Fun And Ingenious DIY projects You Can Do With Bottle Caps

Some things are meant to be recycled and repurposed. For example, Mason jars fit nicely in this category. But other things may come as a surprise.

DIY projects You Can Do With Bottle Caps

It’s not every day you see someone collect bottle caps for a DIY project. But there are, in fact, plenty of fun and interesting bottle cap art ideas, and we’re really excited to have a look at some.

30 Bottle Cap Crafts You Can Make Yourself

1. Epoxy Bottle Cap Table

Bottle caps table top art

For the project featured on Touchoftay you’ll need a whole bunch of bottle caps. The idea here is to glue them onto a table to cover the whole top. Depending on how big the table is, you can calculate how many caps you’ll need. After you figure out the design and pattern you need to put a layer of epoxy onto the table surface. Put the caps on top and let the epoxy dry. Then apply another layer over the caps.

2. Ikea Bottle Cap Table

Ikea Lack Table Bottle Caps on Top

A similar project is also featured on Mysocalledcraftylife. In this case, an Ikea Lack side table was used but you can pretty much use any table you want. Perhaps you’d like to give an old table a makeover. In any case, you’ll need a lot of bottle caps, some plywood, heavy duty adhesive, a glue gun, nails, a saw, paint, tape, grout, a bucket, a sponge, screws, and a screwdriver.

3. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Wind chime from bottle caps

You would also need quite a few bottle caps to make a wind chime, especially if you want it to look like the one on Ephemeralalchemy. You’ll need something to attach all these caps to and that something can be anything from an empty can to a colander or a box. Attach your bottle cap chains to it and make the chime as long and as full as you want.

4. Bottle Cap Backsplash

Backsplash with old bottle caps

Doesn’t thick backsplash look mesmerizing? We found it on Markmontano. It was made using the following: plywood, grout, glue, beads, dominos, gems, bottle caps, tiles, seashells, and small mirrors. You can make something similar for your own kitchen or bathroom. Just gather some small ornaments you want to embed into the backsplash and figure out how you want to arrange them.

5. Bottle Cap Mirror

Bottlecap Mirror Design Craft

Another interesting way to repurpose your large collection of bottle caps is described on Markmontano. This time the project is a mirror frame covered with lots of bottle gaps. Here what you’ll need for a similar project: metallic paint in antique brass, glass floral marbles, a round or oval wood board, glue, bottle caps, and a mirror. Paint the wood, center the mirror and then start gluing the caps and beads onto the wooden base. Then paint them and hang the mirror.

6. Bottle Cap Shadow Box

Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time arranging all the bottle caps you’ve gathered. You can just display them all in a pile inside a shadow box. This can be your bottle cap collector. Make it yourself or purchase a ready-made one. We found this particular one on Craftbeerhound. It has a simple and straightforward design and you can place it wherever you want.

7. Bottle Cap Tea Candles

Bottle caps tea lights

Of course, not all the projects we found require large amounts of bottle caps. For some of them, you only need a few caps. For example, check out tea light candle after you pour wax in it. Don’t forget the wick.

8. Bottle Cap Beer Bucket Planter

Bottle caps magnets

Or perhaps you’d like to make some really cool bottle cap magnets. You can display these on your fridge or on any other magnetic surface. All you need to do is glue a round magnet on the inside of each bottle cap. Let the glue dry and then they’re ready to be used. We found this fresh idea on Morningcreativity.

9. Bottle Cap Magnets

bottle cap refrigerator magnet

You can also check out some interesting bottle cap magnets on Thepinkjunkie. You can use any kind of bottle caps for such a project. Just make sure you also find the right type of magnet for each kind. It’s actually a really cool idea. You can make your own collection of iconic bottle caps and display them all in style.

10. Bottle Cap Coasters

Bottle cap coasters

Another thing you can make out of bottle caps is a coaster. That’s actually a pretty useful project. There are several different ways in which you can craft these things. You can use cork coasters or felt or even fabric. Find out all about the project in the description featured on dollarstorecrafts.

11. Bottle Cap Halloween Spiders

Bottle cap spiders

You can even make something fun for Halloween using some bottle caps you have lying around. They can each become a cute little spider decoration. Here’s how you transform them: take some pipe cleaners and cut them into smaller pieces. Paint the bottle caps black and place them face down. Then attach the pipe cleaner legs to the cap using glue. At the end add the googly eyes. You can find a more detailed description on Livelaughrowe.

