18 DIY Dresser Projects With Outstanding Results

A dresser is not exactly a very exciting piece of furniture but you’d be surprised at how many ways there are to make it stand out and even turn it into a focal point for the room. There are two main roads you can take: build a new dresser from scratch or give your old one a makeover to make it pop.

DIY Dresser

If you’d rather prefer it keeps a low profile, that’s wonderful too because if anything it makes the whole makeover process easier. Today we’re extremely excited to share with you ten cool ideas meant to give your dresser a fresh and stylish look. Select your favorite and start planning your next makeover project.

18 DIY Dresser Design Ideas To Refresh Your Bedroom

Colorful dresser with different types of drawers

Colorful dresser with different types of drawersView in gallery

This entire dresser was built from scratch which is pretty impressive on its own but the detail we’re most interesting in right now is the colorful design. Each drawer front is painted in an exciting color and the fact that the drawers also have different proportions helps to make this design look even more eye-catching. Check out the full tutorial if you’re interested in making your own retro rainbow wooden dresser.

Solid wood dresser with a classic design

 Solid wood dresser with a classic design View in gallery

Handcrafted furniture pieces are unique, each enjoying a distinct look and lots of charm so, as you can imagine, building your own dresser would be a wonderful way of adding character to the bedroom. The design of the dresser can be simple as there’s no need for embellishments to make the piece stand out in this case. If you like this design right here, check out the plans on jenwoodhouse.

Modern and compact dresser design

 Modern and compact dresser design View in gallery

One of the major advantages of crafting your own DIY dresser from scratch is that you can make it as big or as small as you want and you can choose the exact proportions so it fits perfectly in the space assigned to the project. We really enjoy the simple and modern design of this extra wide dresser and the fact that it can double as a TV stand for the bedroom. Check out the plans on ana-white.

A mismatched design for a dresser on wheels

A mismatched design for a dresser on wheels View in gallery

This stylish dresser has a patchwork design which looks amazing and on top of that it also has casters which make it super easy to move it around if needed. If you’re interested in building a similar dresser for yourself you can check out the plans on ana-white and if you’d prefer to give an existing dresser a makeover this project can also give you some ideas regarding the new design.

Dresser and changing table combo for the nursery room

Dresser and changing table combo for the nursery room View in gallery

This is both a dresser and a changing table, a perfect combo for the nursery room. You can design and build the entire piece by yourself if you follow the instructions featured on hertoolbelt. You could make adjustments and change the proportions if you want to, although we think this should be a good fit in most cases.

A combination of open and closed storage options

A combination of open and closed storage options View in gallery

If you want to you can definitely come up with an original design for your DIY dresser yourself but in most cases such projects are inspired by existing furniture pieces. For example, check out this beautiful dresser from shanty-2-chic which replicates a Pottery Barn design. It has two layers of drawers and an open shelf at the bottom and it looks exquisite.

Traditional 6-drawer dresser with a symmetrical design

Traditional 6-drawer dresser with a symmetrical design View in gallery

Assuming you know the basics of DIY furniture, perhaps you’d like to craft a dresser like this one which is featured on instructables. It has a simple and symmetrical design with some classic and traditional flair but a modern vibe overall. You can stain the wood or you can highlight its natural color. Painting the dresser is also an option.

Rustic dresser with open cubbies and crate storage

Rustic dresser with open cubbies and crate storage View in gallery

This crate dresser looks very nice too. It has a lot of rustic charm and it’s very storage-efficient too, with six big crate compartments and an extra long top which doubles as a shelf and display surface. We suggest considering reclaimed wood as the main material if you decide to take on this project. Check out sawdust2stitches for more details.

A cool way to add character to your dresser using paint

A cool way to add character to your dresser using paint View in gallery

Apart from looking elegant and having a strong and sturdy structure, this dresser stands out through its chic aesthetic too. The chevron pattern on the top drawers brings out the beauty in the design and the neutral color palette, turning something simple into something eye-catching and vibrant. Check out hertoolbelt to find out more about this project in case you’re looking for inspiration.

Little details that add depth and style to a simple dresser

Little details that add depth and style to a simple dresser View in gallery

The last DIY dresser project on today’s list comes from jenwoodhouse and shows the importance of the little details in the overall design and structure of a piece of furniture. In this case, the dresser is very simple and the only thing that makes it stand out is the design of the drawer fronts. Check out the full tutorial to find out how you can accomplish something similarly elegant. You can also choose to add other stylish features to your own dresser and even to include different colors in your design.

Rustic wood dresser on wheels

Rolling Rustic Wood DresserView in gallery

With the plans featured on ana-white building, this beautiful dresser is almost easy. The design is a simple one but what sets it apart is the little details that give it a rustic touch without being overly eye-catching. The wheels are both practical and decorative and they help to add character and cohesion to the design.

Wooden dresser with shelved in the middle and drawers on the sides

Wooden dresser with shelved in the middle and drawers on the sidesView in gallery

It’s quite practical to have a dresser that offers you more than one single type of storage. When building the dresser from scratch you get to choose exactly what and how these elements are combined. The designed featured on addicted2diy you can see a combination of shelves hidden behind the door in the middle and two sets of three drawers framed them on the sides.

Small three-drawer dresser

Small three-drawer dresserView in gallery

In cases when you don’t need lots of storage or when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space for the furniture, a small dresser like this one would be perfect. This one has three fairly generous drawers and is like a more compact version of some of the other designs we’ve seen so far. Check out the plans and the details on bitterrootdiy if you’d like to give this project a try.

A change of color

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One of easiest ways in which you can change the appearance of your old dresser is by painting it. A change of color would also translate into a change of style if for instance you choose to go with a color that better complement the room’s aesthetic or one that’s reminiscent of a particular style. This dresser went from having an outdated look to being fresh and modern and the secret was white paint and new drawer pulls. Check out the transformation on musthavemom.

Small repairs and a fresh new color

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Chances are that if you decide to paint your existing dresser you’d also have to take of a few other things as well. For instance, this dresser had a pretty damaged top but it nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some sandpaper and wood stain. The rest of the dresser was painted white and the drawer pulls were actually preserved and they suit the new color palette really well. Also, the bottom drawer was taken out and the space turned into an open shelf. Check out thriftdiving for more details about this project.

A toned down finish for a timeless look

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Another way to improve the aesthetic of an old drawer is just by simplifying it a little bit. This one for instance used to have an orange stain which gave it a dated and cheap look and after toning it down a little it looks a lot more elegant. The new finish also has a more timeless vibe which is a safe choice if you want to keep the dresser for years to come. For more details check out the transformation on sweetteal.

The dramatic power or rich colors

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This dresser went from having a beautiful but damaged distressed finish to a rich shade of dark green and that’s not all that changed. The makeover featured on lilyardor also focused on replacing the old drawer pulls with new ones that are sleek and stylish and also replacing the solid wood base with small metal hairpin legs. The hardware has a beautiful bronze color that goes so well with the green.