6 Bedroom Window Treatments

Your bedroom is your solace, your personal space and what should be the homiest part of your home …. for you of course! And as we all know …. the windows are the eyes of your home. So what you choose to do with your bedroom windows have the ability to set the tone for the entire style and feel of the space. Now, it doesn’t matter what style you choose – but it’s essential that you do choose to treat your windows with something and hopefully it’s something that fits your vision.

Take a look through some of these great options and hopefully you’ll find something for your private little refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

1. Make it chic.

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If you want something simple and tailored use solid colored drapery panels to complete a nice and clean space. They won’t stand out too much and they’ll add just the right about of polish to a bedroom filled with simple decor.{picture found on hgtv}.

2. Use something that moves.

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If you want an ethereal, whimsical, romantic hideaway use silks or chiffon as room partitions or as curtains will definitely add that feeling. The sheerness will let you enjoy a great window view and create a very organic, natural ethos.{picture from site}.

3. Double up with high ceilings.

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What do you do with double-height ceilings, besides be jealous of those who are fortunate to have them? Well, use extra-extra long curtains to create an amazing and rich space. Now if you’re fortunate enough to have higher ceilings in the bedroom, use curtains that will create even more height and give that room an extra punch.{pictures from 1&2}.

4. Be daring and use patterns.

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Maybe you have a sleek bedroom and want something to give the area an extra oomph. Or maybe you want something super eclectic and artsy so you’ll be sleeping in a little creative heaven. Using patterns will create something super stylish and fashion-y without being too over-the-top.

5. Keep the dark out.

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Need your bedroom to be super relaxing and cozy? Try out some dark curtains against some soothing colored walls and you’ll be inducing afternoon naps day after day. Just make sure to balance out the darkness with a some lighter hues.

6. Modern Roman shades.

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For something super posh, try out some Roman shades. Whether a solid color, neutral or with patterns Romans have the ability to add the extra sleek shine on a modern styled room.{last 3 pictures from hgtv}.