The Key To Chic DIY Furniture Is A Set Of Hairpin Legs

You can put hairpin legs on just about anything and it will look chic and beautiful, that’s how versatile and stylish they are. Hairpin legs have a certain classical look which makes them particularly elegant while letting them keep their casual appeal as well. This is one of the reasons why they’re so versatile. Another one would be their simplicity. They’re easy to work with and can be included in a lot of great DIY projects.

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If you want to build a desk, consider the option of giving it hairpin legs. Combine them with a simple and modern top. You can even include some built-in storage. You can find a description of such a project on Sinnenrausch. The desk features here includes a tiny drawer for storing small things and an open shelf for the laptop, documents and other things.

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The desk doesn’t necessarily has to include storage if you don’t need it. It can be a simple table customized to have the right height and dimensions for your body. To make things even simpler, use an Ikea coffee table. Attach hairpin legs to it and paint them a color that looks beautiful in the space you have in mind for this piece. {found on stylemepretty}.

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Another desk design which doesn’t offer any storage can be found on Forme-foryou. Building such a desk is very easy. First you should order the raw steel hairpin legs or go to a store and buy them. The other big piece you need is some wood (pine in this case) which you can cut at your local hardware store to the desired dimensions.

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Hairpin legs may look thin and delicate but they’re strong and durable, able to support a dining table for example. In fact, they suit dining tables really well. The one featured on Themerrythought can be built using reclaimed wood and 28” hairpin legs. You’ll also need some wood for the support boards, a saw, a sander, a drill, screws, clamps, polyurethane and a paint brush if you want to make a similar piece of furniture.

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Anther beautiful DIY design for a dining table can be found on Thefeltedfox. To make this piece you’ll need hairpin legs, two laminated pine panels, two pieces of pine for the supports, screws, spray paint, wood glue, a sander, a drill and clamps. The hairpin legs in this case were painted white and they look very beautiful in combination with the black top.

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Replace the wood legs on your existing dining table with hairpin legs if you want to change the table’s design without a lot of effort and without spending too much on the supplies. You can use this opportunity to sand the table and to stain it to change its color. But first you need to remove the legs. Then, after you’ve stained the top, attach the hairpin legs. These can be painted too. {found on acutedesigns}.

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The nice thing about dining tables with hairpin legs is that they often allow the chairs to stand out more, by being so simple and subtle. Use this idea to your advantage if you want to complement your table with a variety of chairs featuring different styles, shapes and colors. Find more inspiration on Abeautifulmess.

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Making a table from scratch can be a fairly simple and cheap project. You could just use a piece of plywood for the top and four trestle legs for the base. You can spray paint the legs if you want them to stand out or to coordinate the table with other elements in the room in a subtle and stylish way. {found on homemade-modern}.

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Coffee tables with hairpin legs look very cute, resembling miniature dining tables. You can put hairpin legs on a simple wood or plywood board to make such a piece and you can stain and or paint the top to give the desired look. The legs could be painted as well if you want them to be the center of attention. {found on thesurznickcommonroom}.

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An even smaller piece of furniture, or actually accessory, which you can make using a wood board and a set of four hairpin legs can be a lap desk. 8” hairpin legs should be just right for this type of project. You can find more details about it on Themerrythought. The live edge wood in this case adds extra charm to the design.

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Not all hairpin legs look the same. They come in different sizes and shapes and not all have those classical pointy ends. The ones used for the plywood bench on Vintagerevivals are more geometric in shape and look less delicate because of that. The seat is quite interesting as well. It’s made of plywood cut into strips and glued together tightly.

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If you decide to build a bench for your home, consider live edge wood for the seat. It would look exquisite, especially if the bench is long such as for four people for example. To balance out the sturdiness and heavy look of the wood seat, you can give the bench hairpin legs. The result would be a design similar to the one we found on Yellowbrickhome.

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Given how beautiful the bench on Brit looks, you could hardly believe this was a DIY project. To make the bench, you’ll need some 1” plywood, fabric for the upholstery, batting and foam as well as hairpin legs. The tools required include a drill, a staple gun, screws and scissors. You can customize the design through your choice of fabric.

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Hairpin legs also look stylish on TV stands. Building one would be similar to making a desk. An interesting suggestion is to use pallet wood. Remove the boards, cut them to size and stain them and then use them to make a box-like structure with built-in shelf storage for your electronics. {found on sondermill}

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For an entryway or hallway, a bench or console table can be the perfect accessory. According to Lovelyindeed, the project should be very simple and doesn’t require any experience in the furniture-making field. The supplies needed include plywood, foam padding, batting sheet, upholstery fabric, a staple gun, cutter, hairpin legs, a drill and some screws.

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A bedroom’s interior design should be airy and soothing so big, bulky pieces of furniture have no place here. So if you’re not happy with how things are right now, make a few changes. Your old nightstand could be replaced by something more sleek and delicate such as a sort of side table with hairpin legs similar to the one on thefreshexchangeblog.

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The side table featured on Mayanrocks could easily pass as a nightstand. In fact, it was built o serve this purpose. You could make a similar piece for your own bedroom using the following materials and tools: wood boards cut to size, wood stain, clear coat, nails, hairpin legs, sandpaper, a hammer and a drill.

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Chic hairpin legs can also be added to an existing piece of furniture such as a cabinet or buffet. Their role would be to raise the piece off the floor at a more comfortable level and to give a more elegant look. All you’d have to do is attach the legs and make sure they’re secure and oriented correctly. {found on brepurposed}.

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It would be interesting to use hairpin legs in combination with contrasting elements meant to highlight their light and sleek structure. For example, the small table we found on stellaharasek fits well into the décor, in combination with the vintage chairs and the faux fur seat covers casually placed on them.

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The mid-century modern allure of hairpin legs makes them perfect for accent pieces such as a narrow table placed against the bedroom wall. If you want it to look even more charming, use reclaimed wood for the top. Any imperfections will offer it a unique look, highlighting its beauty. {found on goinghometoroost}

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A piece of furniture on which hairpin legs look exquisite is the stool. Whether it’s a bar stool or a small one you also use as a side table from time to time, it doesn’t really matter. It’s easy to control the design of such a piece through the little details such as the paint color you use on the legs, the shape of the seat, the material used for it, etc. {found on thedesignchaser}.

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With all this talk about hairpin legs, we didn’t really focus at all on the methods you can use to procure them. One option can be to make the legs yourself. In such a case, you can’t really expect them to look perfect but the methods would allow you to create something unique and ideal for a vintage piece. Check out Preumaticaddict for more details on the process.

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When making the hairpin legs yourself, you should first decide how long you want them to be. You can make them out of copper pipes. Bending the pipes shouldn’t be very difficult. After you have them all cut and bend, you can spray paint them to make them look like raw steel. {found on mountainmodernlife}