12 Landscaping Ideas To Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Warm temperatures and daylight after dinner beckon us to stay outside a little longer during the summer. To host a party in the backyard on a weekday. To walk through the grass in bare feet. To let your hair down and find your inner kid who remembers riding bikes and playing hide and seek. With just a little effort, your backyard can become an oasis for you and all your family and friends. Take a look around and see not only what could be spruced up, but what could be added to and made even better. Here are 12 landscaping ideas to upgrade your backyard this summer.

Shady landscaping

Do you have some empty corners in your yard due to shade? Create beds and fill them with shade loving plants like hydrangea or hostas. They will flourish under your trees and bushes and make your yard look more complete. (via Flickr)

Wood and concrete bricks to create a bench

Maybe you’re looking at your patio thinking it’s in need of a little something. Put together a built in bench like this one that will give the space some definition and make a great place for a cocktail party. (via 1877lawncrew)

Mini backyard pond

Ponds don’t have to be giant to be beautiful. There are so many ways you can create a little pond for an empty corner of your yard. Plus, the trickling water sound will make your space a haven for the neighborhood birds. (via Spread Decor)

Mini landscaping trellis

Trellises are so useful for many purposes. They can be put against the house to add some interest, or along the edge of a patio to provide privacy. Plant vines or a flowering plant or even your tomatoes next to them. (via Blue Roof Cabin)

Whimsicle backyard landscaping

Isn’t this the cutest landscaping decor idea ever? Especially if your goal is to make your backyard a fairyland, you’ll want to add these fun DIY mushrooms to your flower garden. (via My Paper Inclination)

Lemongrass landscaping

There are people that like landscaping grass and those that don’t. Wether you do or not, consider using lemongrass in pots or along the side of your patio to give you privacy and keep the mosquitos away. How can you ignore that bonus? (via Rugged Life)

Simple backyard patio

Maybe you’re eying your friend’s patio and wishing you had one yourself. There’s no time like the present! By choosing large pavers with gravel in between, you’ll be able to create a patio of your own for a fraction of the cost. (via Apartment Therapy)

Herb garden landscaping

Herbs are wonderful to have in the garden but they can be difficult to keep from overtaking your plot. Plant them in buried pots in their own landscaping bed and you’ll have made the prettiest most delicious garden ever. (via Apartment Therapy)

Mosaic stepping stones

Sometimes our landscaping beds just need a bit of color. In your summer thrifting, pick up some old dishes in compatible colors that you can break. Then gather up the kids and use the pieces to place in concrete for lovely stepping stones. (via Midwest Living)

Built in firepit and chairs around

Why would you buy a portable fire pit when you have the space for a permanent one? Putting a ring of gravel around yours will give you a dedicated space for s’more making and make it easier to mow the yard. (via Style Me Pretty)

Landscaping for entertainment

If you’re wanting something for your backyard that makes a real statement, consider building your own private bowling alley. It will give you a space to add more landscaping around it while making your yard the neighborhood summer hangout. (via Imgur)

Outdoor Chalkboard Design

When you have kids, all your decorating, inside and out, is planned with thoughts of them. Build them a chalkboard in a flowerbed that will keep them busy all summer long. (via My House and Home)