Fork Adjustable Table Lamp by Foscarini

If you want to have an original table lamp with an unusual shade and also an interesting design, you might consider purchasing this Fork adjustable lamp by Foscarini for about $747.

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What is so special about this lamp is the fork support of the shade that also gives its name and also the fact that you can adjust the lamp to cast the light wherever you want to, as you can move it and turn it 360 degrees. The round metal support is painted in black and the shade is available in different colours. The “leg” of the lamp, meaning the long thin part that links the shade to the support can be folded and adjusted just like a human leg so as to bring it into any position you might find convenient.

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The place where the lamp shade is attached to the fork support looks like the patch you can see on your jeans and this shows the source of inspiration, just as the canvas shade shows it , too – the life and style of those living in tents, always on the run and wearing jeans and other resistant materials. This product is actually the result of the working together of two big brands: Foscarini in Italy and Diesel in USA. And I guess this tells a lot about this item.

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Posted in Lighting on May 27, 2011

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    […] Design an attractive table lamp, lamp from Foscarini Fork. This lamp to cast light wherever you want, because you can move and turn it 360 degrees. This lamp is inspired by fashion casual diversely, tent camping and lifestyle, nomadic funny. Support round metal painted black and shade available in various colors. Price around $ 747.[Via] […]