17 Patterned Wallpapers to Make Your Walls Pop

If you keep up at all with the interior design world, you know that wallpaper is on trend. We’re not talking the dated yellow fleur-de-lis in your grandma’s living room or even the roosters in your mom’s kitchen. There are so many new and fresh patterns to choose from in the wallpaper department nowadays. And the bold patterns, from geometric designs to pineapple prints, are the best choice without a doubt. Take a look at these 17 patterned wallpapers that are just begging to be added to your home.

striped wallpaper

Stripes are a classic pattern that will never fail you. You can find them in any color and size to suit your walls and once they’re adding their stripe-y goodness to the room, you’ll never want to take them down. (via Leclaire Decor)

rose patterned

Renting a space that won’t allow you to paint? Removable wallpaper is the answer and this this rosy pattern is a win for sure. The black background gives it an element of chic while the roses make it feminine and comfy. There couldn’t be a better one for your living room. (via Urban Outfitters)

pineapple wallpaper

With the rise of fruit prints, especially when it comes to pineapple, we just couldn’t leave out this pineapple printed wallpaper. The gold sparkle will give any room the metallic touch it needs while the pineapples make you smile. (via Decor 8)

geometric bathroom

There’s just something about a bold geometric print that makes my heart flutter. This one is no different. It’s simply brilliant to fill a small powder room with such a bold design. Not only will it bring the space to life, it will make it look bigger. (via Amber Interiors)

glimmer cat

Is it possible to resist a good cat wallpaper? These glittery kitties are simply adorable and I don’t think you need to have children to use them. Create an accent wall in your living room or cover the spare bedroom with them to make a cozy reading room. (via Amée Wilder)

pink magnetic

Kids love magnets. So this magnetic pink patterned wallpaper is the perfect thing for their bedroom. You can provide animal magnets to get them storytelling on their walls and get that imagination spinning. Don’t blame me if you have trouble getting them to fall asleep. (via Sian Zeng)

meadow mural

Sometimes you need a space to put away your phone and just rest, but living in an apartment in the city can make that difficult. Fill a wall with this gorgeous meadow mural and suddenly you’ll have a space that encourages you to relax among the printed petals. (via Anthropologie)

diy spotty wallpaper

Did you know that you can DIY your own patterned wallpaper? Well, sort of. Start with a plain colored or white base and then take some black paint and a small brush and get to spotting. All your friends will be asking you where you bought your wallpaper. (via Making a House a Home)

leafy stripes

When you’re putting wallpaper in your living room and bedroom and bathroom, the nursery shouldn’t be left out. Find a subtle pattern like these leafy lines that will give your baby’s bedroom a pop of pattern without being too busy for those little eyes. (via I Want That)

tree wallpaper

Speaking of putting wallpaper in the bedroom, try not to drool over this birch patterned wallpaper. Adding this to your bedroom will give you the feel of camping out… without giving up all the comforts of home, like your bed. (via Leclaire Decor)


Does your house have a little breakfast nook? Or maybe you’ve turned a closet into a home office space. If you have a spot that you’d like to stand out, go for the bold with a dark patterned wallpaper. You won’t regret it every time you sit down to breakfast. (via 9SPR)

wallpaper backsplash

Time for another renter’s trick, this time in the kitchen. If you’re pining for a little colorful pattern in your rented kitchen, add some removable wallpaper below your cabinets. It will look like the most awesome backsplash you’ve ever seen and can easily go back to the original when you leave. (via Plaster and Disaster)

floral wallpaper

If you’ve been on the wallpaper market, you’ve definitely seen this gorgeous peony pattern from Anthropologie. It’s been used in feminine offices, countless baby girl nurseries, tiny powder rooms and just about any other wall space you can think of. And no wonder. It’s pastel pattern really is one of the best girly patterns out there. (via Inspired By This)

shadow puppet

Don’t let your kids see this unless you fully intend to incorporate it in their bedroom. They are going to love trying to recreate the shadow puppets on their wallpaper with their own little hands. (via Paper Boy Wallpaper)

star wars wallpaper

This one’s for the geeks out there. When you’re a super Star Wars fan, you just can’t help adding this wallpaper behind your living room couch. Or if you are hesitant to make that much of a change, wallpaper the back of a bookcase and display all your geeky paraphernalia there. (via Hi Consumption)

diy wallpaper

Yup, it’s another DIY wallpaper. With just a few rolls of electrical tape, you can have a minimal patterned wallpaper in just an afternoon. It’s simple, affordable and renter friendly. (via Petite Modern Life)

unique wallpaper

Sometimes you come across a wallpaper pattern that makes you smile. My advice: no matter how weird or wacky the pattern is, if you like it, go for it! It’s important that your home is a beautiful place you love so don’t shy away from that purple banana patterned paper. (via Camille Styles)