10 Freeform Pools That Perfectly Adapt To Your Landscape

When you decide to have a pool on your property, then this feature becomes the focal point for all the outdoor décor and for the landscape. It’s why choosing the right design for the pool is very important. The pool can have a variety of shapes and designs. Rectangular or geometrical pools are the most common but they don’t always suit the type of landscape you have in mind for your home. In such cases, a freeform pool would be a much better option.

Good view pool
A freeform pool has a design closer to the organic forms found in nature

Freeform pools don’t comfort to any shape or size standard so you can design them in any way you want. They are usually used when the space doesn’t allow a rectilinear or geometric design to be adopted.

Barn house pool shape
You can choose any shape you want and this gives you more control over the design
Backyard pool
With a freeform pool you can also play with all sorts of other water features
Night pool light
Let the shape of the pool mimic the organic lines of the landscape

With a freeform pool, you can customize your landscape as you wish. They give you more freedom and allow you to also use elements such as fire pits, outdoors kitchens, pergolas or shade areas which you can place wherever you wish and have the pool modeled after the available space.

Residence pool
A single large freeform pool with a stone bridge separating it in the center
Notrectangular pool
The freedom to choose the form of the pool doesn’t mean you have to pick something very complex
Freeform pool
Natural lines and soft curves make this pool spectacular

Most often, freeform pools feature soft curves and free-flowing designs. It’s easier to create a balanced design when you have absolute control over the shape and size of the pool, the main element that needs to be taken into consideration.

Freeform swimingpool
A freeform pool with a waterfall and attached spa
Backyard pool1
The undulating lines of the freeform pool mimic those of the landscape
Summer swiming pool
Freeform pool with spa and a small waterfall on the rocks

A freeform pool can be designed around structures or landscape elements that can’t be changed so it’s easy to customize them. It’s also a great opportunity to take advantage of all the features presented by the landscape and to maybe also include a series of other water features and details.

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