Canopy Bed Ideas: How to Decorate a Bedroom To Make It Cozy

A canopy bed is what a bedroom needs to stand out and to look spectacular. Canopy beds have been around for centuries, and their role was utilitarian.

Canopy Bed

The curtains that enclose the bed offer privacy but today, they’re decorative. Modern canopy beds don’t vary much from old Victorian houses. If you’re interested in styling your canopy, we have a few ideas that you’ll like.

What is a Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are beds with a tall connecting frame. Beams connect the four posts on each corner and are mainly for decoration.

You can drape fabric over the frame around the bed for warmth and privacy. Or you can use plants, lights, or fabric to hang over the beams for style and atheistic. 

Why Were Canopy Beds Invented?

In medieval European Castles, lords and ladies slept in the first canopy beds. Initially, the curtains hung from the ceiling. But as the beds evolved, posts and beams developed to support the canopy for a more durable design. 

Why Were Canopy Beds Invented?

Warmth and privacy was the first purpose of the canopy. And it wasn’t until the 16th century that royals and nobles carved artwork into headboards. Then, the bed became more of an aesthetic piece of furniture. 

Today, bed canopy designs from different eras are still in style with improved structures and trendy fashion.

Canopy Bed Dimensions

Canopy Bed Dimensions
  • King size canopy bed – 80 inches wide x 84 inches long x 86 inches tall
  • Queen-size canopy bed – 64 inches wide x 84 inches long x 86 inches tall
  • Full-size canopy bed – 57 inches wide x 77 inches long x 73 inches tall
  • Twin size canopy bed – 41 inches wide x 77 inches long x 71 inches tall

Canopy Bed Ideas: How To Style To Make It Trendy According to Instagram

These beds will immediately take your master suite to the next level. They come in different styles, so one is sure to fit the decoration in your room and the rest of your home.

Metal Canopy Bed

metal framed canopy bed

High ceilings and canopy beds go hand in hand, as proven in this post from borninteriors. Minimalism is essential in this case, and as you can see, the curtains are not part of the design.

Then, the artwork centered in the frame gives dimension to this piece. Still, the minimalist frame alone is enough to give this bed a cool and stylish look.

Wood Canopy Bed King

wood whimsical, plant, floor canopy bed

Now that’s a fantastic bed canopy. It has a very authentic, handmade feel and wouldn’t actually be very difficult to build it from scratch. Rather than traditional curtains, fairy lights and palm leaves are draping with the curtains. Follow tinypartments for more inspiring ideas like this one.

Hanging Decorative Plants

Decorative Plants

Check out this other extraordinary canopy shared by onetribeapparel. It has a bohemian theme and uses plants instead of the traditional fabric curtains.

The green plants contrast the white walls and bedding. And finally, it’s brought together by the wood accents throughout the room.

How To Build A Wood Canopy Bed

How To Build A Wood Canopy Bed

This canopy design from kerfandburled is simple but full of character. Because the design is versatile, it relies on the frame alone without any curtains.

Using boards and 4 x 4 wood posts, you could build this frame yourself. After building the frame, choose your complimentary color and get bedding to match. And there you have yourself a simple yet very modern bed. 

Dark Brown Wood Frame

Dark Brown Wood Frame

There are plenty of ways to style a canopy without making it too complicated. This one shared by artisticinteriordesign is a great example.

Its design is straightforward but very elegant. It coordinates with the rest of the room. And it has nice touch added by the framed artwork above the headboard.

Gold Canopy Bed

Gold Canopy Bed And High Ceilings

Another nice example is this minimalist canopy frame. It has a slender frame with a golden finish and pairs with the hanging pendant lamp at the center of the room. Check out mrbrownhome for more inspiring ideas.

Elegant Canopy Bed

Elegant Bedroom Style With a Leather couch

Can you believe how slender this canopy frame is? It’s sleek with a graphical design that stands out as simple and as unobtrusive as possible. There’s no need for any embellishments in this case.

The mirror brings a whole dimension to the frame and the room. Then, the simple plants give the room life. And finally, the rug ties the area altogether for a chic and sleek style. Follow olivegreyavenue for more details and ideas.

Modern Bedroom With Canopy Frame

Modern bedroom decor

This effortless canopy frame needs no curtains or embellishments. The textured room, it’s exactly what this bedroom needs to look modern and trendy. 

The white walls and tall ceiling shows off the large bed frame. Then, the windows frame the bed and add plenty of natural light. This beautiful design is shared by hiaslyhome.

