25 DIY Canopy Beds to Make You Feel Like You’re On Safari

One prevailing aspect of all great bedroom sets in the movies is the canopy bed. Whether it’s pink and gold draped around a bachelorette’s matching duvet or simple white netting covering a safari explorer’s cot, there’s just something about a fabric covered bed that makes it seem so cozy and inviting. The best part, you don’t need a large bedroom to accommodate a large bed to pull off this look in your home. Take a look at these 25 DIY canopy beds that you can create no matter how large your bedroom is.

How to Add a Canopy Bed To A Bedroom of Any Size or Shape

1. Hang Curtains At The Corners Of Your Bed With Pipe

Copper pipes canopy bed

The old fashioned canopy beds gathered the fabric at the corners of the bed frame. You can achieve the same look by hanging curtains at the corners of your bed via a pipe, wire, or whatever else you deem fit. (via One King’s Lane)

2. Use Pipe to Outline Your Bed and Hang Your Curtains

DIY hanging pipe canopy

If you’d like to be able to close the curtains on your canopy bed, use a pipe to outline your bed and hang your curtains from it. You’ll want nothing more than you hide away on every rainy day from now on. (via Lonny)

3. Use Curtain Rods for a Cheap and Easy DIY Canopy Bed

Curtain rods perfect to crate a canopy bed

Curtain rods are easy and cheap fittings for a canopy bed. Use them to hang your curtains against the wall and ceiling to give the illusion of a grand bed worthy of the movies. (via I Am That Lady)

4. A Circular Canopy for a Sloped Ceiling

DIY embroidery hoop canopy

Circular canopies work very well for beds under sloped ceilings and twin sized beds. Use an embroidery hoop to hang your curtain and you’re done! The perfect quick project for an evening at home. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

5. A Bohemian DIY Canopy Bed

DIY rope fringe canopy

You just gotta love fringe. Substitute a fringe curtain for fabric and you’ll have a bed fit for even the most hippie bohemian. You can even use rope and nails to hang it. (via Hey Mishka)

6. A Glamorous Bed Canopy

DIY feather canopy

Looking for a real luxury deal for your bedroom canopy? DIY this feather mount and I will guarantee that your bed will look like it was made for a queen. (via Love Maegan)

7. Add a Tapestry to Your Bed

DIY tapestry canopy

This just goes to show how incredibly versatile tapestries are. They can be wall hangings or rugs or shower curtains or bed canopies. Hang one above yours and you’ll be greeted to a rainbow of colors every morning. (via Urban Outfitters)

8. Use Hoops to Hang Lights or Ribbons

Canopy bed with lights

You might think that pipe is the best way to add canopy at the corners of your bed, but there’s one other way you should know about it. Yes, embroidery hoops. Using hoops allows you to hang lights or ribbons or anything else you can think of, thereby giving you a whole new spot to decorate in your bedroom. (via Mrs Jones)

9. A Simply DIY Canopy Bed Idea

DIY rustic branch canopy

Rustic interior decorators will love this idea. A stick! A simple stick holding up a curtain around the headboard. I can see this happening in every little boy’s adventure room and cabin style home. (via Remodelista)

10. Add a Ladder Above Your Bed

If you enjoy rustic but prefer it to lean into the country style, you better get thrifting for that old ladder you’ve been wanting. Mount it above your bed and it makes the perfect place to hang fabric, lights, pictures, and anything else you can possibly think of! (via Chipping With Charm)

11. DIY Canopy Bed for A Dorm Room

White Canopy Bed Makeover

For anyone heading to college this year, privacy is something that many students struggle with in shared dorm rooms. This DIY canopy bed tutorial from Apartment Therapy shows you how to make a simple canopy to offer you more privacy from your roommate. At the end of a busy day, you’ll just have to draw the curtains around your bed, and you can read or sleep without fear of being disturbed. You just need a large embroidery hoop and two curtain panels to get started with this simple project that anyone can make. While you may think canopies are just reserved for larger beds, they will look great on a twin bed in the corner of a room.

12. DIY No-Sew Table Cloth Bed Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

While you may feel like you need to be able to sew to create a DIY canopy, that’s not the case with this tutorial from Hometalk. This no-sew project takes a curtain rod and a table cloth and transforms them into a classic canopy for your bed. The whole project takes only thirty minutes and costs just $45 to create, and it’s ideal for more traditional bedrooms. Of course, you can choose any color of table cloth you fancy to create the effect you like for your room. You just need a ladder to hang everything up, and you won’t need to move your bed at all if you are working alone when creating this DIY canopy.

13. Quick and Easy Bed Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

This tutorial from Rosy Red Buttons shows you how to make a quick and easy bed canopy, which is perfect for any bedroom in your home. We love how this canopy just uses a light material, so it isn’t too overwhelming in the room when not in use. The great thing about this canopy is that you’ll just thumb tack the material to the ceiling, so it’s ideal for any beginner DIYers. You can also add on two side panels if you fancy creating a rectangular shape around your bed.

