Cool Room Décor with a Funky, Off-Beat Edge

Tired of the same old decorating options? Maybe this season, you’re feeling ready to express yourself – your true self – in your decorating. Those driftwood vignettes were soothing and nice, and you’ve loved the safety of your traditional brown sofa, but they just don’t communicate the quirky edginess that is part of the contemporary you. Here’s a look at 14 off-beat, cool room décor ideas that have as much widespread appeal as they do unique funk.

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Funky Fruit Bowl – This blown glass wall-mounted fruit “bowl” is totally unique and cool. It looks more like saran wrap than an actual storage unit and will be a conversation piece for every visitor ever. For a similar vibe, repurpose any type of container by cutting it in half and mounting it to the wall. Fill with fruit or another food of your choice, and viola! Cool room décor that works hard in the kitchen, too.

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Touchable Patterns on Pillows – Everyone loves a good throw pillow. But if you can combine something soft, like velour or velvet, with a great picture or pattern (e.g., peacock? chessboard?), you’ll instantly amp up the trendy textile vibe of your space. The seemingly random combination of pillow face content here is endearingly curious.

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Mirror Magic – Sure, if you break a mirror, you’re looking at seven years of bad luck. But in a decorating sense, a fragmented mirror is like a kaleidoscope, reflecting ever-so-slightly-different images of the same thing. You could try to recreate a look like this without actually breaking a mirror with some puffy paint (remember that stuff?) or thick beads of metallic-colored hot glue along the surface of the mirror.

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Hip & Happening Toaster – Smeg has definitely got it right with this showstopper of a toaster. No matter what the condition, size, shape, or decade of your kitchen, if you can set a centerpiece like this on the counter, you can just about call the kitchen décor a success. If you try hand-painting your own toaster in a similar funkified way, be sure to choose heat-tolerant paints.

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Shelf-as-Art – Sure, the metal-etched giraffe piece on this shelf is some cool room décor all by itself, but this shelf! It’s a mystery how all the wood slats even attach, since no attachments are visible, but it’s a completely unique and pleasant mystery to try to decode. Keeping an element or two of decorative mystery, either in construction or content, helps to spice up the energy of a space.

Round armchair for a full concreteView in gallery

Womb Chair – It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for awesome quirk in a bedroom, a living room, or on a patio: you’re going to have it in spades if you bring in a womb or egg chair. One of these puppies will immediately attract any person into your room. It’s like a throwback to the forts you used to build as a kid, but with much more comfort and, let’s be honest, safety.

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One-of-a-Kind Seating – There’s no surprise that having a one-of-a-kind place to sit or have guests sit will turn your room into something memorable and amazing. Go bold with color, shape, materials, or all of the above to bring out the edgy funk design that represents the part of you that you’ve been hiding all this time.

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Hip Wall Hooks – We all know that having a handy hook on which you can hang your coat, umbrella, or bag is as much about functionality as it is style…but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for something awesome in your hook choice! It’s a great place for a colorful collection of just about any sturdy object that can be mounted to the wall to serve a stylishly useful and cool purpose.

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Anything-But-Blah Breakfast Nook – When your room has some sort of unique feature, it’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate some majorly cool room décor! A breakfast nook, for example, becomes a secret and magical getaway with some curtains, bright wallpaper, and plenty of plush, vibrant cushions on an upholstered bench. Too much? Try tossing even just one of these décor ideas into your favorite nook and see what happens.

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LED Backlighting – Sure, you can easily mount an art lamp above your favorite wall-mounted sculpture, but when you add in some funky LED color strips, the art instantly becomes hip, contemporary, and completely one-of-a-kind. With so many variables available in LED color strip lighting (hello, racing rainbow lights!), you’re sure to find just the right look to be on par with your personal cool factor.

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Welded Metal Pendant Light – Painted in any color you can find in a spray can, an exposed hanging bulb surrounded by some sort of metal pendant light fixture is hip, industrial, and funky. Budget-friendly option: Hit up your local thrift or secondhand stores for some unique metal pieces that you could hang around a simple hanging exposed light bulb.  

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Plant Life with an Edge – Terrariums are hot right now, but you can turn this trendy decoration into something truly one-of-a-kind with a few alterations. First, choose your terrarium pot with care; make it unique as you want it to be for your room. Then, pick a couple of small-scale plants with cool features, whether in color, leaf shape, spikiness, or smoothness.

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Rainbow Glass – There’s something so fun, funky, and just plain cool about a collection of glass bottles or vases. This is some cool room décor that could work well in just about any style. Vary the heights, shapes, colors, or tints of the bottles (or vary everything!) for a real eye-catcher…especially when you have the luxury of displaying the collection in a great sunlit spot.

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Pantoned Pictures – Oversized art tends to be on the funkier side of décor than smaller art (although not always), but when that art is of a single-hued saturation, it can’t help but exude contemporary cool. Match the print to your room’s existing color palette, or choose a hue that’s completely off the wall to really attract the eye.