Bright And Cheerful Summer Bedroom Design Ideas

Excited to bring those cheerful and sunny summer vibes into your home? There’s lots of cool ways to do that and all sorts of interesting ideas that can be adapted to suit the room that you have in mind. For now though let’s check out some summer bedroom ideas and see what inspiring features they offer.

18 Beautiful Summer Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Let the outdoors in

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Open up those bedroom windows and let the sunlight in. The ambiance will change in an instant. This bedroom designed by studio Alair Homes Decatur takes it a step further. It has its own private balcony with double doors and windows that can be opened up to basically expand the interior space and to expose it to the lovely view.

Play around with prints and patterns

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A nice view out the window is a great way to invite nature’s beauty into the bedroom but there’s also other additional strategies you can try. A particularly good idea is to use nature-inspired prints and patterns when decorating the room. Interior designer Summer Thornton offers here a glimpse at what such a decor could look like.

Try a nautical theme

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Nothing says summer like nautical or coastal-themed decor so if you want to make your bedroom look more breezy this is a great way to do it. Here Gilbane Development Company went with a color scheme that includes white, blue and red but also chose a light green shade for the walls.

Focus on color and texture

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Both the color scheme of a room and the textures and finishes used in its design are important for creating the type of ambiance that you like in this space. For instance, using light colors like white as well as neutrals such as beige but also light blue, for instance, can give a bedroom a soothing and beach-inspired vibe. It can be a wonderful look for a summer home like this one designed by studio Tom Stinger.

Bring the ocean into your home

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This modern bedroom designed by studio RMGB is quite colorful. The vibrant blue nuances are reminiscent of the deep ocean and look amazing in contrast with the red accents. We also love the metallic accents and the dark details that help them stand out.

Make it airy and cozy

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Finding a good balance between the functional and the aesthetic sides of a room can be challenging. For a space like a master bedroom it could be nice to try a look similar to this where the colors are neutral and subdued, the walls and white and plain but there’s also lots of warmth and details that make the space feel super cozy. This is a design by Studio Life/Style.

Emphasize the height of the space

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A very valid design strategy regardless of the theme you’re going with is to emphasize the height of the room. That can help to create a more airy and spacious feel and there’s a variety of different ways in which this can be done. Here for instance April Tomlin Interiors did it through features like the window curtains, the white walls and also the canopy bed frame.

Add a bed canopy

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A bed canopy can also add a breezy and summer-inspired vibe to the bedroom. There’s various different styles to choose from in this case. Something simple like this can make the bedroom feel super cozy and also fits the vacation vibe of this amazing Bali retreat designed by Studio Jencquel.

Try vintage accents

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Another interesting idea is to add a few vintage accents to your bedroom decor to give it a sort of shabby chic vibe. This interior by Julia Barnard can be your source of inspiration. A lot of emphasis was put here on the wall decor and all the accent pieces like the bench in front of the window for example.

Use playful shapes

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This is definitely a very interesting bedroom and the first thing that stands out is the collection of shapes and patterns used here by Anna Karlin. This is also a very colorful room which really suits the summer theme we’re going for right now. We like the contrast between the very sharp angles of the nightstand and the soft curves of the padded headboard.

Introduce coastal details

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Even if you might not be able to accurately describe the coastal style you can most likely super easily recognize it being used. On that note, isn’t this bedroom design by Betsy Brown absolutely charming? The canopy bed frame is super slender and minimal and yet stands out in contrast with all the warm neutrals and the light colors.

Hang colorful curtains

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Curtains and other windows treatments are very effective at brightening up and adding cheer and style to a room. If you’re going for a summer-inspired bedroom decor consider some colorful curtains or a tropical pattern. Check out this room by Ellen Hanson Designs for some inspiration.

Make it tranquil and relaxing

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If you’re not a fan of using bright and vibrant colors in the bedroom, a good alternative is to create instead a very calm and relaxing ambiance by using soft colors that are toned down and soothing. This design by Hollie Bowden relies on earthy browns mixed with a bit of green.

Introduce Mediterranean influences

Introduce Mediterranean influencesView in gallery

If there’s anything that stands out about this beautiful design by studio Mercader de Indias it would have to be the minimalism and the emphasis on the pure white surfaces. That’s a characteristic of the Mediterranean style which we often associate with summer and the beach.

Keep it simple

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If you’re a fan of simplicity in general, you might prefer your bedroom to look airy, clean and uncluttered, like this one designed by studio BOA is. White is the main color here but that doesn’t mean the room lacks character or style. The subtle details are well hidden in plain sight.

Be eclectic

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Sometimes it’s impossible to pick a single style when designing a space. In the case of this beautiful place designed by studio Red Deer it was the history of the house that more or less meant that a blend of styles would be the ideal choice. This is noticeable in every room including this relaxing but also quite elegant bedroom.

Add some farmhouse magic

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This bedroom by interior design studio White Arrow looks sunny and cheerful but it also gives off a very relaxing and calming vibe. It’s simple but it’s not plain and it’s actually full of cool details like the skylight , the canopy bed frame, the farmhouse window treatments or the wall-mounted extendable lamps.

Be bold with your choices

Be bold with your choicesView in gallery

When designing or decorating a room it’s important to discover your own style rather than to copy what everyone else is doing. With that in mind, it might be time to make some bold choices. A good source of inspiration is a project done by Dylan Farrell which features a symphony of beautiful colors, lots of interesting artwork and really cool and ingenious use of texture and pattern throughout.