How To Create A Fancy Bedroom Look

There’s nothing quite like going home at the end of each day and relaxing in your bedroom. To make your home life better, you should learn how to create a fancy bedroom look. Your bedroom is your personal space, so design it the way you want it.

fancy bedroom

To achieve a bedroom like this, you want a fancy bedroom set. There are plenty of ways to get a fancy bedroom, and we’ve narrowed it down for you. 

If you need to make your bedroom relaxing, check out these tips. If you wonder how big you should make your bedroom when building your house, check out the average bedroom size. Now, what can we do to make a bedroom fancy? 

Fancy bedroom design ideas to make a splash

Floating Tables

floating tables for this fancy bedroom

Floating tables are innovative and unique. You can create them by securing your table to the wall and forgoing the legs. Or, you can use glass to create invisible legs. 

Gloating furniture has the same effect. Floating shelves would be good a DIY project. Have space to store stuff and give you more floor space as well. 

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A Half Wall

Chandelier in bedroom
Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

A half wall works wonders in both tiny and large houses. For a large bedroom, a half wall can divide it, offering a cultivated look. If the bedroom is small, it can help divide it from the other rooms. 

This works well in small apartments that have one or two rooms. You can build half walls to make a separation between the living area and bedroom area. With half walls, it doesn’t feel as closed off, so it can be an open concept.

Back To Nature

fancy red bedroom

You may think that plants don’t make a bedroom look fancy, but they do. Live plants look amazing in any home, but they can help you get a good night’s sleep. Keeping them in the bedroom is better than anywhere else in your home.  

There are hundreds of plants that are safe to put in your home. Here are a few plant options that will work best for most homes. 

Centered Bed

Chandelier in bedroom

If you’re wondering where to put your bed so that the layout is fancy, then wonder no more. Placing your bed in the center of a wall will have the greatest effect. You want the bed to be the center of attention.

You may want to get a nice bed frame if you don’t put your bed in the center of a feature wall. Because the bed should be the focus in a bedroom and there’s no better way to make it the focus than getting a fancy bed. 

Indoor Swings

Chandelier in bedroom

It may seem strange to put a swing inside, but it can do a lot for your bedroom. Whether you use it or not is your choice because it’s a work of art. It can make a fancy bedroom look relaxed rather than uptight. 

There are two main types of swings that can be put indoors. The first type is a wood swing with ropes that hang it. The other is more of a hammock. 

A Stone Feature

Chandelier in bedroom
David Charlez Designs

Feature walls are great, but they don’t have to cover an entire wall. A fancy bedroom can contain feature areas. This particular feature stone wall looks like the top floor where a fireplace hides below on the first floor.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can have a stone wall. Either build one out of stone or do it the cheaper way. When you do this, all you have to do is build a frame for the “fireplace” out of wood and cover it in faux stone paneling. 

Glass Closet

Chandelier in bedroom

A glass closet can make a room look bigger. Adding one to your bedroom can give you that fancy bedroom look you’ve been trying to achieve. Anytime you add glass to a room, it will make the room look higher-end and bigger.

If glass closets are too cluttery for you, you can add glass furniture or a few mirrors to add the illusion of a large bedroom. Make sure to keep the glass clean or it will have the opposite effect, giving you a bedroom that looks small. 

Splashes Of Color

Chandelier in bedroom

Color splashes are a good. You can get a fancy bedroom set to complete your neutral bedroom. Use a throw blanket for a cozy splash or bookshelf for something more sophisticated. 

Most people start with that piece of art and design their room around it. Don’t add too much of the color or it won’t be a splash anymore.

Canopy Bed

Chandelier in bedroom
CB Cooper Construction

A canopy bed is a timeless way to give yourself a fancy bedroom. It can add warmth and privacy, and are good nurseries or teen rooms. 

A canopy frame bed doesn’t mean you have to use a canopy. If you do, keep it light and airy. A heavy canopy cover can weigh your room down and defeat the purpose of having it.

Luminescent Lights

Chandelier in bedroom

A soft glow can make a bedroom look fancier than a lamp. It adds n feel that will set the mood for relaxation. Use the lights on a nightstand for prime lighting effect.

You can get lights that change colors, so you can change the feel of a room. Warmer colors are inviting while cooler colors are relaxing. Having the option for either is always a plus. 

Simple Patterns

Chandelier in bedroom

Adding bright or loud patterns to a bedroom can be fun, but you can’t say it’s fancy. If you want to get fancy, you need soft, muted patterns in more neutral colors.

If you do want to add a louder pattern, you can do this as long it’s a soft color. You can choose a soft pattern and a brighter color or a soft color and a brighter pattern. This will bring balance to your fancy bedroom. 

Cozy Couch

Chandelier in bedroom
Laura of Pembroke

There’s nothing wrong with adding extra furniture to your bedroom. You can make a separate sitting area or put a couch at the end of your bed. If you do, make sure the couch is level with the top of the bed.

Another thing you can add that has the same effect is faux fur. Fur adds a strong, soft, and refined look. Be careful using it though because it may not be easy to clean.

Satin Bedding

Chandelier in bedroom

A satin bedding set can take your bedroom to a ten. You can get patterned satin or classic satin. There’s something luxurious about satin, so never cross a satin fancy bedroom set off your list.

Real silk is better than satin. Silk is a type of material while satin is a weave. Many people confuse satin for a type of material since it is made with silk. 

Touches Of Gold

Chandelier in bedroom

This will come as no surprise but adding gold to your bedroom is one of the best things you can do for it. Make sure you don’t go overboard. If you prefer, you can even add muted gold tones which are gold but not bright.

If you want real gold, you’re going to have to pay for it. Most people are satisfied with gold-colored decor as long as it looks shiny. But real gold accents are available. 


Fancy luxury chandelier bedroom
McCroskey Interiors

Chandeliers can make a bedroom look fancy. You don’t need an extravagant chandelier, but one that’s fancy, and hang above the bed, or the center of the room. 

A crystal chandelier, real or not, can be better than a classic chandelier. You can get faux crystal chandeliers at a cheap price. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How To Install Fancy Bedroom Ceiling Fan?

Yes, a fancy bedroom ceiling fan can be a good addition to a luxurious room. Because the bedroom is fancy, you will need to install a fan that complements the room’s style. A lavish bedroom design deserves an opulent ceiling fan. 

Luxury ceiling fans start at $300 and can go as high as $1,000 or more. 

How To Apply Feng Shui To A Fancy Bedroom?

Feng Shui can be applied to bedrooms of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Given the time and money you’ve spent on creating your fancy bedroom, it would be a good idea to enlist the services of a Feng Shui specialist. 

How you design your room is one thing, but how you position the items in that room is a science. When done right, Feng Shui will have a positive impact on your mental well-being, 

How To Create A Vastu Compliant Fancy Bedroom?

In case you didn’t know, Vastu Shastra is the Indian counterpart to Feng Shui. To make it easier, Vastu is to India what Feng Shi is to China. If you’re bored with Feng Shui and looking for something different, then give Vastu a shot. 

For a Vastu compliant fancy bedroom, use pale grey, light rose, or dark blue hues. If you don’t like those colors, then choose soothing hues like peach or beige. White, orange and yellow are colors to avoid.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Pro Interior Designer For Your Bedroom?

If you’re having problems figuring out how to create a fancy bedroom, hire a pro. A professional interior designer charges $1,000 to $2,000 per room. 

How To Create A Fancy Bedroom Conclusion

The best way to get a fancy bedroom is to find out what makes you feel fancy. Most people never let anyone else into their bedroom aside from close friends.

So, it depends on what makes you feel like a million bucks.