DIY Square Wood Pumpkins Add A Whimsical Feel To Traditional Fall Decor

Decorating for fall can be a lot of fun. The warm days of summer are gone and it’s time to get cozy and ready for the change of seasons.

Square Wood Pumpkins

Making creative and unique fall projects is an enjoyable way to decorate your home. I created these square pumpkins, which are a funky and different option for fall.

Square wood to create the modern pumpkins

Supplies needed:

  • One 4×4
  • Orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Round stickers
  • Green twine or rope
  • Scrap wood
  • Hot glue
  • Sandpaper

How To Build The Wood Pumpkins:

Step One: Cut pieces 

You don’t need a large number of supplies to create these whimsical pumpkins. Take your 4×4 and cut it down to the desired height of your pumpkins. I cut mine in three sizes: one 12-inch, one 10-inch and one 8-inch. I like the idea of staggered sizes because they provide more visual interest.

Sanding the squares

Step Two: Sand

Once I had my three pieces cut, I sanded down the edges just enough to slightly round the corners.

Polka dots when you paint

Step Three: Add dots

I applied the round dot stickers to one wood piece, applying them randomly all around the pumpkin. When adding polka dots to something, you want a fun and full look, but no lines or patterns.

Apply the dots and the washi tape

Step Four: Tape 

I made two different line patterns on the other two pieces of wood using painter’s tape. The key to using painter’s tape is to firmly smooth the tape onto the surface. If you don’t, any part of the tape that is raised will allow paint to seep in and the edge of the line will not be straight.

Painting in orange the wood square

Step Five: Paint

Once all three pieces were decorated the way I wanted, it was time to paint! I chose a bright orange color. Make sure that you paint up and down, going with the grain of the wood. I only needed to do one coat.

Let it try 24hours

Step Six: Dry

Let your pumpkins sit until they are completely dry and then make any necessary touch-ups.

Peel off each sticker

Step Seven: Peel tape

When the pumpkin squares are dry, peel off all the stickers and painter’s tape — what you’ll have left is a fun pattern on each pumpkin.

Adding wood stem to wood pumpkin

Step Eight: Add stem

I liked them as they were, but I also wanted to make them appear more pumpkin-like. Using some scrap wood pieces and a hot glue gun, I attached a scrap to the top of each pumpkin to serve as a stem.

Add some gree twine

Step Nine: Final touches

To enhance the whimsical feel of the pumpkins, I took some green twine and tied it around the stem. Then, twisted the twine around my fingers to create a curl, making it look like the vine that pumpkins grow on.

Twine on the modern wood pumpkins

Once I added these small details they were done!

Top view of the square wood Halloween decoration
Display the square wood pumpkins
Pola dots on the pumpkin
Striped design on modern pumpkins

In just a few steps, I was able to create some unique and fun square pumpkins for my home. Using bold patterns helps these seasonal accessories feel modern and updated. When it comes to fall decor, have fun with it! The bright and bold pieces work very well with all the natural colors of autumn, bringing a little bit of the outdoors to the inside of your home.