Daybed DS-80 Design

The bed is a comfortable object where you will spend those moments after a hard working and stressful day, when you’ll be partially or completely at rest point. Beds are those pieces of furniture in which you will feel completely relaxed.The “de Sede Design-Team” from Switzerland came up with this wonderful bed idea, the daybed that you can use as well by day as by sleeping night hours. The bed has a classic design, a real simple form.

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The DS-80 bed design is a piece of furniture that goes well in the living room, where you can read your book, watch your TV or simply catch a short sleep.  The bed comes in many colors, from red to green and other combination. The bed is made ​​of leather which gives a superior class. The daybed is made ​​up of many pieces of leather carefully selected to give the bed that aspect of the collection to which it belongs.

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The designers from “de Sede Design-Team” are people who care very much about their public demands. The beds are made by hand, the pieces of material are measured and cut with gentle attention, which gives the bed a touch of perfection. The bed measures are 200 cm long, 92 wide, 58 high. If you purchase this bed you may be sure you’ll have a high quality product, suitable for any design and perfect for your needs.