10 Tips to Help You Master Layering Rugs

Rugs are tricky things. You want to be sure that you buy the correct size and the best color, all in a pattern that won’t go out of style next year. Plus, there’s this thing about rug layering. If you’re feeling a little dazed, let me tell you a secret. Layering rugs can be your best friend! Take a look at these 10 tips that will help you see how layering your rugs will give your space a whole new look.

Put pattern on plainView in gallery

Are you wanting a rug that is just too expensive in the size you need? That’s where layering rugs can step in to help! Find a neutral colored rug in the right size for your room and then layer a smaller size of the rug you adore on top. You’ll get the benefits without the cost. (via Camille Styles)

Layering on the cornersView in gallery

Sometimes the space you need to fill is just too big. Instead of plopping a small rug on top of a big one, slide it across one corner to extend your rug-covered space to a different area of the room. (via Refinery 29)

Matching colorful rugsView in gallery

When putting rugs on top of or next to each other, you want to be sure that they compliment in color and pattern. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a navy rug and then another rug that wasn’t quite turquoise. Keep a picture of the first rug when you go shopping so you can compare the two before you make the purchase. (via Desire to Inspire)

Mixing the texturesView in gallery

Layering your rugs is a great way to mix up the texture of your space. This sheepskin on jute not only looks pretty, it makes it interesting for your feet when you get out of bed each morning. (via Apartment Therapy)

Using sizes to define spaceView in gallery

Small apartment owners, rug layering can be your solution to creating the illusion of different rooms in your space! Cover the entire room in a large rug and place a small rug in the living room area and another fluffy rug by the bed. It will make a huge impact on your small space. (via Apartment Therapy)

Basic and colorful layered rugsView in gallery

When you’re considering colors, there is one rule to follow. Make your bottom rug layer a basic color and it won’t matter what goes on top! Black and white, brown, gray, all these tones will match with whatever wild crazy pattern you decide to layer with. (via East Coast Creative)

Perpendicular striped rugsView in gallery

Stripe lovers, you’re going to adore this. When you have multiple striped rugs up against each other, place them up and down so the stripes go vertically and horizontally. It will be like you bought a rug that is a feast for the eyes. (via Ark Pad)

Animal skin layered rugView in gallery

Animal skins can finish off a room, but be expensive when they’re so large. Put a smaller size on top of a large rectangle and suddenly you have all your guests looking to the floor for inspiration. (via The Home Depot)

Hide the bare spotsView in gallery

Some rugs we’ve had for a long time and are just loath to part with. If that’s your sob story, consider buying a smaller rug to cover up the worn bits in your favorite carpet without tossing it completely. (via Apartment Therapy)

Layering numerous small rugsView in gallery

Are you really strapped for decorating cash? Gather up all the small rugs on sale and fit them together across your floor like a puzzle. The best part, if one gets ruined, it’s easily replaced! (via Refinery 29)