How to Determine the Right Rug Size for a Queen Bed

Finding the perfect rug size for a queen bed may seem more complicated than it actually is. There are many great options for a rug under a queen bed. Which rug you choose depends on the look you want and your budget.

Queen bed right rug size

Selecting a large area rug for a queen bed will provide the most coverage and give you a luxury look, but these are not the only options available. Small localized rugs can also look great, provide a pop of color, and give your toes just enough warmth to propel you out of your cozy sheets in the morning.

Steps for Choosing a Rug Size for a Queen Bed

  1. Measure your bedroom – Your bed is not the only factor determining the best size rug for you. Measure the dimensions of your room to see the available space. You will want to go with a smaller rug if your room is small. Make sure that you have at least 1-2 feet around the wall that is free of the area rug.
  2. Measure your bed – A standard queen bed measures 60” wide and 80” long, but you may have a non-standard sized bed. Measure the length and width of your bed just to ensure the correct dimensions.
  3. Outline the area – Once you have determined the type and size rug you want, outline the area with painter’s tape. In an ideal world, do this with your bed in place. This will give you the most accurate representation and allow you to decide if you like the look of the rug shape and bed together.
  4. Nightstands – Consider if you want nightstands and how many you want in your room. Small rooms might only allow for one nightstand. You can have your nightstands sit on or off the rug. Think about which option you prefer.
  5. Budget – Your budget is an important consideration when buying a rug. A large area rug will be the most expensive. You can opt for smaller rugs. These will not provide the same amount of coverage, but they can provide enough coverage to allow you to step out onto a cozy surface if you place them at the sides of the bed.
  6. Style – Various sized rugs and the way that you can use rugs in conjunction with each other project different styles. A large area rug is the most standard approach. This gives your room a look of luxury and elegance. Multiple small rugs present a more eclectic style.
  7. Floor Type – Colder and harder floors like stone or wood will require more rug coverage than carpeted floors.

How to Place a Rug Under a Queen Bed

There are several different ways to place a rug under a queen bed. The rug size you choose will determine the best placement.

  • Under bed and nightstands – Large area rugs will fit under one or two nightstands and the bed.
  • From the middle of the bed – Small area rugs can work under queen beds if you place it beginning in the middle of the bed, projecting out below the foot. This will not include the nightstands on the rug.
  • On each side of the bed – You can place two rugs on either side of the bed. This style works well with odd shaped rugs like animal skin rugs.
  • Foot of the bed – A runner can work at the foot of the bed to provide a pop of color and warmth. This is a good option for limited budgets and space. You can create a more luxurious look by using a rug at the foot of the bed in conjunction with rugs beside the bed.

Best Rug Sizes for a Queen Bed

Large area rugs and small side rugs will present different styles. Keep in mind that for area rugs, you want at least 18-24 inches projecting from the sides and foot of the bed. Most of the time, you should place the rug perpendicular to the bed.

Irregular Small Rugs

Small rugs work well on either side of a queen bed. These rugs look best if they have an irregular shape like skin rugs. These lend themselves to a more eclectic and asymmetrical look.

4’x 6’ Rug

A 4’x 6’ is not the ideal rug size for a queen bed. But this rug size works well if you double it to create an 8’x 12’ rug. Make sure to place the rugs together in the middle to create the look of one large rug. Rather than positioning the rugs perpendicular to the bed, you can position these rugs in the same direction as the bed. Place each 4’x 6’ rug so that the short edge aligns with the head and foot of the bed. Align the long border with the side of the bed.

5’x 8’ Rug

This is the smallest single sized rug you can use with a queen bed. This rug size works well with small bedrooms. You cannot use this bed to anchor nightstands along with the bed. Instead, position the rug perpendicular to the bed. Place one of the long edges under the middle of the bed and allow the rug to project below the foot of the bed.

6’x 9’ Rug

A 6’x 9’ rug gives you more coverage on either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

7-8’x 10’ Rug

This is the best rug size for a queen bed. A 7-8’x 10’ rug allows you to anchor both the bed and the nightstands. A 7’x 10’ rug will not give you as much coverage at the bottom of the bed as an 8’x 10’ rug. You can also opt to pull the rug away from the nightstands to cover more of the area below the foot of the bed.

9’x 12’ Rug

This sized rug works for a queen bed, but this size is not necessary. A 9’x 12’ rug does work well with a queen bed if you have a large room and want to use a rug that works well in the space.

Runner Rug

A runner can work at the foot of a queen bed. Runners are not the ideal rug for queen sized beds, but it is an option if you have a tight budget or small room. To make a runner look more planned, use it in conjunction with small rugs on the side of the bed.

Chart for Rug Size Under a Queen Bed

Rug SizeNumber of RugsRoom SizeRug Placement
Irregular Small Rugs2 or moreSmallEither side of bed
4’x 6’ Rug2LargeBeneath the bed
5’x 8’ Rug1SmallFrom the middle to the foot of the bed
6’x 9’ Rug1AverageFrom the middle to the foot of the bed
7-8’x 10’ Rug1AverageBegin at the nightstands
9’x 12’ Rug1LargeBegin at the nightstands
Runner Rug1SmallAt the foot of the bed