25 Lovely and Easy DIY Scrap Wood Projects

If you work with wood, you probably have plenty of leftover wood scraps from previous projects. DIY scrap wood projects are great ways to exercise your creative abilities while accentuating your home.

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While you may not have enough a for a large job, you can use what you do have for small wood projects like boxes, trays, and decorations.

Join us as we explore lovely DIY scrap wood projects that you’ll enjoy.

Today we’re focused on exactly that: DIY easy wood projects for your leftover wood scraps. With this in mind, now you can begin planning.

Creating Easy Scrap Wood Projects

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If you’ve worked with wood recently, chances are you have plenty of scraps leftover. Hopefully, you didn’t throw them away. Let’s see how creative you are. After you evaluate your wood scrap inventory, sit down and brainstorm décor ideas for your bathroom or kitchen, of example.

Ideas For Cool Wood Projects

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As the holidays are among us, there are many small wood projects that will enliven your home. You can make something that will look great in your front or backyard. Do you need an organizer to hold your magazines and mail? What about an easy small wood project for your bathroom?

What Will You Create With Your Wood Scraps?

Fortunately, you won’t need to spend money to create things made out of scrap wood.

Wooden Bathtub Tray

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An easy scrap wood project for your bathroom would be a bathtub tray. The tray is nothing more than a piece of wood with cute rope handles attached to it. It will enliven your bathroom decor and make bathing a more enjoyable experience.

The wooden tray allows you to read a book or enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in a warm bath. This simple device would change your bathroom’s ambiance. Check out prettyhandygirl for more details.

Rustic Serving Tray

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Speaking of trays, here’s cool wood project that turns scrap wood into a rustic serving tray. You can check out the results at prettyhandygirl.

Made from reclaimed pallet wood, the tray design is DIY personified. The flower shape gives it plenty of character, but feel free to use your imagination and create something unique.

Scrap Wood Yard Dice

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Yes, yard dice are huge, but they’re a super easy scrap wood project that’s fun to make. You could use a wooden post or large wood scraps.

You’ll need sandpaper, six dimes, and either paint or stickers for the dots. The scrap wood dice are ideal for playing games in your yard on wonderful summer days. Check out the details at prettyhandygirl.

Rustic Wooden Caddy

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This rustic wooden caddy will look lovely as a table centerpiece or in a corner coupled with charming decorations. You could turn it into a fall ornament for your entryway or front porch. It’s just another great wood scrap project from prettyhandygirl.

Wooden Couch Sleeve

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Believe it or not, this is a scrap wood couch sleeve. Who couldn’t use a quaint, accented table to go with their sofa?

The sleeve provides a flat and stable surface for drinks, snacks, and other essentials while watching TV or reading a favorite book. Check out this wood scrap project at uglyducklinghouse.

Wooden Wall Shelf

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Leftover wood scraps can be used to make a wall shelf like this one featured at rogueengineer. You can use this for your bathroom above that little space over your toilet that is often overlooked. Display a few tiny planters, vases, or other items to make the decor more appealing.

Wooden Silverware Holder

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A wall-mounted scrap wood silverware holder is an easy-to-make feature for your kitchen or dining area. You can make the holder with scrap wood leftover from previous projects.

Reclaimed wood would look nice, but that lovely patina can be created manually should you desire. Check out flippingtheflip to find out how it’s done.

Rustic Wooden Lanterns

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Rustic wood scrap lanterns like the ones at jenwoodhouse look lovely on a front porch or in a garden. You can make these from scratch.

You can stain or paint the small wood scraps to achieve that rustic rural feel. If you prefer, you could also leave the wood scraps in their natural state.

Hanging Wooden Planters

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We’ve discussed hanging and vertical planters and there are many great and creative ideas that you could try when crafting them for yourself.

Now, this could be your chance. Check out these hexagon wood scrap planters from mylove2create and learn more about how to make them.

Wood Wall Hanging

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Not everything has to make sense. There are moments when you can create things without having a design or structure in mind. For example, check out this cool scrap wood wall hanging featured on twelveoeightblog. It’s abstract yet cool at the same time.

Scrap Wood Centerpieces

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You can make many beautiful centerpieces with scrap wood. A nice example is the farmhouse wood box featured at theturquoisehome.

It’s filled with flowers and looks charming. We like the finish on this nice wood centerpiece, which isn’t difficult to achieve.

Wood candle support

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Another little something you can do is stack pieces of small leftover wood on top of each other and place a candle votive at the top. This can be a lovely decoration for your mantel, or table where it can serve as a centerpiece. If you want to find out more, check them out remodelaholic.

Wooden Bookends

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Leftover wood is ideal for bookends and the ones from prettyhandygirl and adorable. The crafted items resemble miniature owls.

Fast and easy small wood project make like this one is are great when you have the right tools. Don’t forget the paint and wood stain as they add charm to your design.

Wood wall-mounted organizers

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With the right amount of small wood scraps, you could make decorative pieces for your entryway. For example, wall-mounted organizers, shelves, or coat racks would look great. Also, you can craft a DIY wood sign to hang on your wall. To learn about these ideas and more at abutterflyhouse.

