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16 Lift Top Coffee Tables That Surprise You In The Best Way Possible

Lift-top coffee tables offer more than style. One often ignored feature is how the tables provide extra storage space. Check out these 16 lift-up coffee tables that surprise you in the best way possible.

lift top coffee table

Storage is one reason why lift-top coffee tables with built-in shelves and cubbies are popular. Some designs take it to the next level and feature lift-up tops used as work surfaces. The table is like having a tiny, built-in desk hiding in plain sight.

What Are Lift-up Coffee Tables

A lift-top coffee table might seem like any other coffee table. The tables are unique due to their lifting mechanism, which allows you to raise the tabletops. When extended, storage spaces are revealed underneath.

Lift-top coffee tables can double as desks or add higher space for you to enjoy a meal while watching TV. Some choose to lift top coffee tables for their storage spaces that keep magazines or remote controls out of view.

How to Choose a Lift-top coffee table

Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

A lift-top coffee table is one of the most versatile furniture pieces you add to your living room. It’s normal not to know where to begin when choosing a style that suits your needs.

Lift-top coffee tables are made with a variety of materials:

  • Solid wood is great for adding texture and class to your living room.
  • MDF is a lightweight and cost-effective alternative, plus metal designs offer sturdiness with sleek frames.
  • Faux marble is cheaper but appealing.
  • Some lift-up tables are made with fabric, which is ideal for country-style decorated homes.

The opening mechanism is the most important feature and comes in three styles:

  • Straight tables support weight on top and are double-hinged.
  • Sideways tables lift and move to the side.
  • Swivel tables open to create odd shapes.

Hinges are vital, regardless of a table’s primary material. The best hinges are made with high-quality metal and offer greater durability.

Powder-coated metal prevents corrosion. You want to make sure the mechanism opens smooth and the tabletop can be locked when lifted.

Design shape is another feature. Some models are more suitable than others, depending on floor space. Lift coffee tables are rectangular, but you can find designs that are oval, trapezoidal, and triangular.

Best lift-top coffee table design ideas

To help you save time, here are the best lift-top coffee table design ideas for your home or office.

1. Sauder Dakota

 Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Although it may look like a traditional coffee table, you’ll discover after you lift its top that it’s also a desk. The table has open shelves and storage space for decorations. And underneath you’ll find a storage compartment.

Check out this table on Amazon and see how wonderful it is.


  • Sustainable construction.
  • Concealed storage.
  • Open shelf bottom structure.


  • Adult assembly required. 


Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

If a modern coffee table with a lift-top design is what you’re looking for, we suggest this stylish piece from Amazon. It features a minimalist approach with clean lines and a stainless steel frame. When the top is lifted, you’ll find a storage compartment next to a small drawer.

You can use it as a small work surface or a convenient place for your books and snacks.


  • Hidden storage compartment.
  • Convenient pull-out drawer.
  • Assembly hardware provided.


  • Adult assembly required.  

3. Christopher Knight

Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

Share this dual lift-top coffee table with a friend or colleague, or use both surfaces yourself. If you don’t need a desk, use both tops as a coffee table. The sleek, modern design provides added storage for your laptop computer or books. The table is available on Amazon.


  • Hidden storage space.
  • Simple desk conversion. 
  • Two lift-up sections.


  • Hinge issues.
  • Not for those on a tight budget.

4. Ezio

Ezio Lift Coffee Table

The Ezio table has a nice country charm with farmhouse flair. This gives the table character without interfering with its simple, practical design. The table’s whitewashed finish gives it a handcrafted look and casualness, making the area feel warm and welcoming. 


  • Gorgeous rustic look.
  • Plenty of table space.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Assembly might require two people.

5. Fernville

Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

Simple and compact, the Fernville table is perfect for cozy living rooms, sitting areas, and other layouts. It has a bottom shelf for storage or displaying items. It also features a lift-top design that reveals added space underneath.

The table gives you a comfortable surface to work or eat while enjoying your sofa or watching TV. 


  • Clipped corners for added safety.
  • Durable construction.
  • Double concealed compartments.


  • Limited movability.

6. Tanesha Lift-Top Coffee Table

Tanesha Lift-Top Coffee Table

This right here is a rather different kind of lift-top coffee table. It’s nice and compact and great for small spaces. It’s also rectangular with a metal frame and wooden body.

The weathered finish adds a rustic touch to its design which helps a lot to make the whole area around it feel welcoming. The slatted top is quite interesting. The two top sections on either side have a lift mechanism that allows you to access two separate storage compartments.


  • Sturdy metal legs.
  • Long-term durability.
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • Adult assembly required.

7. Hawkin

Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

If you want modern, the Hawkin coffee is it. The table’s basic metal base and wooden body are simple by design. Its square metal legs give it a structural feel.

Two hidden storage spaces make up half of its interior. One space is a ball-bearing slide-out, and the other is hidden underneath the lift-top.


  • Smooth drawer mechanism.
  • Locked lifting mechanisms.
  • Sturdy metal legs.


  • Lifting mechanism is hard to put down.

8. Kitzmiller

Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment And Drawer

The Kitzmiller table offers a minimalist and modern design, which makes it suitable for living rooms. Don’t let its clean and sleek lines fool you. The lift-top switches between a dining table surface and a regular coffee table.


  • Lifting mechanism locks in 3 positions.
  • Beautiful modern design.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Hard to assemble.

9. Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table

Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table

The Colten coffee table is made with wood and has a weathered finish. The design features a rectangular lift top and robust shape with storage space. The open side section is a handy place to store items in plain sight.

