10 Creative Bedrooms for Kids to Share

Multiple children and a small house. It’s a story that we hear often, one fraught with difficulty. How do you put two souls, so different in preference, talent and character, in the same bedroom? Not to mention more than two souls. Fortunately there are lots of creative ways to bring your kids together as they share a sleeping space. Here are the top 10 ideas for creating a shared bedroom for your kids.

end to end storage

Every kids loves a sleepover, right? So by putting your little ones’ beds end to end, you make a seemingly endless bed where they can whisper, read and play together. If you add drawers underneath, like these beds, you’ll be adding some personal space for both kids to keep their treasures in separate spaces. (via Handmade Charlotte)

shelf divider

Do your boy and girl share one room? I’m sure you’re tired of the arguing. Use a shelf like IKEA’s Kallax to divide the space into what will seem like two separate rooms. Plus you’ll gain extra storage for both parties. No more arguments about who’s mess is who’s. (via Apartment Therapy)

matching prints

It can be tricky to get a first child adjusted to sharing a space with a new little person. Help things along by creating a feeling of sameness for them both. Matching prints, bright colors and having the same sheets will definitely make it a more exciting place. (via Melissa Espin)

four bunks

You’re probably wondering what to do with your more than two children in one room, right? The answer lies in bunk beds. Put them end to end to create a more intimate sleeping arrangement as well as more space in the room. (via Handmade Charlotte)

wallpapered space

Wallpaper is a great unifier for any room. Cover an accent wall in a unisex pattern that will fit both your little angles that sleep there. They will love having birds or trees or plants on their wall and it will make for an easy upgrade as they grow. (via Apartment Therapy)

hanging beds

Can you believe these bunks? Not only does it free up so much space that bunk beds would not, your kids will probably never want to leave. They’ll be playing pirates and spaceships and castle until bedtime. (via Apartment Therapy)

mismatched beds

Two kids in the same room do need some respect for their individuality. Indulge them by providing a different bed for each. If you’re worried about uniformity, paint them the same color. They’ll match without matching… if that’s possible. (via Camille Styles)

crib and loft

For the tiny apartment dwellers, you’ll want to make use of this bedroom idea. Build a loft bed up high and put your baby’s crib underneath. Not only will they enjoy the companionship, it will be easy to switch out the crib for a real bed when they grow. (via Handmade Charlotte)

curtain divider

You just gotta love a good set of curtains. Hanging a pair between beds provides your kids with the ability to have some privacy when they need it or pull them back for some good late night talks. And can I just say, how adorable are those bedskirts? (via Life Made Lovely)

packed bedroom

If you’re feeling bad about stuffing all your kids into the same room, don’t! Sharing close quarters comes with lessons about sharing and privacy. You’ll also see them stay closer to each other as they grow. (via A Cup of Jo)