Dining table wood centerpiece

Dining table wood centerpieceView in gallery

We like the idea of a versatile centerpiece, something which you can repeatedly use while making it look different each time. This simple DIY wood scrap box featured at sammyonstate fits this description. You can fill the box with pinecones, acorns, and tiny pumpkins on Thanksgiving, and then with beautiful fresh flowers in the spring.

Wooden Pumpkin

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Since fall has arrived, one idea would be to create a DIY rustic wood pumpkin decoration which you can place outside of your home, on the porch, in the garden, or anywhere inside your home.

You could also emblazon a message or slogan on it if you preferred. Check out martysmusings for more inspiration.

Wood Arrows For Wall Decor

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The small wood arrows from craftaholicsanonymous do not require many tiny wood scraps to make, but you will need precision to cut the individual pieces with a saw and then glue them together. Of course, just as it is with every easy DIY project, imperfections make the designs more unique.

Wood Rustic Wall Shelves

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Don’t hesitate to try a random DIY wood project. If you’d rather craft something functional rather than decorative, you’d probably enjoy making small wood kitchen shelves like the ones from keepingitcozy. They provide extra storage and can be placed wherever free space is available.

Scrap Wooden Stars

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If you’re looking to beautify your home, check out these cool wood stars featured at rogueengineer. You can hang them on a wall ceiling, or turn them into Christmas tree ornaments. We like the dark stained finish, but you can paint yours however you wish.

Simple wood Crates

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Versatile scrap wood crates can be used in many different ways. You can build them with leftover wood to help organize clutter or use them as dinner table centerpieces. The one featured at shanty-2-chic offers the perfect DIY wood design.

Wood Caddy

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Similarly, a small scrap wood caddy is a useful accessory. It’s also versatile and easy to make. In case you’re not familiar with the concept or you need more details, you can check out the full description at confessionsofaserialdiyer.

Wood Wall Growth Chart

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Remember when you were young and you measured your height while standing against a wall, adding marks each time? That may have ruined your wall, but it was still fun.

You can recreate the same magic for your kids, but this time with a cool DIY scrap wood growth chart. When the time comes to move, you can take it with you. Check out the details on thatvillagehouse.

Coat Rack Transformation

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This project is from magnolia and is a lovely scrap wood wall decoration made with a reclaimed board and glass milk bottles. You can use jars if you don’t have bottles. You’ll need clamps, wood screws, hanging hooks, and a drill to connect the pieces.

Wood Modern Art

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Who doesn’t like modern art? Those small wood scraps from your last project are tiny works of DIY art, you just don’t see it yet. First, organize your wood scraps. Cut a few pieces at 45-degree angles, while leaving others with straight sides.

Polish the rough areas of each piece using fine-grit sandpaper. After you stain each piece with a rag, they’re ready to be displayed. You never know when your artwork might be worth millions.

Square Wood Pumpkins

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Like most DIY scrap wood projects, this one doesn’t require many woodworking tools. To create these whimsical pumpkins, you’ll need 4×4 wood pieces and then cut them accordingly.

For the ones pictured above, create one 12-inch, one 10-inch and one 8-inch. You can stagger them for a more visual effect. Apply circular dot stickers to one piece or apply them randomly around the pumpkin. Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How to scrape paint off wood?

If you want to scrape paint off wood, you will need a wire brush. If your project requires you to remove paint from smaller areas, it’s best to use a wide-blade putty knife.

If you’re serious about your project and need to do a thorough job, you should use a sharp pull scraper with a replaceable blade. This will allow you to strip paint in one scrape without damaging the wood’s surface.

What to do with scrap wood?

There are an endless number of DIY scrap wood projects. Most of them involve creating items that can accentuate your home. Whatever you do, when you have scrap wood, do not throw it away. It is just as valuable as anything you could use to make your living space more appealing.

Where to get scrap wood?

There are many scrap wood sources available, you just have to be willing to make a little effort. A good place to start would be your local lumber business. Also, and believe it or not, if you remain alert while driving, you’d be surprised how much scrap wood you can find lying on the side of a road.

How to store scrap wood?

If you want to store scrap wood, you’ll need to determine which pieces are worth keeping. Throw away pieces that are twisted and warped. Like your DIY projects, you can create a small scrap wood storage box. Depending on the size of your wood scraps, all you would need are a few pieces of thin wood sheets and some nails. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to build an open storage container. You could tailor its size according to your needs and available space.

What do you do with extra wood?

When you have extra scrap wood, whatever you decide, make sure you don’t throw any of it away. If you can’t think of anything at first, don’t worry, an idea will come to you. Until then, store the wood in a safe place and wait for the inspiration to hit you.

What can I make with small blocks of wood?

You can make awesome DIY decorations with small blocks of scrap wood. Everything from your kitchen to bathroom spaces, to outdoor environments, there aren’t any limits. If you have children, you can make a wooden block puzzle by covering each piece with colored tape.

Scrap wood projects: Conclusion

DIY scrap wood projects are a great way to exercise your creative abilities while improving your home and living spaces. Leftover scrap wood is valuable in the world of DIY home design.

With wood scraps, size doesn’t matter. There is no such thing as a useless scrap of wood. Also, there are no rules. You are free to create DIY genius scrap wood projects with whatever you want, and for any purpose, you see fit.