12. Bottle Cap Garden Art

Bottle cap garden art

Take the fun out in the garden and make some lovely bottle cap garden art. You’ll need seven metal bottle caps pet flower as well a wooden skewer, some paint, a paint brush, and glue. Arrange the caps face down to form a flower and then hot glue them together. After that, glue the skewer to the back of the flower. When the glue is cool and dry, paint the flower. Check out the project on Suburbia.

13. Bottle Cap Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving bottle cap napking ring

We also found a cute Thanksgiving craft on Thecountrychiccottage. These turkey napkin rings are pretty easy to make and each requires a bottle cap, some washi tape, googly eyes, a sharpie, a glue gun, and scissors. You’ll also need a paper towel roll. Cut the roll into sections and wrap washi tape around it to make it look nice and pretty. Then fold some tape and cut it to make the colored feathers. Glue the feathers on the back of the bottle cap and then add the eyes and beak. Draw the waddle and then glue the cap to the napkin ring.

14. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments from bottle caps

You could probably make something fun out of bottle caps for every special occasion. There’s something you can do for Christmas. We found this cute project on Makegreat. For the reindeer ornaments, you’ll need bottle caps, a glue gun, small googly eyes, small red pom poms, pipe cleaners, and ribbon. You can also paint the caps if you want.

15. Bottle Cap Drink Tray

Vintage bottle caps tray

As a craft for everyday use, you could make a bottle cap tray. For that, you’d need a wooden tray, craft paint, a glue gun, bottle caps, painter’s tape, grout, and a sponge. Paint the tray and then Glue down the caps to the inside of the tray. Let the glue dry and then add the grout, covering the caps and making sure it’s level. You can then use the sponge to clean the caps. Check out the full description of the project on Mysocalledcraftylife.

16. Bottle Cap Picture Frame Display

Framed bottle caps

If you have some nice bottle caps you’re really proud of you could display them all in a frame. The idea comes from Livelaughrowe. The supplies needed for this include a picture frame, some scrapbook paper, bottle caps, magnets, paint, and a glue gun. Remove the glass from the frame and cover the cardboard back with scrapbook paper. Then decide how you want to arrange the caps. Glue them on the board. Then make some cap magnets by gluing a magnet inside each cap. You can now place these on top of the caps you placed in the frame.

17. Bottle Cap Photo Display

Tiny wall collages with bottle caps

Another project that involves bottle caps and photo frames can be found on Craftandcreativity. This one, however, is quite different. The idea here is to turn each bottle cap into a tiny photo frame. Basically, you print out some photos and then cut out small circles which can fit inside the caps. Then you glue them in place.

18. Bottle Cap Macaron Ornaments

Bottle cap macaron ornaments for christmas

If you want to make something else that’s interesting and fun, check out the bottle cap macarons featured on Iamahomemaker. To make these you need spray paint, gold string, a hot glue gun, bottle caps, and glitter. The first step is to spray paint all the bottle caps. Use different colors. Then make string loops for each macaron and put it in between two bottle caps of the same color. Glue these together and then quickly sprinkle glitter on the edge.

19. Bottle Cap Birdhouse

Bottle cap bird house

On Kidsstuffworld you can find a project that’s not just lovely but also really thoughtful. It’s a bird house decorated with bottle caps. You don’t have to build the bird house from scratch yourself but you can definitely do that if you want. After that take some bottle caps, a hammer, and some nails and attach the caps to the roof of the bird house.

20. Bottle Cap Flag Wall Hanging

Bottle cap flag

How about something patriotic for the 4th of July? You could make a bottle cap flag. You’d need some bottle caps in red, white and blue. You can arrange these in the shape of the American flag and display them on a wall or glue them onto a board and use that as a freestanding decoration.

21. Bottle Cap Monogram

Giant bottle cap letter

If you’d like to make something vintage to decorate your home with, perhaps the project featured on Bottlecapco would be a nice option. The list of supplies needed for this project includes a bit of craft letter, some bottle caps, glue, and craft paint. First of all, paint the letter. Let it dry and then lay out the caps on it to get an idea of how the final design will look like. When you’re happy with the design, start gluing the caps to the letter. You can bend some so they fit on the edges.

