DIY Halloween Table Centerpiece

Transforming your home into Halloween Party can be just as terrifying as the Halloween itself, especially when you start thinking about the decorations too late and most of the scary, kind of pretty items are gone from the shops. The only things left on the shelves are discounted plastic ghosts, flashy red horns and pumpkin garlands, but those are not necessary the decorations you would want to use to style your Halloween table with, am I right? Well, not, unless you want to spook the pants out off your guests for good.

DIY Halloween Table Centerpiece

Are you last minute kind of people? (Guilty.) I’m definitely one of those, who wait until the last days before the Holiday, then run around the town desperately looking for something to decorate my place with. Or actually, I was, because this year I decided to make it right and start preparing in advance. But, don’t worry, all the Halloween ideas that I will be sharing on Homedit with you this month, are fast to make so you can relax until the few days before THE DAY. It’s important that I got them on time to show you.

Halloween centerpiece - easy and fast diy project

To throw up a Halloween dinner party with a bit of style and black drama, you need a lot of time and effort, so to simplify the process this year, I’ll show you how you can make a stylish centerpiece in less than 30 minutes, without (almost) stepping out from home. I said almost, because you need to get out into your garden or walk towards the nearest park to get the centerpiece ‘ingredients’ but it shouldn’t take you long.

DIY Halloween Table Centerpiece Materials

Here is what you will need:

  • One big or two combined together twigs
  • smaller twigs from your garden, preferably with leaves
  • wild flowers
  • black spray paint
Halloween centerpiece - Prepare Twings

I had a great time making it – there are no set rules. It’s important that when combining all the elements, you make sure that the both ends of the base twig are going slightly up. Once you’re happy with the base – add smaller twigs and flowers to decorate it, by securing them with a string. Then, when your design is ready, place it on top the old newspapers to protect the floor from getting dirty and spray it using black paint. Wait until it’s dry and place it on your table. That’s it!

Halloween centerpiece - Prepare Twings Step2
Halloween centerpiece - Add Rope
Halloween centerpiece - diy project closer
Halloween centerpiece - Spray Painting
Halloween centerpiece - Let it Dry
Halloween centerpiece with black twings
Halloween centerpiece - Table Decoration

Love it as much as I do? The Black twig centerpiece will fit any grown-up, modern dinner party and can be customized in many different ways so you can make sure to do it just the way you like it. I always find it incredible how a little bit of paint can totally change the look of things. And again, this idea proves that sometimes the simplest projects can add the most (black) magic.