Fancy Bathroom Ideas For The Perfect At-Home Getaway

Bathrooms are more than useful spaces. Are you in need of fancy bathroom ideas for the perfect at-home getaway? We have a few you might like.

fancy bathroom

A bathroom is an escape space. It’s also a comfort zone that offers relaxation at the end of a long day. Creating a fancy bathroom could be the best thing for your home.

How do you create a fancy bathroom? There are many ways, and the choices are up to you. Even the most creative soul needs inspiration.

Hopefully, these fancy bathroom ideas will inspire you.

Merge It For Other Activities

Fancy Bathroom with gym
Many people add an exercise space in their bedroom or living room. You may not realize, but you can do the same in your bathroom.

You can add space for activities in any room. The bathroom is no exception.

If it fits, add it. For example, if you don’t have a toilet but a large bathtub, this is better. You could turn the space into a rec room with a shower.

If you put exercise equipment in your bathroom for a relaxing space. A foot massager can do wonders for your feet after a workout or long day. Find the best foot massager for your life.

Statement Vanity

Statement Vanity with a fancy look

With vanities, think outside the box. You can get a funky mirror, solid stone sink, or fancy table. It could become the focal point of the room.

With mirrors, some options can make your bathroom amazing. A backlit mirror is a good idea. Geometric shapes would give you a fancy contemporary bathroom.

One popular trend is how families are cutting their own mirrors. You can make a mirror by cutting it and then putting it back together in a custom shape. They are expensive so a DIY bathroom mirror will save money.

Walk-In Shower With Tub

White and gold bathroom

Use cabinets from your bedroom or kitchen and add them to your bathroom. They can hold more than standard bathroom cabinets and look stylish.

Glassdoor kitchen cabinets are ideal. The cabinet style looks like it belongs and lets you see how many towels and supplies you have. Plus, glass works well in any bathroom.

Wardrobes And Storage Cabinets

White and gold bathroom

You can take cabinets made for the bedroom or kitchen and add them to your bathroom. They can hold so much more than standard bathroom cabinets and look much more sophisticated too.

Glassdoor kitchen cabinets are ideal. The cabinet style looks like it belongs and lets you see how many towels and supplies you have. Plus, glass works well in any bathroom.

Glass Wall Divider

White and gold bathroom

A glass wall divider can make your bathroom feel special. You can either use it to separate your toilet or bathroom from a master bedroom. Your bathroom and bedroom will look bigger.

Glass wall dividers are so versatile. Consider adding one to your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. If you do, think hard before deciding where to put it.

Walk-In Closet

White and gold bathroom
AGDesigns – State of the Art Kitchens & Baths

Walk-in closets are no longer just for the bedroom. You can add them to any room if you want extra space. Adding them to the ac makes a lot of sense considering that’s where most people change clothes.

A great way to use a walk-in closet is to connect the closet to the bedroom and bathroom or the bathroom to the bedroom and closet. This will make it a Jack and Jill bathroom, allowing couples to use it any time.

Solid Stone/Marble Tub

White and gold bathroom

A solid rock tub can look so perfect in any bathroom. You can get any natural color and texture you want. It feels amazing to sit in and has a jacuzzi tub. Talk about a spa day.

Installing a solid stone or marble tub can be difficult because of the weight. Just one tub can weigh up to a thousand pounds.

That’s not something you can get into your house without a professional team of movers/builders. You could also add a trough sink top to go with your bathtub.

If you’re good with concrete, you can make a concrete tub. This is no easy task, but if you have the experience, you can create a bathtub that’s worth up to $10,000. Now that’s quite an investment.

Floating Vanities

White and gold bathroom

I cannot stress just how popular floating furniture is these days. From shelves to tables, you can have any type of floating furniture that you want. It is the future as it appears to be magical in the way that it floats in the air.

Floating shelves and vanities are easy to make. Just secure the back of the cabinet to the wall and remove the legs. You may need two people to do it, so grab a friend and convert your vanity today.

If you’re not the DIY type, floating furniture isn’t that expensive. These days it costs about the same as standard furniture, so if you’re going to buy a shelf anyway, make it a floating one.