Black Canopy with Whimsical White Curtains

Black Canopy with Whimsical White Curtains

Something is charming about canopy beds with curtains. And this is a perfect example that shows why that is. The combination of slender black lines makes up the bed frame.

And the soft and light curtains in an almost see-through white is exquisite. Follow designinspo_bysuruchee for more inspiration.

Light Wood Canopy

king size canopy bed

Here’s another great way to style a modern bed canopy. This one has a wooden frame with a nice finish that adds a warm touch to the room.

Then paired with other natural colors, it creates a very comfortable and welcoming ambiance. This is a combo shared by nest.out.west.

Simple Black Canopy Bed

Simple Black Bed Frame

Since canopy beds are large and overpowering, it’s a good idea to opt for a slender frame like the one featured here. You can compliment the bed with a soft rug and, of course, a comfy mattress.

This simple style would be perfect for a guest room. There’s a lot of room on both sides of the bed. And a black bench for sitting. Let this post from whatmatinwore be your source of inspiration.

Small Bedroom Layout With Big Bed Frame

Minimalist Bed Frame

Can you believe there’s a canopy bed in this tiny bedroom? It doesn’t look overwhelming, and it’s all thanks to the thin and slender frame.

The little golden details on the structure and the hanging pendant lamp compliment the bed correctly. This is a little something shared by laurenchristinehenno.

Canopy Bed with Lights

Canopy Bed with Lights

Lights are a magical addition to a bed canopy. The lights and transparent curtains are perfect for creating a romantic environment. Together, they create artwork that is elegant and luminous. 

The drape netting gives the sense of royalty and luxury. You can use these beautiful ideas from Etsy to create a magical place in your home. 

Girls Bed Canopy

Girls Bed Canopy

The princess canopy of every little girls dream. This dreamy room is an ensemble of light pink chandeliers with transparent curtains draping over the head of the bed. 

The rug ties every piece of the room together. And then, the gold stands highlight just how princess this room is. 

DIY Bed Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy

Canopy beds are great in spaces with high ceilings and lofty areas. They are a go-to interior bedroom design for relax and luxury purposes. 

The cool part about these simple bed designs is that you can build one yourself, and following the tutorial from Craftaholicsanonymous you can DIY.

You can craft a bed canopy with more layers and dimensions in an area with more room and vertical space.

You can use artwork, lights, plants, and various fabrics to make your canopy stand out. 

How to Make a Bed Canopy

  1. First, get one or two large embroidery hoops.
  2. Then, tie enough coordinating ribbon to the hoop to hang it from the ceiling.
  3. Choose the fabric or material you want to use.
  4. And then, hang the fabric over the embroidery hoops.
  5. Finally, secure the ceiling screws and hang your hoop with the ribbon.

There you have the process for how to build a canopy over your bed. And at a fraction of the price. 

Canopy Bed FAQ

Are Canopy Beds in Style?

Offering lush comfort and luxurious style, canopy beds resurfaced as an essential style for bedrooms. 

They greatly impact space and completely transform a room. Serving as a versatile design piece, there are many styles to choose from. 

How to Determine Canopy Size

The size of the room will determine how large or small you want your bed canopy to be. 

If you know what size you’re looking for, go ahead and measure the length and width.

Measure each dimension from outside edge to outside edge. 

How to Decorate a Canopy Bed

One of the best ways to decorate your canopy is to give it curtains. This adds drama and elegance to many designs. 

A few other ideas to decorate a canopy bed include:

  • plants
  • string lights
  • sheer curtains 
  • artwork
  • chandeliers
  • light pendants

The best canopy designs compliment the space in the room by adding dimension, using negative space, and opening up the space. 

How to put Drapes on a Canopy Bed

Most canopy beds are rectangular that you can hang decorations or fabrics on. You can choose to leave the frame open, but draping them makes it feel cozier and more visually pleasing. 

Here’s how to put drapes on a canopy bed:

  • Measure the distance between bedposts to add rods for the drapes.
  • Install the rods to connect the bedposts.
  • Choose the fabric for your drapes.
  • Attach the fabric using ribbons or other built-in openings.

If your canopy bed already has rods, you won’t need to install them. 

Now you can go put drapes on your canopy!

Create the Coziest Bedroom with a Canopy Bed

Your bedroom is a place for resting and tranquility. But it’s hard to achieve that if your room isn’t the coziest place to be. 

Make the time spent in your room more dreamy with a lush bed canopy. Use these ideas to inspire a complete bedroom transformation.