15 Canopy Beds That Will Convince You To Get One

When you think of a canopy bed, you might think of a French palace bedroom. But even before canopies were associated with wealth and privilege, they were used to give noblemen and women warmth and privacy. As the picture of comfort and riches progressed through the 16th century, the canopy beds of the wealthy became more and more ornate. Cue the French palace bedrooms. However, I think we can be thankful that style has progressed towards a certain simplicity. While most of us don’t have the luxury of heavy carved canopy beds, we can achieve a light and airy canopy look. Just look at these 15 lovely canopy beds and you’ll convince yourself that you need one.

headboard canopy

Does your bedroom need a big makeover on a little budget? Trade in a traditional headboard for a DIY canopy like this one. All it takes is a piece of fabric and some curtain rods. (via Megan Pflug Designs)

mosquito net canopy

There’s nothing like draping mosquito netting to give any room an airy feel. Hang yours up at the corners straight over your bed for the look of a canopy without all the fabric. (via Domaine)

moulding canopy

If you’re really wanting a canopy that’s a little more traditional, try hanging some sheer curtains from the ceiling and then wrapping moulding around them so they look built in. No one will ever know the difference. (via Splendid Sass)

chandelier canopy

Yes chandelier, we’re looking at you. Believe it or not, there is a way to hang a light inside a canopy bed. It looks simply perfect for some late night reading. (via Hunted Interior)

rings canopy

Simplicity goes a long way when it comes to the bedroom. Create the illusion of a canopy by draping fabric through hanging rings. You’ll get an unhindered yet luxurious look. (via Nuevo Estilo)

curtainless canopy

If you’re lucky enough to own a canopy bed, consider leaving it curtain-less. Paired with a pretty linen duvet, you won’t get any more French rustic than that. (via Apartment Therapy)

fringe canopy

Fringe fringe fringe. Even the boho stylists can get into the canopy bed trend with a fringe canopy like this. It sets your bed apart without being too frilly. (via Hey Mishka)

overlapped canopy

When it comes to canopy beds, the more fabric the better, right? Don’t be afraid to buy more than you really need and overlap the extra length. (via Lonny)

antique canopy

A small classic canopy style is simply darling for a little girl’s room. You can easily achieve this look with a couple white curtains and a curved shower curtain rod. You’re welcome. (via The Lilypad Cottage)

starry canopy

Hang some paper stars from a bare canopy bed so you can literally sleep under the stars. Bonus points if your stars are made with metallic paper. (via PB Teen)

ceiling canopy

Some homes have places that you’d rather not put on display. If your bedroom ceiling is one of those, use a ceiling canopy to hide the imperfections plus make the room look cozier. (via Dwell Beautiful)

patterned canopy

While there’s nothing wrong with white canopies, maybe your bedroom needs the pop of a colorful patterned one. It’s like medieval and indian styles came together and had a baby. (via An Indian Summer)

corners canopy

Some of us can’t afford a whole canopy which is when we get creative. Hang curtains on the four corners of your bed and it will look just like you own a four poster. (via One Kings Lane)

feathered canopy

So you want your bedroom to look like it’s from a French palace, and that’s okay! Try some fabric with real flavor like velvet or satin and top it off with a feather pendant. (via Love Meagan)

kids canopy bed

How adorable is this kids bed canopy? It’s just a stick and a linen curtain? Suddenly their beds will become a boat and a fort and the coziest place to sleep and play. (via Remodelista)