Fur Accents

White and gold bathroom
Lisman Studio Interior Design

It may not seem like fur goes in the bathroom, but if you’re careful, it can make your bathroom look fancy. If you do add fur, don’t put it where you will walk on it after you bathe or shower.

The fur shouldn’t get wet as it won’t be fluffy or easy to clean if saturated. Plus, the fur will mat. Chandeliers also have the same effect so pairing them together is ideal, but either one can be left out if you don’t want to break up the focus.

Multiple Mirrors

White and gold bathroom

Most people will add one mirror over their vanity and then forget the rest. But you can add as many mirrors as you want to a bathroom and suffer no ill effects. A full-length mirror is a great addition, but there are other options.

Using mirrors to create a work of art is ideal. Get small mirrors in shapes that you like that will accent the larger mirror. You can add a backlight them or different colored frames to bring your bathroom together.

Alternating Patterns

White and gold bathroom

Alternating shelves and tables offer an eclectic look. They are easy to install in a bathroom corner for a vanity. One side can be used to get ready and the other for something else.

The bathroom layout is ideal for multiple users. It offers private space. You can use the added space can be for folding clean clothes in a bathroom-laundry room fusion.

Rain Shower Head

White and gold bathroom
Mantis Design

Anyone with an overhead rain shower head will tell you they don’t regret it buying one. They are the most luxurious shower head style available on the market today.

The good news is that they’re not as expensive as they look. They might be the most affordable item that will help you create a fancy bathroom.

They are a few feet wide in diameter. The water pours over your body like you’re standing in the rain.

The head design changes more than appearances. They are worth every penny for those who love getting stuck in the rain.

Ceiling mounted rain shower heads are good for larger bathroom spaces.

Bedroom/Bathroom Combo

White and gold bathroom

It may seem odd to put a bathroom in your fancy bedroom but hear me out. You don’t have to add have to add a sink or a toilet to your bedroom.

The point is to create an escape space in one room. Take a bath and go to bed.

The setup is romantic and practical. You can create an amazing escape with your favorite smells, sounds, and lighting. Don’t add a mini-fridge or you’ll never leave your room.

Keep It Simple

White and gold bathroom

White appliances, walls, and floors will give your room a clean appearance. Glass shelves, vanities, and tables will add light. You will either love a white bathroom or you won’t.

The people who do love this look can’t get enough of it. The look is stress-free. You can’t feel overwhelmed with a white bathroom with glass accents, it’s designed to keep distractions away.

Gold, Gold, Gold

gold fancy bathroom decor
LA Design Build

Gold, Gold, Gold

If there is one color you should add to your fancy bathroom, it’s gold. Most bathrooms have some metallic color in the hardware, so why not make that color gold? It can look dated if done wrong, but if done right, it looks as fancy as can be.

A tip for making the gold design look modern is to make sure the rest of the bathroom is clean and up to date. Choose neutral colors with clean lines. Add geometric shapes and use updated showers, sinks, and tubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do rainfall shower heads have good pressure?

The water pressure for rain shower heads is not as strong as standard heads. The benefit of a rain shower head is how the water flows over your body when you stand under it.

How can I increase the water pressure in my shower?

Your shower head could be the reason why you have low water pressure. The first thing you want to do is clean it. Next, see if your shower head has a flow restrictor. If so, remove it, and the water will flow stronger out of the showerhead.

Would a door-less walk-in shower be good for a fancy bathroom?

If you have the space for a door-less walk-in shower then yes, install one. They are low maintenance. And because they don’t have doors, you will have less to clean. You can walk inside your shower area, turn the water on, and begin bathing.

Fancy Bathroom Conclusion

Do not neglect your bathroom space. You can turn your bathroom into a favorite destination. Don’t forget to add slip-resistant rugs. Safety should be your top priority.

You might want to consider a bidet converter kit for your toilet seat.With plenty of options to choose from, take your time and pick the best layout. A fancy bathroom will add value to your home. It will also provide additional comfort and peace of mind.