Hallway Mirror Ideas that Solve Your Decor Issues

Hallway mirror designs can be the perfect addition to any home. They are both functional and decorative and can even solve some decor problems.

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Moreover, hallway mirrors work in every size of space, from tiny narrow halls to wide-open entryway spaces.

Why Decorate With Hallways Mirrors?

Using decorative mirrors in a hallway is a good design move for a number of reasons. They have benefits no matter what size and shape you choose.

They Make the Space Look Bigger

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Mirrors are a go-to element for making any room look larger and hallways are no exception. They can make a narrow space feel wider or a cramped hall appear longer. Even if the hallway is spacious, a well-placed mirror makes it even more so.

The Space Looks Brighter

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There’s no better way to amplify the light than with a hallway mirror. Whether you have good daylight or not, a hallway mirror will reflect the existing light. A mirror takes the light in one area and reflects it into the rest of the hall space.

They’re a Style Statement

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Just like art, decorative mirrors for a hallway make a style statement. The color you choose, the shape and most of all the size of the mirror will emphasize your personality and decor preference.

Mirrors Help With Feng Shui

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Many people like to consider Feng Shui when decorating. They can improve the energy in your home if you place them properly. Experts say that in an entryway, the mirror should never be opposite the door, but perpendicular instead.

Placement anywhere in a hallway is good, but putting a mirror at the end of a hallway can slow the flow of energy. But, if you put one on a stairway landing, helps widen the space.

They Hide Things

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If your wall is less than lovely or you have a rough, scratched or spackled spot, a mirror is a fast fix. Using one to hide an imperfection is easier and cheaper than repainting or resurfacing the wall.

They’re Functional

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Functionality might be the most underrated reason for having a mirror in the entryway. Even though you probably have one in the bathroom and bedroom, an entryway mirror is still useful. You can give yourself a once-over before heading out the door and guests can do the same as they enter.

Hallway Mirror Ideas

Now that you know why you should have a mirror, here are some great hallway mirror ideas.

Highlight the Entryway

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A dark hallway is a prime spot for including a hallway mirror. You’ll get even more bang for your design buck with an artsy lighted mirror like this one.

Italian designer Ettore Sottsass created this fun, wavy Ultrafragola full-length mirror. You get not only the light reflected off the mirror, but the added lighting from the frame. It’s also simple to deal with because it’s just leaning against the wall.

Mix Assorted Sizes

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A round wall mirror is a pretty standard choice for an entryway or hallway. To make it more interesting, use multiple round mirrors in different sizes. This way, you have the largest mirror for function and the added decorative element of the smaller sizes around it.

Pair it with a Plant

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Ernesto Santalla

For a clean, contemporary look, pair a large mirror with a small wooden bench and a plant. The greenery livens up the entryway and it’s amplified in the mirror.

If you’re not a plant person, try a hallway tree with mirror placement similar to this. It essentially gives you the same proportions with more function.

Make it Multiples

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The New Design Project

This hallway is already light and bright but the added mirrors reflect even more light throughout the hall.

Modern frameless design mirrors line one wall of the hallway. The placement allows them to reflect all the natural light coming in from an adjacent room. A succession of wall mirrors is a great way to add a brighter feel to the hallway.

Focus on Singular Drama

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Accoya Wood

It doesn’t take much to make a big statement in this minimalist hallway. In fact, among all the modern hallway mirror ideas, this one is the easiest.

The round mirror at the end of the hallway has a modest size. Nevertheless, it is striking because it is the only decorative feature in the wood-slatted hallway.

Opt for Dramatic Design

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Even though mirrors for a hallway have a function, they don’t always have to. This is one of those decorative mirrors that are very attractive but perhaps not so functional.

This design from UMA is made up of little rectangles arranged in a modern design. The gold finish emphasizes the multitude of little pieces and makes a stunning decorative touch.

A Mirror and Seating

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A hallway mirror and a bench is a classic combination for any entryway. It’s functional and decorative, as well as convenient.

This particular mirror has a wide rectangular frame that serves as an accent on the wall. It reflects the light from the front door very well. The bench takes the place of a console table. In some cases, this combo is preferable because the seating is a real bonus.

Pattern Play

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Maria Mikena

A dark hallway presents all kinds of opportunities for decorative mirrors. In this narrow hallway, the walls have a modern painted design. The custom mirror is mostly round and frameless. This allows it to fit into the curve of the pattern on the wall.

