14 DIY Backyard Games to Turn Your Party Up

Every good host knows that every party has some kind of entertainment. Whether it’s a movie showing, an open cocktail cart or a group game, fun keeps the guests around after dinner is over and the table is cleared. Warm weather allows you to move your party outside which means you need to think about some outdoor entertainment to keep guests happy. Yeah, you could do a classic bonfire. Or you could DIY one of these 14 backyard games to turn your party up. You’ll have the backyard that everyone wants to be in this summer.

DIY pastel horseshoesView in gallery

Horseshoes is a classic backyard game that everyone has played at least once in their life. Use some bright paint to give your set a new glamor that will have everyone wanting to take a turn. (via Design Love Fest)

DIY backyard yahtzeeView in gallery

Did you know that Yahtzee isn’t just for indoors? A giant set of dice can allow you to take it onto the grass. Just grab some paper and pens and your guests can have the most memorable game of Yahtzee ever. (via The Pinning Mama)

DIY giant pickup sticksView in gallery

Pick Up Sticks is a vintage game that we probably all played once or twice as children. But when you make those sticks giant sized, the game gets adult sized too. You’ll be surprised how something so simple can be so hard. (via BHG)

DIY backyard twisterView in gallery

Twister, the game of contortions and laughter. With some spray paint and a circle stencil, you can have a game of colors on the grass all summer long. You’ll please not only your adult guests, but your children’s guests as well. (via She Knows)

DIY backyard dominosView in gallery

There are two things that make dominos a much more fun game. One, when they’re very brightly colored pieces. Two, when they’re so large, you have no choice but to play outside. (via Iron and Twine)

Backyard bowling laneView in gallery

Do you have some carpentry skills to put to work? Build your family their own private bowling alley in their backyard. Suddenly all your neighbors will be your best friends. (via Apartment Therapy)

DIY ring tossView in gallery

Anyone can play a good game of ring toss. If you’ve been to a carnival, you might have tried already. Make one for your backyard and you can play with guests or your little kids or even yourself. Don’t forget the popcorn. (via Mom Endeavors)

Backyard scrabble gameView in gallery

Word lovers, just because you would rather play word games doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors. There is a way to make a Scrabble game for your yard that will make sure you book readers get a dose of nature too. (via Handimania)

Giant backyard jengaView in gallery

Jenga was always one of those games that had your heart in your throat each time your turn came around. Relive those feelings with a giant Jenga set for your patio this summer. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY corn holeView in gallery

In my family, corn hole is the summertime game. And it’s much more fun when your set is colorful! Have your own set that you can pull out on any summery Saturday. (via Lovely Indeed)

DIY backyard matching gameView in gallery

Looking for an outdoor game that’s good for your little ones? Using cork tiles, stencils and paint, put together this matching game to put on the grass. They’ll be in for hours and hours of fun. (via Studio DIY)

DIY four in a rowView in gallery

Did you ever get to play Four In A Row as a kid? Relive those memories in your backyard with this giant set this summer. If this game passed you by as a kid, make it anyway and learn to play now! (via Home Depot)

Portable squares gameView in gallery

Pining for a game to play outdoors but stuck with a small balcony? Put some dots on a piece of cloth and you’ll have a game that you can play on your tiny balcony bistro table. (via Say Yes)

DIY board game blanketView in gallery

Maybe you don’t have any outdoor space to speak of. That just means you have to think outside of the box when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Make yourself this picnic blanket with a board in the middle and head to your nearest park for a game of checkers. (via Nellie Bellie)