The Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Furniture stores in Denver have all of the standard furniture that any other city has. Their Crate and Barrel is amazing. Their West Elm is perfect. And their Room And Board has everything you need.

furniture stores denver

However, today we’re going to talk about the more unique finds in Denver. Stores you won’t find anywhere else. At least not with the quality and quirkiness that Denver has. These are the best furniture stores in Denver.

Keep in mind that most of these places can ship you furniture. So even if you don’t live close, you can have your furniture delivered to you at standard delivery prices. Which can be a great way to get the most unique furniture you can find. 

Rare Finds Warehouse – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Rare Finds Warehouse in Denver

Rare Finds is Denver’s self-proclaimed “best furniture store in Denver.” They just might win that title officially because everyone loves Rare Finds. The name suits them well as they have some amazing eclectic furniture.

Rare Finds has custom-made furniture designed by the family who owns the warehouse. One of their more unique designs includes custom tables made out of semi-truck floors and cast iron bases. 

But their uniqueness doesn’t stop there. They don’t just make American furniture. You can find furniture from all over the world at Rare Finds Warehouse, from India to Mexico, they really do have it all. 

Furniture Mart Colorado – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Furniture Mart Colorado in Denver

Furniture Mart Colorado is definitely one of the best furniture stores in Denver. They have two locations in the area. One at Fort Morgan and one at Sterling, so no matter where you live in Denver, there will be a close location. 

At Furniture Mart Colorado, you can shop by design style. So even if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can sort the furniture in a way that is easy to look at. Chances are, you’ll love everything you see. 

The prices at Furniture Mart are fair and their selection is quite broad. While they don’t have the cheapest furniture, the quality overcomes the price and isn’t high enough to make someone looking for high-end items complain. 

Dream Merchant 

Dream Merchant

The name Dream Merchant does this store justice. Their name is light-hearted, sweet, and personable. As is their merchandise and the aura of their store. They try to stay with the times without losing who they are.

At Dream Merchant, you may be able to find unique brands, but they also sell everything from Ashley Furniture to Wesley Allen. These are affordable brands that are often their best-sellers due to the popularity of said brands. 

People are raving about Dream Merchant because of their prices which are comparable to used items despite being new. They are often said to be 20% better than buying the items at a competing retailer. 

Lulu’s Furniture And Decor – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Denver Lulu's Furniture And Decor


Lulu’s Furniture And Decor has been one of the best furniture stores in Denver for high-end furniture since 2007 when they opened. They have stuck around and plan to stick around for decades to come, hopefully even longer. 

Despite their atmosphere and high-end furniture, Lulu’s strives to be family-friendly, welcoming families of all kinds into their store with open arms. After all, over 35 members of the family are involved in the business. 

While the furniture is top-notch, the loving owners are what people love most about Lulu’s. Everyone is warm, welcoming, and thoughtful. They help design rooms and deliver exactly what their clients are looking for. 

Joy’s Consigned Furnishings – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Joy’s Consigned Furnishings

Joy’s is a consignment store which means that their furniture is pre-owned. This is a wonderful way to get high-end furniture at an unbeatable price. That is what consignment stores are for, after all. 

At Joy’s Consigned Furniture, they have a strict policy on the type and quality of furniture they accept. They have a reputation to uphold and they’ve done an amazing job at upholding a great reputation over the years.

Joy’s has over 10,000 square feet of space and has been around since 2002, which is nearly 20 years. Which so many good reviews and fans of the store, it’s hard not to at least pay them a visit if you live in the Denver area.

Furniture Row

Furniture Row

While Furniture Row is a chain store, the location in Denver is too good not to share. They will have everything you need to fully furnish your house at an affordable price comparable to its competitors. 

As far as prices go with Furniture Row, expect to find well below-average priced items. This is common with chain stores but Furniture Row rarely sacrifices quality to bring you some of the best prices around. 

If you don’t want to go into the brick-and-mortar store, you can order on their website with two options. You can order something they have in stock or go with site-to-store and pick your order up when it is delivered. 

Element Home – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Element Home Denver

Element Home has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike since 2003. They offer urban luxury furniture at fair prices all-around. You will immediately feel a different atmosphere when you step into this store in a good way. 

Unlike other more so-called “best furniture stores in Denver,” Element Home has 100% great reviews. No one can find something bad to say about them. This is just about the best thing you can say about a business.

At Element Home, they really focus on the home “element” of their name. They make their store feel homey so you can know what the furniture will look like in your home rather than on display at a store.

Howard Lorton Furniture & Design – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Howard Lorton Furniture & Design

There’s something very special about Howard Lorton Furniture And Design. While others stores have been around since the early 2000s, Howard Lorton has been in business since 1927. Now that’s a good business!

They buy from over 200 of the world’s best furniture suppliers which allows them to offer every design style on the market. Whether you are rustic or modern, they have something special for your home.

When it comes to good prices vs. good quality, Howard Lorton leans towards good quality. They want the best of the best, so they strive to get the best of the best for your home. Though they do have regular sales. 

Denver City Furniture

Hoosier table painted

Everyone and their brother have been to Denver City Furniture. It just might be the most popular furniture store in Denver. And it’s not just popular, but much-loved as well. You rarely hear a harsh word about the store.

You can shop at Denver City Furniture online or in-store. They have good prices and good furniture no matter how you decide to shop and each way is user-friendly, which assistants available at all times. 

Either way, they can deliver your furniture to you in the safest way possible, pandemic or not. They put safety first without sacrificing the freedom for you to choose when it’s a good time to come into the store.

Modern Bungalow – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Hoosier table painted

Modern Bungalow is one of the only furniture stores in Denver, or Colorado in general, that focuses on special-made Amish furniture. From hand-knotted rugs to hand-carved wooden chairs, they have it all. 

They also offer a wood workshop where you get to design your own furniture and they bring it to life. This is one of the main reasons the store is so popular and so loved by those who have gone to them for this service.

On their site, you can also take an Amish Design Style Quiz to find out your Amish furniture design style. This will help you shop for what you need or let associates help guide you towards your perfect furniture set. 

Scandinavian Designs – Best Furniture Stores In Denver

Hoosier table painted

It’s no wonder Scandanavian Designs is so popular in Denver. The Scandinavian design style is one of the fastest-growing design styles in the world. Everyone should have a little Nordic flair in their home. 

The furniture at Scandanavian Designs is heirloom-quality and was originally inspired by the Nordic culture. This means that it is light, airy, nature-based, yet modern. If you love this style, you will love this store.

As for reviews, Scandanavian Designs is another much-loved store. You will hear nothing but good about this store from the people who were at the end of their rope when they found Scandanavian Designs. 

Home Again Furniture

Home Again Furniture


Home Again Furniture is also known as Used Furniture in Denver. It is a consignment store with stellar prices and quality furniture. Though it isn’t the most high-end option in Denver, it is a great way to get good furniture.

The best thing about consignment stores like this is that you can find the most unique pieces that aren’t the standard furniture. You can find cool furniture anywhere, but it may be fairly basic and everyone else will have it. 

As the name suggests, Home Again is about rehoming furniture. They want to take great furniture that was much-loved and give it a new home where it will find just as much love and care for another lifetime.