7 Creative Uses For Towel Racks

Did you just  move into your apartment and realize that there are a few randomly placed towel racks in the bathroom? Or do you have a few racks left over from rearranging the bathroom decor and design? Well, believe it or not, those simple little fixtures can easily be used in several alternative ways. With a little TLC and DIY ideas you can turn those racks into something super cute and stylish. Take a look!

1. A Shelf!

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You can always turn those racks into shelves to hold decor or personal items. Display your perfume collection, show off fresh flowers or use the space to keep your extra washcloths on. Its a simple way to utilize the space and add extra to a dull area.

2. More Storage!

For craft room

Boy some “S” shaped hooks and use the rack as extra storage. Hang up fresh washcloths in the guest bathroom or a bag of toiletries for your friends who stay over every weekend. You may even want to hang a little picture from each hook for extra decor and style!

3. A Shoe Holder!

For craft room

If you want them off the walls, utilize them somewhere else! Put them in the closet or somewhere similar and hang up your best shoes. You’ll be able to display your prettiest pumps and ensure they won’t get scuffed or scratched!

4. Hang the Mags!

For craft room

Instead of towels, just hand up some good ole fashion bathroom reader! The men of the house will love this! Just hang some of the latest magazines in the guests bathroom or hallway bathroom for everyone to enjoy.

5. Show your Ties!

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Just like your shoes, you can also utilize an extra rack by hanging up your ties. You’ll be able to see them easier and grab them every morning! They won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of crammed closet either!

6. Kitchen Utensils!

For craft room

Keep all your kitchen utensils in one place using a long towel rack that is not needed in the bathroom anymore. Hang up your utensils and even your pots and pans for easy access! This will also declutter the cabinets and make more room for pretty dishes and food!

7. Crafting Essentials.

For craft room

Use extra towel racks in the craft room. Organize all your crafting essentials with these easy to use and easy to install pieces. Hang ribbons, paper punches and add a bottom to the racks to use them as paint storage!

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