The Beauty Of the Platform Beds: Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A new bedroom interior design trend is the use of platform beds. Join us for this special report on the beauty of the platform beds: bedroom interior design ideas.

Bedroom Interior Design and Platform beds

The bed makes rooms look bigger. They’re cheaper than standard beds. A simple bedroom style is what they offer a simple look for bedrooms. They originated in Japan. You can find them Japanese homes today.

Platform beds are flatbeds that support a mattress. Unlike standard beds, they do not need box springs. A memory foam mattress is the most popular choice for this bed.

If this sounds like your cup of tea; you’re in for a treat. Check out these platform bed ideas if you’re looking for simple bedroom décor.

Bamboo Wallpaper

Bedroom Interior Design

Platform beds are popular in Asia, so bamboo wallpaper makes sense. Bamboo decor isn’t isn’t difficult to find. It adds a Zen style and natural look.
Some designs have legs. Many people think platform beds do not have legs, but that’s not true.
A platform bed isn’t just a bed without legs. Adding legs creates more room space by opening the area under the bed.

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Bamboo means the furniture or decor is the same. It is the inspiration behind the room. You can pair bamboo with almost anything. Do not forget these key points when shopping.

Box Nightstands

Bedroom Interior Design

A low bed is square and shaped like a box. Adding a nightstand with the same geo-shaped properties is a sharp idea. You want to pick one type of shape for a room. Round, square or asymmetrical doesn’t matter.

This room goes with a square shape which works well. The sharpness lowered by the round corners on the bed’s headboard. A relaxed look is easy to achieve. The bed gives the room a better flow.

Asymmetrical Headboards

Bedroom Interior Design

Low beds are box-like, adding asymmetrical headboards adding asymmetrical headboards can break the theme. They remove the heavy look platform beds offer. A runner across the middle of the bed helps this fact.

The decor in this room is huge. Ombre glass vases balance vases even the color scheme. Carpeted walls help this room to be cozy as can be. These are a few of the things that keep a cool idea like platform beds, warm.

Raised Platform Bed

Bedroom Interior Design

There’s nothing wrong with having a platform bed as high as a standard bed. Some people want the look of a platform bed but cannot or do not want to have a low bed. A simple solution is a platform bed with a thick base.

A platform bed does not need a box spring. It uses wood slats for support. With this look, you can use different interior décor ideas.

Swings For Beds With Legs

Bedroom Interior Design

If you want to get the most out of your room, adding legs to the bed adds space. There are many other options. The bedroom interior design uses design uses swings for seats. For a playful theme, this is a good choice for kids.
Although you can buy wooden swings, you can also use rope and two-by-sixes to build a swing. Drill holes in the bottom where the strings go through and tie them where needed.

Glass Closets

Bedroom Interior Design

People who like platform beds are neat and simple. Glass closets work well with the beds.Their sleek design and lack of hardware add to a room’s style.

If you’re a messy person, a glass closet may not be ideal under stress. If so, consider clouded glass. You can have the same closet without the inside on display.

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You may not find clouded glass. You can use cloudy contact paper. Use it for the glass from the inside. If you do this, there are a variety of patterns to choose from as well.

Don’t Forget Color Pops

Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalism is the theme for platform bed owners. They don’t come in bright colors. Avoid this by using a single shelf or throw blanket to mix neutral colors.

If bright colors don’t lure you, pastels can add to the room’s decor. Pale green, baby blue, and soft peach will work if you like softer colors. They have the same effect as bright colors.

Platform Beds For Kids

Bedroom Interior Design

A platform bed sits lower to the floor. The beds are popular with kids kids who roll while sleeping. If your child’s bed is lower, this will protect them.

A thick rug can help reduce the impact of a fall. You can also get a platform bed with a bigger frame than its mattress. This adds a safety layer if rolling is an issue. It shortens the distance to the floor and softens the impact.

Flashy Headboards

Bedroom Interior Design

Flashy headboards can help offset plain platform beds. Shiny headboards or bright patterns add life to a platform bed. You can also get a standard headboard and upholster your own.

If you’re looking for light-colored blankets, consider a muslin blanket. They are natural, which fits the theme of platform beds. Not to mention, they look fantastic.

The best muslin blankets are bamboo, so be on the lookout as you shop.

Privacy Corners

Bedroom Interior Design

There’s a reason canopy bedsare popular and has nothing to do with bugs. People value privacy. A popular bedroom interior design idea uses half walls at the top of your bed.
They help divide space and offer more privacy. It’s perfect for studio apartments with bedrooms, living rooms, and a kitchen. You can even wrap the wall around the bed like a cubicle.

This idea works wonders in a room shared by siblings. Everyone wants their space, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Another Type Of Sofa Bed

Bedroom Interior Design

Sofas are like platform beds. They lack the frame that most mattresses have. A platform bed with a sofa-like backing works wonders for a dress up room.

This bed is faux leather and decorated with perfect colors as a faux fur throw. The room is any Victorian girl’s dream, complete with soft pink accents and gold trimmings. Not to mention the pristine flooring.

Going Green With Live Plants

Bedroom Interior Design

Many platform bed owners are eco-friendly and members of the green movement. That’s why the combination of natural colors, plants, and organic fibers work so well with this bed.

Hanging Reading Lights

Bedroom Interior Design

Platform beds are lower. It’s hard to get the lighting right. Adding hanging lights to your bedroom can solve more than one problem. You can reach the on and off switch from the bed while lighting the room.

Hanging lights aren’t tricky to find. You can even get lights that plug in rather than wire into the ceiling. That way, you can unplug them in a day to get them out of the way. No one wants to hit their head on a light.

Oval Headboards

Oval Headboards and platform bed

Since platform beds are often one-dimensional, adding a unique headboard will do wonders for your bedroom’s interior decor. If you choose a shape like this, it’s best to find another set with the same shape.

This oval-cluttered bedroom comes together well. The satin sheets and glittery wall art give it a refined look. An oval headboard is a real star that catches the eye at the center of the bed in a relaxing way.

Colorful Curved Headboards

Colorful Curved Headboards with platform bed

Boxing your bed is another option, but this one is different. Creating a private area is easy. This style offers less privacy and is for artful tastes.

The headboard curves and controls the focus. It cuts the bed off from the room. You can use this headboard with a platform bed. For standard bed frames, your room will look mismatched.

If you’re not feeling inspired, don’t worry. Everyone is different. Start shopping and keep yourself open. The right platform bed will speak to you. All it takes is that first step.

Platform Beds Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to build a platform bed?

Platform beds are easy to assemble. Everything you need to build a platform bed will be inside its shipping box. You can take the bed apart and put it back together when moving it to a different room.

What are the health benefits of platform beds?

Platform beds offer a few health benefits. The slats that support the mattress provide greater air circulation. Mold, mildew, and bed bugs aren’t a threat when there is more air in a room.

The beds offer stability. Their solid surface provides support for your mattress. Those suffering from back pain would benefit the most from platform beds.

The elderly and those suffering from knee pain would not enjoy this bed. Getting in and out requires more effort than standard beds.

Are platform beds good for feng shui?

Platform beds can improve feng shui if used right with the room’s other elements. The beds are simple and have a plain design. When designing a room with a platform bed, you want to add color.

Light colors will impact feng shui. You can also find Asian-style platform beds that will enliven your room.

Platform Beds Conclusion

Platform beds are ideal for kids and young adults. If you enjoy a minimal bedroom décor, this bed is for you. Another draw is the price.

The beds are cheaper than standard ones because they don’t need box springs. You’ll want to make it a point to invest in a thick mattress. As much time as you spend sleeping, your bed should be comfortable.