Hallway Table Designs For Modern Home Layouts

A hallway table is functional. The table also adds style to an area often neglected. Hallways tables are also good ways to create extra storage space for your daily items like keys, garage door openers, and sunglasses.

hallway table

By design, hallways are transient spaces. A hallway is to the home what a highway is to the city. Hallways connect the rooms inside a house. Because of their high foot traffic characteristics, choosing a the right hallway table requires some effort. 

One example of a hallway table is the console table. The table’s design is elongated and narrow because of the lack of space in entryways and hallways. Hallway tables are shaped like thin rectangle with four legs.

Console tables offer functionality and a touch of class. Their surfaces are ideal for displaying personal items. They also have drawers underneath which provide storage for your smaller, everyday items.

How to Choose a Hallway Table 

Let’s look at a few details to consider when selecting a hallway table console for your home.

How to Choose a Hallway Table 

A hallway tables are known as consoles. However, if the table is located in a hallway next to the front door or in the foyer, it would be referred to as an entryway table. Both table styles are thin and tall. Due to the narrow space, the tables are usually placed against a wall. 

Architects and designers view the hallways as narrow passageways. The spaces are limited by design, yet they perform a vital necessity. However, they leave little room for creativity.

In early home designs, hallways were like small rooms rather than passageways. The spaces were used for additional furniture.  

Hallway Table Styles

Hallway Table Style

The best way to choose a console table is to find one that complements your home’s furnishings or has some similar design aspects. Instead of looking at a hallway table as a piece of furniture, pretend it’s a human being and you ‘re selecting a new member of your family.  

  • Contemporary furniture design places a premium on utility over form. This translates into an excellent selection of storage possibilities and a fuss-free look that works with the majority of home decor types.
  • Modern style encompasses a range of contemporary elements. Despite their distinctive designs, modern hallway tables are typically streamlined and simple, frequently composed of slick materials with reflecting surfaces.
  • Traditional hallway table is characterized by rich woodwork and hardware. They are often enormous and constructed of wood with a dark, rich finish that adds dimension and depth to your home. 

Hallway Table Size

Hallway Table Size

The key to selecting the appropriate size console table for your hallway is to evaluate the location and major function of the table. Console tables are adaptable and suitable in a variety of locations. 

Measure the width and height of your room to begin. Allow three to four inches of space between the hallways table and other pieces of furniture to maintain the room’s visual charm. 

Additionally, provide at least two feet of clearance in front of the table to facilitate access to storage elements and the smooth flow of foot traffic around your home.

The optimal height for console tables in hallways is 33 inches. This height enables the majority of individuals to comfortably access the table.

Table Functionality

Function is important when it comes to a hallway table.  A narrow console table with storage, for example, would fit in with your lifestyle and decor. 

First, determine the table’s principal function: is it to display decorations such as a lamp or a vase, or do you want a place to put accessories so they’re readily available when you’re ready to leave the house? 

With the different styles and types to choose from, a modern console table with storage would optimize efficiency while adding to your interior decor.  

Types Of Hallway Tables 

Console Table With Storage

hallway console table

Console tables provide a purpose beyond storing keys and other quick-access things. Console tables are ideal for storing extra linens, crockery, and multimedia goods. Among the storage alternatives to consider for your console table are the following:

Open Shelving Console Table

hallway shelves

Including a countertop, most console tables include one or multiple shelves. An open shelving system offers more room to display items.  

Lower shelves are ideal for storage. Use the space for books, periodicals, or blankets. The upper half can be used to display accent pieces, indoor plants, and even books. Baskets and bowls are an attractive way to organize your shelf contents.

Console Table Cabinets

Cabinets for hallway

Cabinets protect sensitive things from dust and dirt and are an excellent alternative for storing spare china, as well as multimedia equipment. Organize your cabinets by grouping similar items together in containers or boxes for fast and easy access.

Console Table Drawers

Glass top entryway table

Console tables that are equipped with drawers are perfect for storing little items like keys and electronics. Additionally, they provide a convenient location to keep items that do not fit elsewhere or are unsightly, such as cell phone chargers or car keys.

For less noise and wear and tear, you want table drawers constructed with smooth sliding capabilities and a quiet closing mechanism. Drawer handles are another design element as they assist in coordinating with the the hallway furniture.

Console Table Baskets

Console tables in the transitional or modern farmhouse country style feature baskets in place of drawers. Baskets have that natural texture and the woven structure that both work together to bring an additional level of elegance to your space and frequently provide more accessible storage than drawers do due to their added height.

Add baskets to the console table’s lower level to assist with bulky items or materials.

Hallway Table Designs For 2022

Here are the latest hallway table designs handpicked by our team in interior designers. 

Modern Narrow Hallway Table

Modern Narrow Hallway Table

A stylish and elegant console table from the Ziggy collection designed by C. Ballabio. The frame is made of canaletta walnut and the top is available in wood or marble, which gives the table a lot of character, preventing its simple and slender silhouette from being perceived as bland.

Narrow Marble Console Table

Narrow Marble Console Table

Another example of a simple and exciting hallway table is the Catlin skinny console table with storage. The table pairs an elegant metal base with an oval table top in two rare marbles: Arabescato Purple and Sahara Noir.

The marble top has a polished finish and the metal base features a cross-pattern motif with a bright chrome or gold finish.

