Million Dollar House Ideas – What Makes A House Expensive These Days

A house becomes expensive and luxurious when it has certain elements that put it over the top. You may have seen one or two such spaces, perhaps at some point you were curious to see how celebrities live and most likely you were impressed.

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But what is it that makes a house special? Is it the architecture, the furniture, the artwork or perhaps the location? There’s no single answer to this question. So how can you make your own home look stunning like that? There are a few things you should consider when moving into a new home and maybe even before that.

Underground wine cellar.

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Contemporary LED wine cellar glass floorView in gallery

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A wine cellar would definitely make your house more interesting. But simply having one is not enough to impress. An underground wine cellar can surely be a great feature if you know how to take advantage of it. The transparent glass floor presented here lets you see the cellar underneath. In addition, the space itself is very impressive.This LED wine cellar was found in a Tennessee home of interior designer Jamie Beckwith.

Underground garage.

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Forget about the traditional garage which is a visible part of your house. Take a look at this type. An underground parking space with an elevator which disappears into the ground and only reveals itself when you push a button. It definitely has the wow factor.

Home theater.

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Transforming the basement into a media room is a wonderful idea. It’s something you can work with even if you have a small house. Of course, if space allows you to, then you can go crazy with the idea and even choose a luxurious décor to suit the space.

A slide/ multifunctional stairs.

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Slide multifucntional stair1View in gallery

Lately it has become quite popular to have a slide inside the house. Sometimes the slide becomes a part of a complex staircase design. It’s very fun for the kids and a modern addition to any home. And if a slide is not exactly what you had in mind, there are also lots of other ways in which you can transform your staircase into a focal point.

Backyard tree house.

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Having a tree house is not exactly unusual or extraordinary. But we’re not talking here about those tiny little houses you build for your kids. We’re talking about something more majestic than that, something like an actual house with rooms, a patio and much more which you can build around a tree. This idea is especially wonderful if you have an old tree on your property with an interesting shape.{found on theletteredcottage}.

Glass floor.

Mountain living room featuring a glass floor to see the ground or river1View in gallery

Mountain living room featuring a glass floor to see the ground or riverView in gallery

Another increasingly popular feature in luxurious home is the glass floor. Depending on what you wish to display, you can have a partial glass floor on the upper levels so you can take a peak at the living spaces underneath or even on the ground floor so you can see the rocks and all the natural beauty, in the case of a house that sits on pillars for example or for your patio.{found on jgdevelopment}.

Infinity pool.

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by Wildman Photography

Few things are as impressive and breathtaking as an infinity pool and the views it can offer. If you have a house perched high on a cliff or close to water, it’s definitely worth having such a feature.

Roof pool.

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Most people have a pool in the yard but if you really want something out of the ordinary then get a roof pool. You can relax there, have more privacy and, in addition to that, the views are much more beautiful from up there.

Koi pond.

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Ponds are very beautiful water features lots of people enjoy having in their backyards or gardens. You can decorate it with all sorts of beautiful things like rocks and plants. Organize a sitting area so you can relax and meditate whenever you feel like it.

Heavenly backyard.

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A beautiful backyard can greatly increase the value of a property. There are plenty of options. For example, you can have a fire pit, a gazebo, an outdoor living area or beautiful flower beds and bridges. Combine some of these elements and more for a gorgeous look.{found on site}.

Backyard river.

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If possible, it would be amazing to have a natural river running through your backyard. If not, then you can make one yourself. It can be an extension or your pool or a specially designed water feature.

Zen bathroom.

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Typically we don’t pay a lot of attention to the bathroom and this is one of the differences between having a regular home and an extraordinary one. A spacious bathroom with a relaxing, zen interior can elevate a house and transform it into a luxurious and unique space.{found on Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle}.

Spa bathroom.

Indoor modern saunaView in gallery

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Another option is to turn your regular bathroom into a spa. Use natural materials like stone and wood and pay attention to details. Create a relaxing and serene décor and the atmosphere will be amazing. You can also include features such as a steam shower for example.

Bathroom with a view.

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We mentioned paying attention to details when designing and decorating the bathroom. That includes taking into consideration the orientation of the room and the views. For example, it would be wonderful to have a sunken tub like this one and a glass wall through which to admire the landscape.

Grandiose closet.

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You’ve probably noticed that all celebrities have huge walk-in closets in their homes. A big closet is definitely a sought after feature. It offers plenty of space to be organized and lots of room so that you can comfortably take your time to choose the perfect outfit.