What It Means To Decorate with Terrariums – Key Tips And Details

Terrariums have become quite trendy lately. In a way, they can be considered an alternative to the always present vases. They partially owe their popularity to their transparency and their versatility. Terrariums can take many different shapes and forms depending on a lot of things. Terrarium containers come in a variety of designs and styles and they define the overall look of these fresh and green decorations.

The versatile beauty of terrariums

versatile beauty of terrariums

Terrariums are ideal for small succulents. They allow us to create zen and fresh designs using a few simple things such as a glass bowl container, small pebbles and succulent plants. Add such a beautiful decoration to your desk to create a relaxing ambiance suitable for concentration.

Pairs terrarium on coffee table

Use terrariums in pairs. For example, pair up two terrarium containers that differ from one another. For example, they have very different forms or can be designed to be used in different ways. One could sit on a sleek pedestal base while the one can have a narrow opening at the top.

Terrarium containers on dining table

Some terrarium containers are very similar to bell glass domes. In fact, you can actually use such domes to build stylish terrariums. They’re really great for displaying small potted plants or other similar things. As usual, they can be used in pairs or as individual ornaments. Use them as centerpieces for the dining table and they’ll also add a touch of color to the room.

Rectangular terrarium containers

Terrarium containers that resemble simple trays are a good option if you want to fill them with several small plants or to create a miniature indoor garden. They’re great for small cacti or succulents and offer plenty of room of tiny ornaments and decorations that let you create a themed look.

Hanging glass terrarium

Hanging terrariums are excellent for modern and contemporary homes and ideal for air plants. In addition, these containers are also very versatile and space-efficient. Hang them from the ceiling, from a shelf, inside the house, out on the porch or even in the garden from a tree branch.

Building a terrarium is fairly

Building a terrarium is fairly easy but there’s more to it than that. You also have to consider the space where you want to display it and this can help you select the right container or the right type of plants. Also, there’s a choice to be made between real plants and faux ones.

Small table terrarium

Not all terrariums are small and not all are designed to be used for plants only. However, you can easily tell if that’s the case by the shape and look of it. A rounded terrarium container like this one, with such a large opening could only be used for a miniature garden.

Terrarium designs for living room

You can experiment with various different designs and styles and find new ways to make a terrarium stand out. Pair it with colorful vases, stylish artwork and other decorations. Use terrariums to add color to a space and to infuse it with freshness, whether it’s a dining room, a bedroom or a home office.

Knowing where to buy them

Small geometric glass terrarium

Finding the perfect container for a terrarium is hard work, especially with so many interesting ones to choose from. Make an informed decision and start by choosing a style. If you prefer a modern look, then geometric containers are a really good option. The small glass containers featured on Etsy are a great starting point.

Geometric glass terrarium

Geometric terrariums can take many different forms. If you prefer something a bit larger and more complex, Etsy also offers a few other options. This particular one, for example, is handmade using 2 mm glass, copper foil, solder and has can have a black or copper patina. Let it add a subtle industrial touch to your home décor.

Mushroom vintage terrarium

If a more rustic look if desired, the terrarium can look a bit like a glass jar. In fact, it can actually be a vintage jar. This Toadstool Mushroom Terrarium looks really lovely especially with this cute decoration inside. It has a small mushroom at the center which has been sculptured and hand painted. The small crack in the jar gives it a lot of character.

Hanging light bulb turned into a terrarium

Although geometric forms are usually characteristic of modern designs, in the case of terrariums things are not that simple. So if you want something sleek and contemporary, look for simplicity and ingenuity. A perfect example can be this hanging glass terrarium shaped like a light bulb. It’s small and simple enough to look exquisite in any room of the house. {found on etsy}.

Sand Art Sedum Terrarium

The Sand Art Sedum Terrarium comes with all the necessary things for building this amazing decoration. You’ll have three different types of sand for creating the layers and a set of assorted mosses that add a green touch to the whole ensemble. Because you’ll have to actually put it all together yourself, you can be sure the result will be unique.

Glass air plant terrarium container

This stylish glass air plant terrarium container is just what you need if you want to build a tiny fresh oasis. It has a base slightly wider than the dome for increased stability. The small opening requires great precision when adding the decorations and this means a lot of attention to details.{found Etsy}.

Moss bottle terrarium

If you want to bring a piece of nature into your home inside a bottle this terrarium lets you do just that. The Moss Terrarium Bottle is made from a repurposed wine bottle and inside you’ll be able to put things like soil, drainage material and three varieties of moss that include sheet moss, cushion moss and broom moss. The terrarium comes with a bamboo chopstick tool.

DIY terrariums

Table top terrarium diy

Obviously, you also have the option of creating the terrarium yourself. There are many great tutorials you can use for that. Let’s start with something simple. On Prettyography you’ll find a description telling you how to make a simple tabletop terrarium using a glass bowl, soil, rocks, moss and small plants. At the end, add some decorations such as a toy animal figure or mushroom sculpture.

Gorgeous terrarium diy

If you want to make a layered terrarium similar to the one featured on We-are-scout you’ll need a vessel such as a candle holder, some small dark pebbles, potting mix, charcoal, sphagnum moss, a small moss plant, moss-covered stones and a spoon and a chopstick tool. At the bottom, put the pebbles and then add a layer of charcoal, then potting mix and then the plant and the moss.

DIY beach terarrium

For a beach-inspired décor, make a terrarium using sand and shells. You’ll need a glass terrarium container and a few air plants. If you want to give the container a blue tint, check out helloglow for a few simple instructions. You’ll have to mix gloss pod podge, blue food coloring and a bit of water. After you’ve colored the container, add the sand, shells and air plants.

Pebble terrarium

The terrarium garden described on gardentherapy is really easy to make. The supplies needed include a cylindrical glass container, aquarium gravel, river stones, pea gravel topping, a paper divider and plants. You’ll have to layer all the different types of stones and to use paper dividers to them separate. At the end, add the plants.

DIY terrarium on books

The best way to feature a layered terrarium is in a simple transparent container. This way the focus will be on the various layers of material and not on the design or shape of the container. Nice suggestion in this sense is offered on burkatron. The terrarium featured here is made using an acrylic pen holder. The layers consist of cacti compost, sand and small pebbles. You can add other layers as well if, for example, you want to use colored pebbles.

Make terrarium on desk

Glass bubble bowls are wonderful for terrariums but, if you want them to stand on a flat surface you’ll have to glue on tiny feet. They can be wood finial ball caps or other things you can repurpose in a similar manner. The terrariums featured on Bystephanielynn were decorated with pebbles, sphagnum moss, charcoal, cactus soil and succulent plants. There are lots of lovely combinations you can make so look for succulents that have different colors and shapes.

DIY terrarium rectangular

Instead of layering different types of pebbles and soil, your terrarium can focus on greenery. Actually, succulents don’t even need soil and if they’re not real anyway then you can focus on the different colors you want to use. Let’s have a look at the project featured on stellaireblog. It starts with a cube-shaped container that is displayed as a rhombus. First a succulent is placed inside and is then surrounded with sand. Then the sand is covered with moss. That’s the whole project.

Globe terrarium DIY

As you can see, putting together a terrarium is easy. Customizing and personalizing it is sometimes more difficult. On goldstandardworkshop you can find three interesting design suggestions. The first one is for a globe terrarium and the materials needed for the customization include gold leafing, a paintbrush and a plumbing accessory.