You can see how the mirror gives the illusion of brightness. It reflects the white surface on the opposite side, as well as the light from the end of the hallway.

Pop of Color

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Hallway mirror ideas don’t have to be framed in metals and natural woods. they are an opportunity to add color to a hallway.

Choose a framed mirror that has texture and a bold color like this only from Tozai. The cobalt-colored leather is highlighted by the metal studs. It has a unique shape for a wall mirror too.

Go Classic with a Console Table

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A hallway mirror and a console table are a classic combination for good reason. You can’t go wrong with this choice. Plus, there are so many styles available that it’s impossible to have trouble finding something you like.

This Olly wall mirror has an interesting shape and frame. It you hung it on its own, it would be great. However, paired with the console, as well as some stools, it’s a fabulous furniture grouping.

Go for Some Whimsy

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Steve Shell’s console and wall mirror combinations is colorful and fun. The green framed mirror has a great novel shape and is ideal paired with the matching patterned chest.

These types of decorative mirrors are wonderful for creating a welcoming entryway that’s not formal. It’s ideal for homeowners whose interiors are casual overall.

Make it a Centerpiece

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homebyn Annamaria Pivetta

Another interesting option for hallway mirror is to make it the centerpiece of a gallery-style wall arrangement. The round mirror sits at the center of an eclectic mix of art hanging around it.

This type of display is a great idea for any type of framed collection you might have. It incorporates the mirror and shows of the art at the same time.

Mirrored Doors

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GMG Architects

Looking at inspiring real homes is a great source of hallway mirror ideas. This particular modern farmhouse uses hallway mirrors mounted on doors along the length of the hallway mirror. Each door has its own full length mirror. Of course, these are functional but also really maximize the light along the hallway to the bedroom.

In addition to natural light, inspired lighting fixtures like the one on the ceiling create a super stylish hallway.

Floor mirror

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Decorative mirrors that sit on the floor leaning against the wall are all the rage and with good reason. They have a sophisticated, casual air and don’t have to be mounted directly to the wall. This makes them good hallway mirror ideas.

This furry mirror by Oliver Haselgrave is a bit of fun along with a lot of function. It would be ideal as a hallway mirror placed at the end or in an entryway.

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Cherie Lee Interiors

Large floor hallway mirrors are also good choices when you want a little Parisian flair. This large mirror has a commanding size and some beautiful original features along the top of the frame.

A unique design like this elevates the decor and helps maximize light coming from the window in the entryway.

Intricate Style

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Decorative mirrors don’t have to have a rectangular frame or even a round one. Choosing a hallway mirror that has a distinctive look immediately elevates a living space.

This wall mirror from Boca de Lobo has a frame that is also mirrored. It features an engraved design along with an intricate shape. Altogether it creates a hallway mirror perfect for glamorous interiors.

Artsy Flair

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These hallway mirrors are very different. In fact, they are mirrors within a mirror. The large wall mirror has two round wall mirrors that are defined within it. Moreover, it is an organic gilded shape that turns the wall mirror into an intriguing piece of art.

Playing with wall mirrors like this has more impact than hanging one large mirror with a thin metal frame. Also, the walls are done in a dark hue. Hence, the wall mirror shows a reflection of the color and pattern around it.

Break up a Pattern

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Speaking of pattern, large distinctive wall mirrors are great for breaking up a strong graphic. Here, a bold wallpaper print gets a breather from the unusual wall mirror in the middle.

The reflection in the mirror shows the opposite wall, which has the same paper. This bold wall creates the perfect contrast with the gentle decor in the adjacent bedroom.

With a Shelf

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Hannah Blumenthal Design

The big round mirror in this hallway is a perfect choice for the narrow space. Yes, there is good light coming in from the window in the living room. However, the front door end of the entryway is rather dark. It needs something more to brighten it and the wall lights are ideal.

Also, furniture that sits on the floor clutters the space, creating a crowded feeling. Hanging the long console on the wall prevents that. It also provides good balance for the wall mirror.


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White Webb

The hallway mirrors in this modern home play on symmetry. Hanging on the walls directly opposite one another, they frame the entryway in this gallery hallway. With a small ledge, they don’t take up any room. The white color palette also gives the illusion of a wider hall.

One of the latest trends is to use wallpaper on the ceiling and this hallway does that. The added reflective properties of the silver paper add interest to the decor.

