Glass Kitchen Cabinets Offer Elegance And Class

Glass kitchen cabinets remain popular decor choices among US homeowners. Glass will always be popular. However, kitchen cabinet styles will ebb and flow.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

According to the 9th Annual LightStream Home Improvement Trends Survey, an online poll of some 1,300 US homeowners, 73 percent of those surveyed reported they’ve invested in a home improvement since the pandemic began over two years ago.

“After two years of living in a new way, homeowners are thoughtfully investing in permanent changes to not only accommodate new lifestyles but also to add more functionality and emotional benefits to their homes,” said Todd Nelson, Lightstream senior vice president of strategic development.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets: Pros And Cons

To understand glass cabinets on a deeper level, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet style. 


  • There are plenty of options to choose from, including frosted-glass cabinets, seeded cabinets, and others.
  • Similar to mirrors, glass kitchen cabinets reflect light, creating the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Glass cabinets are transparent.  which helps you find essential dishware quickly.
  • The cabinet style is easy to clean as it’s made with glass that’s stain-resistant and waterproof.


  • Glass cabinet doors are fragile. They often crack and fracture. For kitchens with heavy foot traffic, the cabinet style is not recommended.
  • Stacking tableware according to type and color creates a disorganized look.  

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Styles 

There are six types of glass used to make kitchen cabinets. Let’s review each one and learn why each one is special.

Frosted Glass

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors

Frosted glass conceals the contents of your cabinets. When you install under-cabinet lighting, the visual effect enhances your kitchen. The glass hides fingerprints and stains.

Seeded Glass

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors

Seeded glass looks like rain against a window. The water effect helps hide the contents of the cabinet, like frosted glass. The glass allows you to see the shapes and colors of items inside the cabinet. You can install puck lights to enhance the appearance of your kitchen cabinet.

Transparent Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors

See-through glass is simple and attractive. A single flat-paneled strengthened glass construction designed to protect against easy shattering or a decorative design to enhance the appearance of your kitchen cabinet. Transparent glass is inexpensive and available in different colors. 

Textured Cabinet Glass


Textured glass makes this design look archaic. Kitchen cabinet glass with textured finishes can be made to order so they fit your kitchen’s design. Unlike other glass styles, they make kitchens feel bigger.  

Leaded Glass

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors

The leaded glass used for the provincial cabinets in this example highlights its crystal features. Otherwise known as crystal glass, leaded glass inserts slivers of linked glasses that give it a unique appearance.

Leaded glass is made of clear, beveled, or stained glass. The lead content in the glass crystals is dense, creating a lower index of light refraction than traditional glass. The glass can be customized according to location, color, and art style.


Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors

Sumiglass features multiple layers of crushed materials, each layer consisting of at least two panes, which gives it its decorative appearance. The cutting-edge technology creates a durable bond between the glass panes. The material comes in a variety of colors. It can be customized for a fashionable interior kitchen decor.

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Styles 

Handpicked by our team of interior design experts, here are the latest styles for glass kitchen cabinets. 

Transparent Glass Cabinets

A transparent glass cabinet system keeps your cabinet items on display. While this might seem as an inconvenience to some people, others see it as an advantage.

Upper kitchen cabinets with transparent glass doors allow you to display your tableware while protecting them. Also, the glass is ideal for minimalist interiors, and a good choice for small kitchens.

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Alternate between transparent and opaque cabinet doors to satisfy all your storage needs.

Handless Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Here are the latest glass kitchen cabinet styles handpicked by our team of interior design experts. 

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Glass cabinets look best when mounted on walls while solid modules are often preferred for the bottom area.

Glass Bar Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Cabinets with glass fronts are not just for kitchens. They’re also a good option for dining rooms.

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
You can use frosted glass to partially conceal the contents of your kitchen cabinets and shelves.
Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
You can put the spotlight on the contents of your kitchen cabinets to make them more visible through the frosted glass.

Frosted glass is sleek and it looks great in modern kitchens. While frosted glass hides your cabinets contents, it’s not opaque.  

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Frosted glass can be etched with interesting patterns and decorative motifs

Textured Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Textured glass is quite similar to frosted glass in the sense that it blurs the contents of the cabinets but doesn’t hide it all. There are several different types of textured glass, some more common than others. Be aware that the glass may leave you with a dated kitchen design. 