14. Add String Lights for a Magical Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

While all of these canopies on our list today will completely transform any room, adding string lights will take the transformation one step further. A teenage girl will absolutely love this addition to their room, and it makes the perfect space to unwind and read after a busy day. You can use any type of fabric on this design from Breakfast with Audrey, so make the most of recycling any material you might have already in your home. A hula hoop is also a great way to start off this project and provides a sturdy base for your canopy.

15. A Dark Bed Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Most of the canopies on our list today are light and bright, but if you fancy adding something a little more dramatic to your bedroom, you’ll love this design from Wayfair. We understand that not everyone wants to spend the time making their own DIY canopy, and this one will take just minutes to put up around your bed. It’s ideal for a master bedroom and has a classic four openings design. You’ll find it easy to access your bed still, and it will also protect anyone who is sleeping from insects.

16. A Bed Canopy Which Doubles Up As A Headboard

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Some people may find that a bed canopy alongside a headboard is a little too much for their bedroom. This bed canopy from Design Sponge shares a simple way to create a headboard and bed canopy design. It creates a very pretty overhang canopy and just needs a long piece of fabric and two curtain rods. It creates a glamorous effect in any room and barely takes any time or effort to put up in your bedroom.

17. Master Bedroom Bed Canopy Curtains

White Canopy Bed Makeover

If you’ve been dreaming of adding a bed canopy to your room for a while, this master bedroom canopy setup will look great in any home. For under $70, you’ll find you can completely transform a room. This makes a great focal point for any bedroom, and you can choose any color of canopy to suit the décor of your room. Lauren Greutman offers us these step-by-step instructions to help you through the process.

18. Polyester Hook and Loop Canopy Curtains for a Children’s Bedroom

White Canopy Bed Makeover

For anyone who’s in a rush to put a canopy up in your child’s bedroom, you’ll love this polyester hook and loop canopy from Wayfair. You can choose from pink, purple, or white canopies, all of which would look great in any child’s bedroom. We love the butterflies on the bed, which add a really pretty little touch to any room. It’s super easy for your child to enter and exit their bed, and it takes just a few minutes to put up above the bed.

19. A Personalized Canopy Bed

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Add a personal touch to your bedroom with this canopy bed from Burlap and Blue. For under $10, you’ll create this pretty canopy bed which uses a cheap pair of curtains and a medium quilting ring to get started. We love how this uses an initial in the center of the design to create a personalized touch to the bedroom. If you don’t fancy adding an initial to the design, consider adding your child’s favorite cartoon character or a pretty floral shape.

20. Ombre Canopy Bed

White Canopy Bed Makeover

You don’t have to just stick with one color for your bed canopy and instead can create an ombre design over your bed. This ombre canopy bed from Treasures & Travels has a bright white sheet overhead, which then changes to a darker shade towards the windows. You’ll just need a piece of jersey fabric, which can be as long as you need it to be. From there, you’ll dye the fabric any color you like in a bucket before adding your new canopy to your bed. It’s another really inexpensive way to makeover a bedroom this year.

21. A Black and White Bedroom Makeover

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Black and white make the perfect pair of colors for a master bedroom makeover. The sheer canopy still creates a cozy look in the room, but the black bedspread makes a bold statement. Raising Up Rubies shares this full bed makeover that you’ll want to try and recreate in any room this year.

22. Mosquito Bed Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Most people choose to add a canopy to their bed for decorative purposes, but for some people, the protection from insects is their top consideration. This canopy from Wayfair is the perfect combination of a pretty yet practical canopy, and it will keep any annoying bugs out of your bed at night. You’ll feel like you can enjoy a much deeper night’s sleep after installing this into your bedroom. In just a couple of minutes, you can add this to the top of your bed with the included hook and wall plug. This type of material is ideal for anyone adding a canopy to their home for the first time, as it’s a lighter material that won’t overwhelm anyone sleeping in the bed.

23. A Reading Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Canopies aren’t just reserved for the bedroom, and you can create a cozy nook in a playroom or child’s bedroom for reading and relaxing. After a busy day at work, imagine coming home and resting in this beautiful canopy. You don’t even need much space to add this canopy from Little Green Bow to your home, and you can make it any size or color that you like.

24. A Camping Bed Canopy

White Canopy Bed Makeover

Another great idea for a child’s bedroom is to add this tent bed canopy from Simply Beautiful by Angela. You’ll find this canopy makes the room feel much more homely and will make your child feel secure and cozy every night at bedtime. They’ll feel like going to bed is an adventure each night, and you can add extra decorations or a mobile hanging overhead from the tent. This could also be adapted to an adult’s room by making the tent a little larger to fit your space.

25. White Canopy Bed Makeover

White Canopy Bed Makeover

It uses very light material so it won’t drown the bed you are putting it over and just creates a light and cozy drape for any space. The tutorial from craftedbythehunts shares how to create the wooden canopy for any size of bed, so you can personalize this canopy to suit your needs.

Adding a canopy to your bed is one of the easiest ways to makeover any room. You’ll find that by using any of these DIY canopy beds listed above, you’ll completely transform any space without spending a fortune. If you’ve been thinking of decorating your room, this is a great way to change the atmosphere in a room on a budget. You can find canopies of all sizes and shapes, and you’ll feel safe and secure each night going to sleep in your new cozy bed.