Standard Closet Depth And Other Important Measurments

Standard closet depth becomes relevant when you build a closet. When designing a layout, most people disregard the space for a closet altogether, which you should not do. 

standard closet depth

Closet size is important. Just as important as anything else. You may want to forgo a closet to make more room for your master bathroom. Or you may want to double up on closet space and have a smaller bedroom. But what is normal?

What Is the Standard Closet Size?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration as far as closet sizes go. Because just as all bedrooms aren’t the same size, all closets aren’t the same size either. It all depends on the size of your house and how much closet space you need.

Some people will look at a standard closet depth and be overwhelmed by how little space they have. Others will look at a large walk-in closet and be overwhelmed by the amount of space that could be used elsewhere. 

So, the average closet depth isn’t for everyone. However, there will always be an average and there will always be a standard. So if you are struggling with finding the right closet size for you, then read on for more info.

Standard Vs. Walk-In Closet

Standard Vs. Walk-In Closet

There are two primary types of closets. There are standard, or reach-in, closets and there are walk-in closets. As expected, walk-in closets are larger than standard closets, but square footage can be the same.

This is because the depth of walk-in closets is what is important but in a standard closet, you can build it all the way across one wall. The depth can still remain the same as a closet that is only two feet wide. 

Standard Closet Width

The standard closet width is around six feet. The minimum width for a closet is three feet. This is very narrow so anything less would be useless for closet space unless it is a linen closet or something similar.

Otherwise, anything wider than three feet will be okay in most cases. If you share the closet, you want something closer to eight feet which is a wide closet but sometimes, wider closets don’t  take up more space.

Standard Closet Depth

The standard closet depth is 24-inches or two feet. You can’t go any less than this because the hanger itself is around 20-inches for an adult hanger. This means that you will have a few inches to spare for wider clothing.

Because the depth of the closet will affect the amount of space each piece of clothing has while the width will affect how much room the clothing has together. Both are very important in closet space.

Walk-In Closet Width

Walk-in closets vary in width. The minimum for a good walk-in closet is four feet. This is the minimum though. The standard is somewhere between 5 and 8 feet. It varies because walk-in closets are custom.

For a Jack and Jill closet, you will only use two sides of the closet as the other two sides will have doors on them. This is similar to a Jack and Jill bathroom where two rooms share the same bathroom, or in this case, a closet. 

Walk-In Closet Depth

Walk-in closets should be at least four feet deep. It’s important that at least two sides of the closet are in use. The back of the closet can be one of those sides, but most of the time, either the left or right side is also used.

If you only have two feet of space, as a standard closet does, then you won’t have room for a rod to hang clothes. So you need to have at least four feet. This will also give you room to walk into the closet. 

White walk in closet

Closet Vs. Wardrobe 

If you are trying to decide between a closet and a wardrobe then you are not alone. This is not an easy decision, if you are short on space because both take up different types of space in your home. 

A wardrobe is versatile because you can place it anywhere. However, it does take up floor space. A closet on the other hand can be built-in and often takes up less space because you can use empty wall space for it.

So in the end, it depends on what “extra space” you have because there are multiple types of extra spaces. Find out what you have more room for to make the most out of the storage for your clothing.

Other Ways To Use A Closet

If your closet space is too large and isn’t being used, there are plenty of other ways you can use it. These are ideas for people who already have a closet but don’t need it. Transform your closet with these ideas. 

Office Or Homework Space

You can transform your closet into an office with ease. Even if the closet isn’t very deep, you can still add a desk and take the doors off. If the closet is a walk-in closet, you can use the entire closet for an office.

Leave the doors on to give yourself privacy. Some walk-in closets are as big as a small room so this is an amazing way to use that extra room that most people would just use for storage or something they don’t need. 

Reading Nook

A reading nook is a relaxing and comfortable place to sit down and read a book. Most reading nooks include a small bookshelf and a comfortable spot to lie down or at least a cushioned place to sit down.

You can start by adding a bench to the closet. Take the doors off to open the space up or leave them on to hide the space when it isn’t being used. If the closet is on an outside wall, add a window to let some light in.


Who said nurseries need to be away from the parent’s room? A large closet can be converted into a nursery with ease. This is wonderful if you don’t have an extra room for your new baby or you feel better having them close.

If you don’t want to add a crib, you can add a diaper station so you can change them in your own room or in a room with a closet for you to convert. Then, of course, you can add an extra crib and have a nap station instead. 

Craft Room

If you like crafting or have any type of trade/hobby that you don’t have enough space for, then convert that extra closet into a craft room to store all of your supplies. It will give you a place to keep them and organize them.

You can do this two ways. You can either use the closet for your supplies alone or you can use the closet to do your crafts. And you can have as much or as little light as you want, so it can work out. 

Laundry Room

If the closet is deep enough to add a washer and dryer, then you can use it as a laundry room. You only need to have enough space to fit the washer and dryer so learn the size of your washer and dryer.

Then, you can add laundry baskets above them or around them. It will take a professional to install the washer and dryer hookups so make sure you talk to a plumber before you begin this project for your closet.


If your closet is near the kitchen, you can use it as a pantry. If it is in a room connected to a kitchen, you can take out the wall of the closet that is connected to it and add a door. Then remove the other door.

This is a little trick that most people don’t consider but it can work with any closet that is connected to two rooms. It is the same concept as a Jack and Jill closet but you take out one of the doors.

Built-In Bed

This is a fun job that you can do as long as you can lay down in the closet. It works very much like the reading nook only you just add a bed to the closet. It is also much nicer to remove the doors and only leave three walls.

Unless of course, you want to convert the closet into a murphy bed. Then you leave the doors if they go all the way across the closet. Remove the fourth wall if the doors are too small for the bed to be pulled down.


A bookshelf is a wonderful way to use a closet of any size. If you have a standard closet and don’t know how to use it in a way that would be beneficial, you can use it for a bookshelf. You can closet it in or open it up.

Bookshelves aren’t only useful for books nor for storage. They can be used for movies or other items that can be stored. Add a glass door and use the closet for figures or things that you treasure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Has The Standard Closet Depth Changed?

Yes. The standard closet size has grown. Some plans now have the closet in the master bedroom take up 1/3 of the room. We don’t know what the future holds but closets are sure to keep changing with the times.

Is The Standard Closet Depth Different Per Country?

Just like house size and room size is different in each country, so is closet size. However, the size of the closet is scaled with the room. So in countries like Australia with larger houses, the closets will be larger. The same goes for smaller houses in other countries.

How Much Does The Standard Closet Cost?

The standard closet will cost somewhere between $1000 and $3000 in the United States. You can cut costs by choosing smaller closets with fewer shelves. But it is difficult to get one installed for less than $1000.

What Is The Smallest Standard Closet Depth?

The smallest a closet should be is 24 inches deep. Any less than this and you won’t have room for anything. If you want something narrow then stick with a small wardrobe instead of a built-in closet.

Standard Closet Depth Conclusion

The standard closet depth is important because it affects the layout of the closet. You can focus on the width of the closet alone but you will miss out. The depth adds so much without taking away from wall space. 

Secure your closet depth by using the standard closet depth as a guideline. You don’t have to choose the same depth as someone else, but it helps to know what everyone else is doing so you can have a baseline.