Design Features That Bring Out The Best In Your Bedroom Decor

It’s always tricky to find the right balance between looks and comfort or between simplicity and coziness when decorating a bedroom. On one hand, there’s not much to put in here. Just a bed, a couple of nightstands and maybe a dresser or a closet. But the decorating process doesn’t stop there. The hardest part is making the room feel warm, cozy and inviting so you can actually feel good and comfortable in there. So, as you can see, finding the perfect bedroom decor is more difficult than it seems at first.

Complement a neutral color palette with an interesting pattern
Earthy tones make spaces feel particularly warm and comfortable
For a chic touch, mix and match different textures and finishes
Complement a simple bed with an eye-catching headboard or some funky throw pillows

Efficiency and functionality are important, especially in the case of small bedrooms. The bed and the nightstands need to be space-efficient so take into consideration both your needs and the available space when going furniture shopping. The same thing applies for the dresser and closet or any other furniture pieces you want to include in the design of the room. If you want to increase the efficiency of the room, you can choose to have convertible sofas instead of beds so the bedroom can also serve as a guest room.

Add soft and pleasant textures and fabrics to make the room feel extra cozy
Layers your fabrics and play with different prints and color tones

With the now that you have an idea of how to decorate a clutter-free bedroom, it’s time to also think of style and everything related to it. Speaking of which, some styles are more suited than others in this case. For instance, a rustic bedroom would feel more inviting and comfortable than an industrial one most of the times. To make the room look and feel cozy and welcoming, you can employ a variety of different strategies. For instance, you can mix prints and patterns for a chic effect or you can change the finish on an existing piece of furniture if it has a special meaning that you’d like to preserve.

Add an unexpected touch of color to a neutral or classical combination of shades
Play with different tones of the same color for some subtle contrasts
Put a bench of a chair at the foot of the bed to make the room feel extra comfortable
Matching lamps create symmetry and you can pair them with matching nightstands
Privacy is important so make sure you have a way to close off the space when you need to

Use layers to make the bedroom cozy and put comfort high on the priority list for the furniture. You could have a comfy chair in one of the corners or at the foot of the bed and you can combine that with soothing textiles on the curtains, bed canopy, fabric headboard and everything else. A canopy would also give the room a romantic and bohemian flair. There are also lots of cool headboard ideas that focus on a similar effect.

You can add mirrors to the bedroom to make it look glamorous and more spacious
Throw pillows are really versatile and great for adding color and pattern to a decor
You can always change the ambiance in the room with some cool-looking table lamps
The headboard can be a part of a shelving unit or can include built-in nightstands
This is a pretty interesting headboard design which give the room a distinguished look
Break the monotony in the decor with some quirky accent pieces such as these brightly-colored pillows
This type of headboard and nightstand combos is popular in modern and contemporary bedrooms
A more classic or retro design approach would suit the room, giving it a warm and elegant appearance
Create a feminine decor by employing the right colors and an abundance of curvy lines and silhouettes
Platform beds are cool, simple and sleek but don’t really offer much in terms of functionality or storage

The color palette is also important. Neutrals can be combined with lush textures for a balanced effect and  certain tones such as grays and blues create a calming and soothing ambiance. Of course, there’s also the classic black and white combo which suits bedrooms really well. You can combine these two neutrals with an unexpected accent color such as orange, blue or green to give the space a more graphical and vibrant feel.

This bed appears to be floating in mid air, an impression strengthened by the wall-mounted nightstands
Open shelves or wall-mounted cubbies can add extra storage in the bedroom without occupying floor space
Use wood to create a warm and elegant decor and highlight its natural beauty with simple finishes
You can play with different neutrals and subdued tones if the goal is to maintain a relaxing ambiance
You can choose to have table lamps on the nightstands or to put sconces on the headboard
The curved wings on this headboard seem to create a really coy and comfortable atmosphere in the room
You can add a dramatic touch to the room with some interesting-looking pendant lamps
Instead of traditional nightstands, you can choose to use simple side tables for a more casual look
Wallpaper one of the walls to break the monotony in the decor. The wall behind the headboard would be ideal
Put a comfortable in one of the room corners and set up a comfy reading nook
Blue is a soothing and relaxing color which looks wonderful when mixed with white or other neutrals

Add a surprise element with an eye-catching pattern on a neutral background or use burst of color throughout the room. You could, for instance, complement a simple bed with a colorful headboard or with funky quilts. There are numerous bedroom colors to consider so make sure you express your own style during the process. A white bedroom is like a blank canvas so you can start from there are let the new look take shape little by little. You could also consider using dark tones which are unexpectedly soothing and relaxing in the case of the bedroom.

Use prints and color to express your own style and to personalize the decor of the room
Not all wallpaper is designed to stand out and to look bold. You can choose something subdued if this is the theme
We love the idea of having an accent wall decorated with wallpaper or painted in a specific color
If there’s enough space in the room, put a bench at the foot of the bed for increased comfort
An inspiring or representative quote can really make the space feel complete
Add a few gold accents for a glamorous effect or use yellow to make the room look cheerful
For a modern bedroom decor, use simple and clean lines and forms mixed with simple materials
Instead of a nightstand you could have a small table placed next to the bed
Cover the floor with carpet or use an area rug to add some texture and to make the room feel more comfortable
Upholstered or fabric headboards are great at making the room feel extra cozy

Other bedroom ideas you should consider are related to the lighting and the personal touches that make the decor special. There are plenty of ways in which to create a unique and personalized decor. For instance, consider some bold wallpaper or an interesting ceiling design. You can also symmetry to create a decor that’s inviting and well-organized although this doesn’t exactly reflect most modern and contemporary spaces. As far as the style is concerned, it would be a good idea to opt for a retro, vintage or classic approach. Try to resist the temptation to make your bedroom look really trendy because that usually doesn’t go well in the long run.

Limit yourself to two or three colors to avoid overwhelming the space and making it feel cluttered
You can give up the nightstands altogether if there’s no space or if you simply prefer the decor this way
Turquoise is a beautiful and exquisite color which is also really relaxing and great for bedrooms
A multitude of different prints and patterns can cheer up the space but can also also overwhelm the decor
Add indoor plants to make the bedroom look fresh and to purify the air in the room
Expose the warm nature of wood and make this material a focal point for the bedroom’s interior design
Combine warm and cool color tones for a balanced look
Pick a theme and go with it. For instance, create a nautical or coastal decor or a cabin-like design
Decorate the walls of the bedroom with stickers or paint or, even better, have a blackboard wall to write on

As far as lighting is concerned, bedrooms need to be bright and airy but they also need to feel cozy and intimate. Having large windows can be wonderful but you’ll definitely need curtains so you can cover them when needed. In addition to the natural light, add soft artificial light with table lamps and ceiling lamps. Opulent chandeliers don’t really have a place here but bedroom lamps are a whole other story. Matching lamps would give the room a unified look and, based on this idea, you can continue with a his and hers decor.