, it will be most effective you place it near the source of moisture. If there isn’t a specific spot, place it in the middle of the basement.

How to divide a basement into rooms?

If a basement remodel is not in the budget, there are other ways to divvy up your basement. You can use curtains, bookshelves or screens to create dividers. Folding screens or repurposed doors can also make good room dividers.

How to build a soundproof room in basement?

If you want to soundproof your basement bedroom, you can do it yourself. First, make sure that the space in the basement ceiling is insulated. You can use soundproof drywall or add acoustic tiles or soundproof material to the walls. Also, install fluffy carpet or rug in the room you want to soundproof

How to make a basement room cozy

If you’re looking for basement family room ideas to make it cozy, there are lots of options. Decorate it like you would any other room in the house. Add decor, area rugs, string lights — anything that gives it a warm feeling. Be sure to include natural materials and plenty of texture.

How to make a room in the basement for cheap

If the basement is large, divide the space so that you have a manageable area. Put down foam mats or a thick area rug. Add different types of lighting, from lamps to spring lights. Paint the walls a warm color palette and add curtains that go all the way to the floor. Install whatever furniture you have for seating, dining or playing games.

Basement Bedroom: Conclusion

Basement bedroom ideas abound so no one needs to be stuck with a cold and uncomfortable basement bedroom. From budget-friendly fixes to luxury remodeling projects, there’s a way to create a basement bedroom that’s welcoming for the occasional guest or practical for a growing family.