Black Marble Hallway Table 

Black Marble Hallway Table with Gilded Base

This is Anthony, an exquisite hallway table featuring a gilded stainless steel base and a top made of Sahara Noir marble. The table design complements marble flooring. 

Elegant Hallway Table

Simple and Elegant Hallway Table

For those who like marble tops, the Olivier table is a stylish and elegant console. The table features a heartwood frame made with charcoal gray lacquer finish and polished Emperador marble top. The table was designed by Mario Dell’Orto and Emanuel Garbin.

Tiered Glass Hallway Table

Tiered Glass Hallway Table

We mentioned in the beginning that hallway tables offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality and based on that we’d like to now show you the Teso table.

It’s made entirely out of glass and was designed by Renzo Piano in 1991. the shelves are made of 15 mm and 25 mm thick float-glass and offer generous storage for books, decorations and much more.

Walnut Hallway Table

Walnut Hallway Table

Designed by Christophe Pillet, the Novel hallway table features a metal and wood structure with a slender base and a tray-style top for storage.

There’s also leather-covered storage compartments hidden under the top. Speaking of which, the walnut tabletop contrasts with the chromed metal tube legs in a way that looks natural and refined.

Sleek Hallway Table Idea

Sleek Hallway Table Idea

Here’s another example of a refined and stylish console table from Mauro Lipparini. It has a metal frame made of light tubular elements and a sculptural and solid top with sleek angles.

The metal base extends above the top, holding a stylish round mirror. The Coseno console can be used as a dressing table but also as a regular hallway table.

Asymmetrical A-Frame Table

Asymmetrical A-Frame Console Table

The console designed by Riflessi LAB is spectacular without being complicated. Its base features two inclined legs which overlap each other asymmetrically and are available in several different finishes. The top is thin and slender, in contrast with the base.

Amaca Glass Hallway Table

Amaca Glass Hallway Table

Glass hallway tables are appreciated for their ability to maintain an airy and open decor and to look lightweight and delicate. This is the Amaca table designed by Calvi Brambilla in 2018.

The name is suggestive: amaca means hammock. The notable feature in this case is a shelf available in cowhide or fabric which hangs below the top, just like a hammock.

Console Storage Table 

Large Console Table with Storage 

The Gallo console offers a good amount of storage space. It’s a classic piece of furniture with an elegant design and a warm farmhouse-inspired vibe.

It has a big open shelf at the bottom which can hold boxes, baskets and all sorts of items and a set of drawers at the top for smaller items that you want to keep out of sight.

Antique Hallway Table 

Hallway Table with Antique Look

The Ledoux console has a very graceful silhouette which gives it a classy and feminine allure. It has tapering legs and a lovely antique vibe. It’ perfect for hallways and entryways and a lovely addition to a variety of other spaces.

There are two drawers at the top with ample storage inside for various essentials like keys, sunglasses and other things. The table is made entirely of solid and engineered wood.

Best Materials For Hallway Tables 

solid wood console table

Hallway table surfaces are just as important as anything else. Certain manufacturers provide fashionable hallway tables with unique tops crafted from a variety of materials. Opt for a contemporary glass hallway table or one with a granite top to make a striking statement in a corridor or room.


A solid wood console table is something that can last for generations with proper care. Genuine wood furniture is constructed from timber harvested from tree trunks and has a high level of durability. 

There are several types of softwoods and hardwoods that are used to make good hallway tables, such as:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Beech 


Metal console tables, regardless of style, have a sleek and elegant appearance. They can be made of aluminum, steel, iron, or a variety of other alloys. Typically, a metal console table comes with a tempered glass top. 

Due to the fact that metal furniture is created from a variety of metals in a variety of strengths and combinations, the grade of metal utilized varies from maker to manufacturer. Not only is a metal console table fashionable, but it is also extremely sturdy and easy to maintain.


Glass top hallway table

Glass is common among console table tops. Tempered glass is a favorite, but other options are available.

The tops are designed so that if they shatter, the glass will break into microscopic bits rather than huge shards. This is why untreated glass is dangerous.

Tempered glass is created in one of two ways: by heating it or by coating it with a chemical solution.


Hallway tables can also be made with different types of stone, such as slate, granite, or marble. A stone top can be fashioned from a single piece or from veneers. 

A slate or marble veneer is created by gluing small slices of genuine stone to the surface of a piece of furniture, which is typically constructed of engineered wood, such as MDF or plywood. This provides the console tabletop the impression of genuine stone, but at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Repurposed Furniture

Make a console table with repurposes furniture pieces. You can apply the design principles of the Bauhaus movement which state that a piece of furniture is defined by how it’s used. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should I Keep A Weapon In Hallway Table?

Weapons should be kept in secure locations and out of reach from children. A hallway table is not a good storage location for weapons. 

Where In A Hallway Should A Console Table Be Placed?

Hallway tables should be placed across from room entryways. When you walk out of a room and turn left or right, you wouldn’t want to run into your hallway table. When positioned across from a room, the hallway table remains in view so you won’t bump into it.

Are Plastic Hallway Tables A Good Idea?

If you have young toddlers and often receive young guests, plastic hallway tables will not pose a threat. Young children often bump into furniture. If a child ran into or knocked over a plastic table, the likelihood of them sustaining serious injuries would be slim.

Hallway Table: Wrap Up

Hallways tables add charm and character to your living spaces. The tables provide additional convenience and storage.