A Trip Down Memory Lane Inspired By Old-Fashioned Bookcases

We’re all familiar with those old-fashioned bookcases with ornate wooden frames and glass doors or those with lots of open shelves. They used to be popular for a long while and they still are if what you want for your home is either an eclectic or a retro look. As it turns out, these bookcases can turn out to be the main ingredient for creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

traditional bookcases had symmetrical designView in gallery

Practically all traditional bookcases had symmetrical designs. That creates a sense of order and makes it easier to organize things. A common way to achieve symmetry is with two matching bookcases placed on either side of the fireplace.

White built in bookcase around fireplaceView in gallery

This is a similar configuration and in this case the bookcases seem to be integrated in large wall unit that also incorporates the fireplace mantel. there’s a good balance of closed and open storage spaces and shelves.

Old and traditional living roomView in gallery

A lot of traditional living rooms have bookcases in their composition. A large collection of books is often stored and displayed in multiple bookcases with matching designs, spread throughout the room, covering the walls and ensuring a poetic ambiance.

Small ambience living roomView in gallery

At one point, bookcases started being integrated into large wall unit structures or entertainment centers that also incorporated closed storage compartments, a nook for the TV and various sizes of open spaces for displaying decorations, books and other things.

Custom bookcase designView in gallery

This pair of custom bookcases is perfect for the space. Given the unusual layout of the room and the presence of the fireplace, the best option was to choose custom furniture that would perfectly fit in the two nooks. Another advantage that comes with custom furniture is the free choice of materials, colors and forms.

Decorate a traditional bookcase with booksView in gallery

When a bookcase is actually used for books, its design takes a step back, allowing the book collection to become the focal point. This traditional family room is the perfect example in this sense. It has a very inviting look and that’s mostly due to the bookcase and the lovely floor lamp in the corner.

Luxury traditional living roomView in gallery

One of the signs of a traditional or vintage design when in comes to bookcases is the attached ladder which offers access to the top shelves. It’s one of the things that are reminiscent of big libraries and take us back in time, bringing back memories. The ladder can also be a quirky touch for a personal bookcase.

Add symmetry with tall bookcaseView in gallery

Old-fashioned bookcases and traditional fireplaces go hand in hand. They pair well with leather sofas and classical armchairs, creating a décor and an ambiance that are not only very welcoming but also very comfortable.

Living room with chandelier and tv on wallView in gallery

One way to give your furniture or décor a retro look is by using an off-white color for the furniture or a light shade of beige. Mix it with browns for a warm and inviting look. Also, a lot of times bookcases are not actually used for books but rather as a display space for vases, framed photos and other things.

Small black living room designView in gallery

Black is not a very common in traditional home interior but in this case it looks very elegant. It’s nice how the bookcase seems to become a part of the wall itself, allowing the books on the shelves to stand out and emphasizing the small things.