A cut-out makes it easy to lift the top and turn it into a desk or small table.


  • Good price.
  • Bottom shelf with extra protection.
  • Can double as a desk.


  • Allow time for assembly.

10.  WLIVE Industrial Coffee Table

WLIVE Industrial Lift Top Coffee Table

The WLIVE industrial lift-top coffee table combines wood with a steel frame design. Its strong modern industrial style will complement your furniture and living room, office, or game room. Equipped with a high-quality metal mechanism, this lift-top coffee table is safe and quiet.

The tabletop lifts and closes with ease, providing a floating raised work surface. The hidden compartment beneath the tabletop and side drawer can store books, magazines, and laptop computers. 

Mesh visual door panels are featured on both sides of the side drawer and rely on magnetic handles for simple opening and closing. 


  • Versatility makes it ideal for any room.
  • Mesh visual door panel.
  • Simple opening and closing.


  • Adult assembly required.

11.  Harmati Coffee Table

Harmati Lift Top Coffee Table

The Harmati lift-top coffee table is an adjustable and stylish mid-century modern furniture piece. Its walnut and marble finish give the table a professional flare. The expanding top provides a raised workstation or dining surface.

The multifunctional adjustable surface reveals added storage, offering class and functionality to your home. The storage compartment helps keep remote controls, games, and books in reach but out of sight.

Neutral colors and a classic walnut effect top is paired with a marble slab, adding instant charm.  As a workstation, the table is sturdy and durable: The metal legs and security lock make the table a stable choice. 


  • Security lock adds stability.
  • Neutral colors make it easy to fit with any room or office.
  • Durable workstation for bigger projects. 


  • Adult assembly required.
  • Weighs 220 pounds.

12.  Best Choice Products Coffee Table

Best Choice Products Coffee Table

The Best Choice lift-top coffee table features a hydraulic lifting mechanism ideal for work, light dining, and storage. A hidden compartment and three cubbies provide space for books, magazines, blankets, and remotes.

The table is designed with a smooth, glossy finish and modern shape to blend with your home decor. Laminated particle boards with a water-resistant finish over a durable steel frame complement its style.


  • Only weighs 100 pounds, so it’s easy to move.
  • Looks great in any room.


  • Power drill is required for assembly.
  • Stains easily.

13. Bidiso Coffee Table

Bidiso Coffee Table

The Bidiso table offers a minimalist design with rustic colors. It is compatible with industrial styles and décor. A floating raised work surface allows you to multitask while enjoying your favorite TV show.

As a safety feature, the corners are round, which helps avoid damage and injury. The table has a rustic and farmhouse charm in addition to a high-end feel. Inside the table are three compartments big enough for your laptop or magazines.

The combination of 4 solid wood feet and high-strength particleboard ensures stability. This center table is safe and strong enough for your long-term use.


  • 3 large storage spaces.
  • Round corners offer protection from injury and wall damage.
  • 10-minute setup.


  • Adult assembly required.

14. Ezra Lift-Top 4 Legs Coffee Table

Ezra 4 Legs Coffee Table

The Ezra lift top 4 legs coffee table offers a wood rustic finish inspired by a country barn. When you lift the top, a hidden storage compartment is revealed. You can put your remotes and chargers in this space to keep them out of view and clean.

Corner brackets complete the table’s farmhouse look. The open lower shelf is ideal for books, storage baskets, and food when entertaining guests.  The rectangular surface is ideal for board games.


  • Engineered wood with decorative laminate in a whitewashed color
  • Metal accents
  • Open fixed lower shelf.


  • Adult assembly required.
  • Heavyweight.

15. Dee Lift Top Floor Shelf Coffee Table

Dee Floor Shelf Coffee Table

The Dee lift top table blends both simple accents with a clean-lined style. Crafted from wood, this piece features lift-top surfaces, a drawer, and open shelves, so you’ll have space for your laptop computer and books.

Before you decide where to put the Dee table, keep it protected from direct sunlight.  You also want to protect it from moisture 


  • Offers big storage space.
  • Open bottom space.
  • Wood finish adds style.


  • Adult assembly required.
  • Wax-free furniture polish for cleaning.

16. Corrigan Studio Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Corrigan Studio Wood Coffee Table

Every home needs storage space. The Corrigan Studio table features a wooden hidden compartment and drawer. The extending top provides a noise-free floating raised work surface. The side drawer is perfect for magazines and books.

Ideal for working, eating, while providing extra storage in your living room or office. Its stable frame structure and craftsmanship make it a worthy focal point for any room or space. 


  • Multiple storage options.
  • Floating raised top.


  • Small spaces are a challenge. 
  • Adult assembly required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you lock the top in upper position when it's extended?  

Some tables offer a locked, fixed position, but you will need to check to make sure. The tabletops aren’t designed to hold heavy objects. Most models are spring-loaded, which means they don’t close like a door. 

How do you clean these types of tables?

The best things to use when cleaning a lift-top coffee table are multi-service furniture polish spray or wood cleaner. It will depend on the surface. Most lift tops are made with wood, so be careful with what you use.

How high can you raise a lift top?

The standard maximum height of lift tops is 24 inches. It’s doubtful you would need to use it extended all the way unless you were standing up and giving a power-point presentation from your laptop, for example.

Lift Top Coffee Table Conclusion

A lift-top coffee table isn’t what you would call standard furniture. The coffee table is a style element that can turn any space into a work environment. The quality of the hardware is durable.

After you get one, you won’t have to worry about replacing it with a new one for several years.