22. Bottle Cap House Mosaics

Russian bottle cap house walls
Russian bottle cap house design
Russian bottle cap house

Some people take bottle crafts very seriously and come up with some really extraordinary creations. So we’ll finish this article with some images of a house that was decorated with lots and lots of bottle caps. These are actually plastic bottle caps which are usually simple and easier to coordinate and use in complex projects such as this one. Found out more about this house in Kamarchaga, in the Siberian taiga from the article on Enpundit.

23. No-Sew Quilted Checkerboard and Bottle Cap Checkers

Bottle Cap Keychains

Bottle caps are the perfect size to use as markers in board games, and this quilted checkerboard from kidfriendlyhingstodo uses bottle caps to act as the markers in the game. This is a basic crafting recipe that can be modified to include different colored bottle caps and different colors or patterns of fabric too. Since the checkerboard is fabric, it can also be rolled up easily to take on the go.

24. Bottle Cap Ladybugs

Bottle Cap Keychains

These bottle cap ladybugs from Crafts By Amanda are made of plastic bottle caps and lids. This quality makes them perfect for use out in the garden since they are more resistant to the elements than many metallic bottle caps. With just a little paint and some googly eyes, these bottle cap ladybugs can add whimsy to any patio, flower bed, or children’s bedroom.

25. Bottle Cap Necklaces

Bottle Cap Keychains

Bottle cap necklaces are a cool post-modern take on the Victorian cameo necklace. The crimped bottom edge of the bottle cap makes a perfect decorative frame for any small piece of art such as a photograph, a quote, or a painting. These bottle cap necklaces from Bottle Cap Co can be customized in limitless ways and can serve as thoughtful party favors or group gifts.

26. Bottle Cap Pincushions

Bottle Cap Keychains

Pincushions are small fabric tools designed to keep sewing pins and needles from disappearing or sticking you when you aren’t looking. These adorable bottle cap pincushions from Muse of the Morning are perfectly travel-sized for any sewing or piecework you want to do on the go, and they’re customizable in any color combination you want to make. They’re also great as stocking stuffers for the other crafters in your life who also sew.

27. DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

Bottle Cap Keychains

Bottle caps come in various colors and patterns, and this makes them a good crafting material for creating dangly earrings. This bottle cap earring tutorial at B+C Guides can teach you how to make bottle cap earrings with just a craft drill and a pair of pliers. Bottle cap earrings can be made with the inside facing forward or back, depending on whether you want to show off the design on the cap or add art to the inside of the cap.

28. Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Bottle Cap Keychains

While some anglers may think you need fancy gear to go fishing, the truth is that fish are attracted to anything that reflects sunlight from the water. This makes shiny bottle caps a useful material for constructing custom fishing lures. These bottle cap lures shown on 2 Little Hooligans can use up old bottle caps for a practical application rather than just decoration.

29. Bottle Cap Paint Palette

Bottle Cap Keychains

There are plenty of commercial paint palettes on the market, but you can create an easy paint palette on any flat piece of wood or plastic using bottle caps to compartmentalize the paint. Using bottle caps to house different wet paints helps keep the palette clean and prevents the colors from mixing unless you want them to. Bottle caps can also be used on a palette to help keep paints wet. Learn how to make a bottle cap paint palette on Instructables.

30. Bottle Cap Keychains

Bottle Cap Keychains

Bottle cap keychains like the ones shown here at Bottle Cap Co. are created similarly to how bottle cap necklaces are made, and they can be customized with any number of quotes, paintings, or photos. Bottle cap keychains are a good craft for crafters to mass produce since they are easy to personalize for other people. Using epoxy dots on top of the bottle cap image can help it to appear brighter and slightly magnified.


Bottle caps can be used in so many different kinds of decorations and practical items so throwing them away is a waste. These little rounded pieces of pressed metal also come in a variety of patterns, colors, and finishes that they’re wonderful for both crafters and artisans to use. No matter whether you’re interested in decorating furniture with mosaics or you want to create some crafty keepsakes for around the house, bottle cap art provides a pop of shiny reflection and color wherever you need it.