How to decorate a bedroom with black walls

Black is not a very common color to be found in most interior decors, especially when it comes to wall colors and especially in bedrooms. But, even so, black can be a very beautiful and bold accent color. There are lots of ways in which you can use black bedroom walls in the décor and still have an airy and bright space. If you insist on painting all your bedroom’s walls black, then you should paint the ceiling white.

The Best Ways To Incorporate Black Walls Into Your Bedroom Design

1. Balance The Black With A Lighter Floor

Light It Up

This way a balance will be created. As for the floor, you could use a soft rug or carpet to cover most of it. Since black is a very strong and dramatic color as well as a cold and dark one, you should use elements that add warmth to the décor in order to balance everything evenly and to end up with a cozy and inviting bedroom.

2. Use Black Only For An Accent Wall

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If, on the other hand, you want to have an accent wall in the bedroom and you choose black as a color for it, then making the room look airy and inviting will be easier. Black accent walls look especially nice when the rest of the walls and the ceiling are white. This way the contrast is stronger and the décor becomes elegant.

3. Select Black Wallpaper

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Black accent walls don’t have to be simple. It’s true that the effect would be dramatic without anything else but some simple patterns and maybe even some differences in textures won’t make it seem overwhelming. For example, you could opt for black wallpaper with modern prints and patterns.

4. Stick To A Black And White Color Scheme

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And, of course, since black is a main color, you could easily turn the whole bedroom into a black and white space. You could alternate black walls with white walls, you could paint the ceiling white and the floor black, and the furniture should feature the same combination of colors as well. Also, a few white-framed photos would look wonderful on a black wall.

5. Brighten The Room With Splashes Of Bold Colors

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But black can also be just one more color in your palette. It can even be used for the nursery décor. A black accent wall will only make the decorations and accessories stand out more and you can use other brighter colors to get a cheerful décor.

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6. Mix Black With A Soft Pink

black bedroom walls Mix Black With A Soft Pink

Beyond the popular black and white color combination, pink is another color that can make a beautiful addition to an all-black bedroom or bedroom with a black accent wall. In this bedroom featured on Pretty Little Details, the rose curtains, painting, and bed accents make the black bedroom wallpaper really pop. There are even some pink flowers mixed in with the silk flowers on the nightstand that gives this room a truly classy feel. 

7. Make Your Ceiling Into The Night Sky

black bedroom walls Make Your Ceiling Into The Night Sky

One of the coolest things about choosing to make your bedroom walls and ceiling black is that you can then use glow in the dark paint to create an out of this world star design on your ceiling. Before you knock this idea as childish, check out this amazing night sky design by Daily Home Decors that features an entire galaxy on an all-black ceiling. Not only is this design an amazing rendition of the Milky Way Galaxy, but it’s also painted in a way that is relaxing to look at as you lay in your bed for hours on end.

8. Incorporate Shelving

black bedroom walls Incorporate Shelving

There are a few different ways you can use shelving to style black bedroom walls. The most popular method is choosing white or brown shelves to help lighten up the black wall like this example featured in Atzine. But if you are wanting to maintain a darker look, you can also install all black shelves on the wall to make the items you place on the shelves stand out and give them a bit of a floating appearance.

9. Consider Creating a Chalkboard Wall

black bedroom walls Consider Creating a Chalkboard Wall

Besides just regular black paint, there is an awesome type of black paint that can turn your wall into a chalkboard. If you are creating an all-black room, this can be a great way to brighten one wall. There are a few different ways you can employ a chalkboard wall in your bedroom, either as an accent wall or by coating the entire room including the ceiling. Other ideas for incorporating a chalkboard wall in your black bedroom are outlined in this Comfy Dwelling article.

10. Light It Up!

black bedroom walls Light It Up!

There is no better way to decorate your black bedroom than by adding fun light features. And the great part is, black goes with any light fixture you can think of! You can invest in a unique gold light that attaches to the wall for a cool vintage look. Or for those on a smaller budget, grab some string lights and hang them in an eye-catching formation like in this bedroom. You could also add some neon touches to your all-black room and light it up with a blacklight!

Overall, black truly can be a daunting color when it comes to decorating a room, but with the above ideas, you can’t go wrong. Regardless of which of these black bedroom wall ideas you choose to use to spice up your black room, you will love the bright and beautiful result you are left with. Pretty soon you’ll be spending hours in your new bedroom falling in love with your black wall décor.