How To Create Dreamy Room And Bed with Curtains

The bedroom is, without any doubt, the ideal place for curtains. It’s why there are so many variations to choose from in terms of design.

bed with curtains

Canopy beds make great use of these elements in their own distinctive way but a bed with curtains can also be added separately to create a comfortable ambiance.

How to Coordinate Bed Curtains with Bedding 

Matching your curtains with the bedding is a drastic way to improve the look of your bedroom. 

First, you need to decide the theme of your room. From there, it’s comparing colors and hues to find the best combination that suits you. 

Some of the best color combinations will directly match the color of the bedding. And in other instances, transparent clear curtains are favorable for a more serene ambiance.

How do you hang curtains over a bed?

Bunk beds with curtains

Many beds come with frames that you can drape curtains, lights, or any decoration over and across. 

If you don’t have a bed canopy frame, you can always make your own hanging systems with curtain rods, hooks and curtains.

Most curtain rod sets come with everything you need to secure the brackets and hang the rods. These work well in bedrooms for hanging canopy bed curtains.

How to Decorate a Canopy Bed 

How to Decorate a Canopy Bed 

You can decorate your canopy bed with various materials or nothing at all and let the canopy be the decoration. You can add embellishments like:

  • Lights
  • Plants
  • Art
  • Chandeliers
  • Curtains

And anything else to provide the atmosphere you want in the bedroom.

Ideas to Decorate Your Bed with Curtains

Whimsical and Separate

bed with curtains

Use breezy canopy bed curtains to delimitate the bed and sleeping space from the rest of the room. It will feel beautiful, even though the curtains are see-through.

DIY Casual

bed with curtains

And if you plan to use the curtains for privacy, similar to a canopy bed, then they should be opaque. There are numerous ways in which you can hang them, including this very casual, DIY option. The canopy bed curtains in this case also match the blinds.

Bed with Curtains on Four Corners

bed with curtains

The curtains can also be just for show. They don’t have to be mobile or to wrap around the canopy bed. A four-corner approach seems like a great option.

Curtains on a Ceiling Track

bed with curtains

You can recreate the look of a canopy bed with curtains that are attached to the ceiling. The designs are completely different but they also present a few similarities.

Long and Lush Bed with Curtains

bed with curtains

A large bedroom could use a bit of drama and you can achieve that with long, lush curtains. They can be fixed and tied with ribbons.

Heavy and Dramatic

black and white bed curtains

These extra long and heavy curtains also have a dramatic impact on the décor, especially given their design which features black on the interior and grey on the exterior. The color duo was also used throughout the room in similar hues.

Light Brown Curtains

sophisticated bed curtains

If the bedroom is not particularly spacious yet to still want the bed to be surrounded by curtains, you can display a large mirror on one of the walls to create the impression of space and dimension.

Small Nook Bed with Curtains

bed with curtains

Turn a small nook into a cozy sleeping area and hide it behind a curtain. The slanted ceiling makes it even cozier in this particular case.

Create Separate Spaces

bed with curtains

Curtains can also be used to divide the bedroom in two separate areas. One can be a work area with a desk or it can contain a vanity. The other portion of the room can be the actual sleeping area with the bed and nightstands, perhaps the dresser as well.

Black Curtain Lining

bed with curtains

To make the division even clearer, columns can be part of the poster bed and room’s design. The black trim on the curtains highlights the clean lines of the décor.{found on tobifairley}.

Flowy and Graceful

transparent bed curtains

Sheer canopy bed curtains are ideal if you want the room to have a feminine look and a graceful design. Their color should the same one used on the walls or ceiling.

Hide the Wardrobe

curtains to block off wardrobe

Bed curtains don’t necessarily refer to those reminiscent of bed canopies. This curtain, for example, is to hide the dressing area/ closet and is a lot better than a rigid wall.


separate the bed with curtains

In an open floor plan, you can use canopy bed curtains to separate the bedroom from the living area. They can be opaque for increased privacy or see-through to maintain a natural flow between the spaces.

Bunk Bed with Curtains

bunk beds with curtains

And did you think we forgot about bunk bed canopies? They too can feature curtains. In fact, their look and design completely changes when you add curtains, regardless of their color, pattern or material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is a bed with curtains around it called?

It’s known as a canopy bed. Not all canopy beds have curtains, but most will. 

Why did canopy beds have curtains?

Most canopy beds originated in castles because they were cold and damp. The canopy enclosure conserved the heat around the bed and provided privacy.

What is the purpose of a canopy bed?

Canopy beds provide privacy, omit light and are luxurious furniture. They can provide style and are a great way to decorate and give dimension to a bedroom. Canopy beds are still prominent in royal bedrooms and ornamental decor in some cultures.


Let these bedrooms inspire your creativity to design a space unique to your personality. And use these ideas to decorate your bed with curtains to create a cozy and dreamlike space in your bedroom.