How To Choose An Espresso Machine – Deciding Between Portable and Built-in

When looking to buy an espresso machine for your own personal use, there are several things to look for. Of course, looks are important and the first thing we notice when looking at an espresso machine. Then there are also things like its grinding and frothing capabilities, water storage, capacity and storage. This last detail often leaves us with two options to choose from: a portable or a built-in espresso machine.

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They each have their pros and cons but they’re both space-efficient. The built-in espresso machines allow you to maintain a clean and cohesive design throughout. They’re ideal for custom-designed furniture and they fit perfectly. This allows them to integrate in the décor naturally.

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Built-in espresso machines look like a natural part of the overall design and they rarely stand out. This makes them perfect for modern and contemporary interiors where simplicity is one of the main characteristic of these styles.

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However, once you opt for a built-in espresso machine, keep in mind that replacing it won’t be that easy if need be. You’d either have to get one that has the same model or the same dimensions or to modify the furniture.

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Built-ins are also more difficult to clean. You don’t have much freedom of movement, being restricted from many point of view.

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Portable espresso machines, on the other hand, are more practical. They’re compact so you can easily move them around, take them in another room or even bring them outside.

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But being compact also has its downside: a smaller capacity and fewer capabilities. Yet this shouldn’t be a problem if it offers all the features you’re looking for and if you don’t plan on using it for big crowds.

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Cleaning is easy in the case of portable espresso machines. They’re usually designed to be taken apart easily so you can give them a thorough cleaning and they’re easy to install and out back together.