Narrow Solution

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Narrow entryways require creative solutions and hallway mirrors are a must-have element. This space is all white, which helps create a feeling of space.

Unique pendant lights and the wall mirror hang near the living room end of the hall. This is actually the darker end since a good amount of light comes through the glass at the front door.

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Design Me By Mahlah

This hallway would be super challenging were it not for the angled wall. The wider section creates more space for the console and decorative mirrors. These have an inverted teardrop shape and gilded frames. The touch of gold finish adds some zip to the serene space.

Big Mirrors

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designs by human.

Just like art, big hallway mirrors make a dramatic impact. This entryway uses the mirrors to reflect light from the main room beyond. The white furniture in the home also helps brighten the space.

A small bench adds convenience and softens the frameless style of the large mirrors.

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Interiors by Herlong

Here’s another example of how large hallway mirrors work in an entryway. On the other hand, this one has a different look and feel. Putting the mirror behind the furniture softens the vibe. It shows the decor on the other side of the room and creates the illusion of the same thing on the mirror wall.

Mirror Gallery

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Bright Designlab

You know all about gallery walls but how about creating a wall full of decorative mirrors? This is super easy to do because all the mirrors have frames of the same color. They help brighten the space and create a conversation piece.

In this case, the gallery of decorative mirrors makes great use of difficult wall space. This is more dramatic looking than a piece of art or a single mirror.

Alcove Mirror

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Signature Design Studio

An alcove at the end of a hallway is a fabulous place for a decorative mirror. This space is light and airy so the blue accent wall works. The sunburst mirror has great art value and hanging over the unique console, it looks great.

Asymmetrical style

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For a slightly different look, try hanging a long vertical mirror off-center. The asymmetrical placement give it a fresh vibe. In this case, it also works with the console, whose base has an off-center design as well.

Mini mirrors

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Barclay Butera Interiors

While decorative mirrors are functional in general, they don’t have to be. This mirror feature rows and rows of small round mirror pieces. As a whole, they reflect good light and make a super interesting addition to the hallway.

Minimalist Floor Mirror

Minimalist Floor MirrorView in gallery
Paul Brant Williger Architect

Decorative mirrors are ideal for minimalist spaces. Just make sure you pick one with clean lines.

This large mirror is leaning against the wall outside the bathroom. It’s very helpful because the mirrors over the bathroom vanity are quite small. A big mirror lets you check out your whole look before you go out the door.

Etched Mirrors

Etched MirrorsView in gallery

Sometimes frames on decorative wall mirrors are less desirable, like in this hallway. Instead, these frameless decorative mirrors feature etched patterns. The spare geometric designs go well with the wainscoting just below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do mirrors look good in hallways?

Mirrors do look good in hallways. Decorative mirrors make halls look brighter and more spacious. They are also functional, especially in the entryway.

Where should mirrors be placed in a hallway?

When hanging decorative mirrors in. hallway or entry, put it close to the door or near a light source. Sometimes this depends on whether you are hanging the mirror or if it beleaning against the wall.

How big should hallway mirror be?

Decorative mirrors for the hallway can be any size. They do have to fit the scale and style of your decor. If you’re going to hang a mirror over a console table, be sure it is 50 to 75-percent of the length of the console.

Should you put a mirror in a narrow hallway?

Mirrors are great for narrow hallways. They make the space feel bigger because they reflect light along with the general surroundings. When choosing decorative mirrors for narrow hallways, pick one that has a thin frame or none at all. This lets it hug the wall and not stick out so far.

How high should a hallway mirror be hung?

As a general rule, hang decorative mirrors at eye level. While that’s a little different for everyone, it’s about 60 to 65 inches from the floor.

Is it good to put mirror in front of main door?

It’s traditional to have a mirror in the entryway, with or without a console table. However, you don’t want to have it facing the door. In the principles of Feng Shui, that placement reflects energy out the door. It’s better to have it perpendicular to the door.

Should a mirror face a window?

Hanging decorative mirrors facing windows is a very good idea. It reflects a lot of light into the hallway and maybe even a great view. Feng shui rules say that this can reflect positive energy into the room too.

Hallway Mirror: Conclusions

Decorative mirrors are great for hallways. They do so much more for the space than just look good.

They make the hallway look bigger, light-filled and welcoming. Plus, there are so many styles that it’s easy to find one that you like and that solves your hallway problems.