Frosted Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Depending on the pattern you choose, textured glass can be more or less transparent.
Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Sure, you can see what’s behind the glass, but the textured finish makes the silhouettes less clear

Seeded Glass

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Seeded glass cabinet doors adds a touch of charm and texture to the decor without obstructing it in any way.

This is a special type of glass with a very particular look. Seeded glass features all these bubbles which can be tiny or large, depending on the source and style. It’s a look that suits vintage and traditional decors but which can also look interesting in modern settings.

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
The bubbles in seeded glass give it a wavy texture. 
Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Seeded glass looks best in traditional or retro settings.

Leaded Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
Like seeded glass, leaded glass suits well kitchens with traditional or retro-inspired decors.
Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
The leaded glass looks great on backlit cabinets.

Leaded glass is rich in lead. The lead content creates its unique look. Leaded glass looks elegant and artisanal. Alternatives include tinted or stained glass, but they don’t offer the same effect.

How To Replace Glass Cabinet Doors In 7 Fast Steps

Glass is often accessible via a detachable panel in cabinets. It is ideal for replacing cracked or broken glass or for cleaning the interior.

Glass Cabinet Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves 
  • Putty knife
  • Chisel 
  • Clear silicone 

1. Inspect And Remove Screws

First, open the cabinets and inspect the left and right sides of the glass panels. There should be a screw sticking out the cabinets. Remove the screws to bring them parallel to the frames.

2. Remove Hinges

Second, unscrew the hinges. If the glass is embedded in the cabinet door, remove the screws securing the hinges to the cabinet and the glass door. Remove the hinges if there are no sticks or screws holding the panels in place.

3. Remove Cabinet Frame

Third, tap the panel from the inside to dislodge it from the cabinet frame. It should be placed face down on a clean work surface.

4. Remove Glass 

With the tip of the putty knife beneath the molding that surrounds the glass, pry it upward to dislodge the brads. Insert the knife between the sides of the panel and the molding, and carefully pry it out. When the molding is sufficiently loose, use the knife to pry it out from the frame. Carry out all four sides.

5. Remove Debris

Use a chisel to remove debris and chips. You can use a scraper to remove dirt. Replacing the glass is as simple as setting it in cabinet.

6. Apply silicone

Use a utility knife to cut the tip off a tube of transparent silicone. Cut it diagonally to create a hole 3/8-inch diameter. Maintain the tube’s diagonal end at the point where the wood meets the glass. Applying pressure on the silicone tube, apply a silicone bead that goes all the way around, making sure it touches the side of the frame and glass.

7. Apply Pressure On Glass

Apply pressure on the glass. Allow 24 hours for the silicone to dry. To put the glass panel back on the cabinet, make sure to turn the sticks/screws perpendicular to the frame. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are Glass Kitchen Cabinets Expensive?

Glass-front kitchen cabinets are more expensive, and the price continues to rise as the durability and quality improve. 

What Glass Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

Frosted glass helps hide the contents behind cabinet doors. Transparent glass is good for those who want a clear view of what’s inside a cabinet.  

Are Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Out Of Style?

Glazed kitchen cabinets never go out of style in classic and country farmhouse kitchen designs. This also includes other rustic styles like French country kitchens. Cabinets with distressed and glazed surfaces are a staple of many country kitchens. 

Another alternative is plastic laminate on rigid material, which is suitable for kitchen cabinets. However, plastic laminate cabinet doors require a backing sheet to prevent them from warping.

How Much Do Glass Front Cabinet Doors Cost?

The average price for a glass cabinet door is $225. Certifications also influence prices. Some cabinet manufacturers are certified by the National Kitchen Cabinet Association (NKCA) which means the cabinets have passed industry minimums related to performance and durability.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets: Wrap Up

The biggest issue with glass cabinets includes choosing the right design to compliment your kitchen. 

“Not only does cabinetry determine the overall space of the kitchen, but the functionality inside a cabinet can also make daily use of the kitchen either something so simple that you don’t even think about it, or it can frustrate the user on a daily basis,” said Bonnie Schmitz, manager of design trends and innovation at Cabinetworks Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A glass door cabinet system is a smart remodel project. The cabinets add appeal and value to your home. Your cooking space should be the most convenient room in your house, and glass cabinets would make your life easier.