How You Can Use Yellow To Give Your Bedroom A Cheery Vibe

Sunny and cheerful, yellow is a very fresh color. But despite its vibrant beauty, it’s rarely used in interior décor.

While a yellow bedroom is not a common color choice, it can actually look very charming here. And there’s more than one way to add color to a bedroom. Today we’re going to share with you some of the best ways you can transform your bedroom with the color yellow this year.

Ways to Transform Your Bedroom With a Yellow Makeover

1. Paint One or All of the Walls

How You Can Use Yellow


Paint the walls pastel yellow if you want the bedroom to look cheerful but still feel relaxing and tranquil. You can add a few gray accents for a modern look.

2. Coordinate the Yellow Wall With Other Elements In Your Room

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

You can coordinate the yellow bedroom wall with some of the other elements in the room such as the bedding, the armchair covers, etc.

3. Find the Perfect Shade of Yellow

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A shade of yellow that’s not too dark but not too bright either would be perfect for making a bedroom feel warm and inviting.

4. Leave the Ceiling White for a Bright and Airy Look

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

The walls don’t have to match the ceiling. If you leave the ceiling white the room will look even brighter and even more open and airy.

5. Paint the Ceiling a Slightly Lighter Shade of Yellow

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

On the other hand, you can maintain a more cohesive look in the room if you paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade of yellow than the walls.

6. Play Around with Different Shades of Yellow

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

It can be interesting to play with different shades of yellow, of different intensities. The walls outside the bedroom can be bolder, more vibrant, and inside the room, you can use a lighter shade for a more relaxing feel.

7. A Bright and Bold Yellow Room

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Don’t immediately assume that a strong yellow shade will make the room feel uncomfortable and too energized. You can use other methods to induce a calm décor.

8. Add A Few Cheery Yellow Accessories

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

In a bedroom with a neutral color scheme, you can introduce a few yellow accents in the form of lampshades, artwork, or an area rug.

9. Combine Yellow and Gray in Your Bedroom

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Yellow and gray always combine beautifully, regardless of the intensity of the colors. {found on carlmhansen}.

10. Brighten Up a Darker Room with Yellow

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Use yellow accessories to brighten up the atmosphere in a bedroom decorated with dark colors. Place the yellow accents in strategic places and associate them with light sources to make a stronger statement.

11. Coordinate All Of The Accessories In Your Bedroom

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Coordinate all of the accessories and accent pieces in the bedroom using the same color. The pillows, lampshades, ottomans, rug, and blinds all match here. {found on camelliainteriors}.

12. Use Neon Yellow as a Second Accent Color

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

If you love neon yellow you can use a second accent color to tone it down a little in the bedroom. For example, use red or brown for that. Yellow goes with so many different colors, and it’s ideal to mix with your current home décor. You’ll find it goes well in almost any room in your home, and thanks to the variety of pretty yellow shades, you can match it to any furniture you already have. 

13. Make A Statement With Yellow Furniture

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

The furniture in the bedroom is usually pretty neutral in terms of color. Most often, it’s white, black, or natural wood. However, you can make a strong statement with a yellow bed for example. In this room, yellow is only used on the bed, but it creates a big impact when you walk into the room. It’s the ideal way to try out yellow in your bedroom without having to commit to painting the walls in the color.

14. Bright Yellow Nightstands

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Or the bed can be neutral and the nightstands can boost a fun color. You can coordinate them with your curtains, light fixtures, and artwork. This is such a simple way to add yellow into a bedroom, and it’s a great way to test out the color if you aren’t sure about it. You’ll find lots of other accessories are available in different shades of yellow, so you can continue adding to your yellow furniture collection until it takes over the room. {found on tobifairley}.

15. A Retro Bedroom Makeover

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Click Americana shares this retro bedroom makeover that transforms the bedroom into a sunny yellow space. As you can see, yellow goes well with all of the furniture in this room, and it creates a room that’s neither too feminine nor too masculine. This would be the ideal design to recreate in a guest bedroom, and you’ll be able to add any furniture or decorations you like to the room. This would also be a lovely room for just reading or relaxing in if you add a few large, comfy chairs around the bed.

16. A Yellow and Red Bedroom

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Another color that goes well with yellow is red. Decor Pad shares this vintage-inspired bedroom that uses yellow and red throughout the space. These two primary colors work perfectly today, and you can combine yellow and red in various shades and items to meet your needs. We love the pretty yellow floral bedding, which goes well with the yellow accents on the lamps on either side of the bed.

17. A Yellow Throw to Finish Off the Bed

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

If you aren’t feeling brave enough yet to add yellow all over your bedroom, just add a subtle splash of yellow with a throw at the end of your bed. Digs Digs shares this beautiful bedroom, which is quite dark and masculine apart from the yellow throw. Adding a bold throw would work in any bedroom. However, if you fancy something away from the bed, a yellow rug would be a great addition to the floor of your bedroom.

18. A Yellow Bedframe

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedframes are often overlooked in bedrooms today, but it’s the ideal accessory to add a splash of color to. Decor Pad shares this bold yellow bed frame that’s ideal for your child’s bedroom. This vintage-style bedroom combines blue and yellow bedding with plank walls for a cozy look. We think this bedframe color is best used on a single bed, as on a larger bed, it may be a little overwhelming.

19. A Gallery Wall with Hints of Yellow

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Swoon Worthy shares this DIY gallery wall project which offers hints of yellow without overwhelming the room. We love how this gallery wall is so well coordinated with the rest of the room, and the splashes of yellow in the artwork match the bed so well. A gallery wall is a great way to makeover a dull wall in your bedroom, or any room in your home, for that matter. Before you get started with the project, decide what style you are going for with the project. You might want to use calming yellow shades or something a little bolder. Try to match hints of yellow in the pictures with other items in your room for a more cohesive and matching look.

20. Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Pale Yellow Bedroom Makeover Ideas

While we love the bold and summery look that bright yellow designs offer, we know these aren’t for every home. If you are trying out yellow in your bedroom for the first time, we recommend gently easing into using this color by adding pale yellow. Decorpad shares some exciting designs which use lighter shades of yellow to completely transform a room. The lighter the color you use, the more of the color you can add to the room. You’ll find it easy to then add darker accents of yellow or another color to offset the pale yellow walls.


Regardless of which bedroom in your home needs a makeover next, you’ll find yellow is the perfect color to add for a more cheery vibe. It’s the ideal option for a young child’s bedroom, a guest bedroom, and can also be used in the master bedroom.

The great thing about yellow, as with many other colors, is that it looks good in your bedroom regardless of which shade you opt to use.

If it’s your first time using yellow, you can paint your walls a lighter color and then add a few brighter yellow accessories as you feel more daring. Enjoy taking inspiration from these twenty yellow bedroom makeover ideas for your next home makeover project.