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10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

Nothing beats bike storage and having a great garage bike rack. Garage bike racks and vertical bike storage ideas for any size bike can make or break the bike experience. Horizontal garage bike racks offer solutions that a bike stand can’t and provide greater bicycle storage options.

Garage Bike Storage Ideas

It doesn’t matter how many bikes you have, bike storage solutions can be applied to all garages. Here we’ll look at the best solutions whether you have two bikes or up to four bikes, either way, you won’t have a problem keeping your garage organized.

Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal bike storage system, or ceiling bike storage, you’ll see how easy it is to accommodate two bikes, mountain bikes, or heavier bikes.

Most people have more than two bikes and often use a floor bike stand. But whether you have two bikes or up to six bikes, other solutions exist. Think outside of the box instead of using a freestanding bike storage rack.

Bike Storage Ideas for Garage

We’ll show you the best floor racks, pulley systems, horizontal bike storage methods, and bike hanging hooks for your bikes and your children’s bikes. The goal, just as it is with any storage idea, is to keep your belongings protected and accessible while giving you more floor space.

Before we look at the 10 best garage bike storage, there are a few things to consider.

Garage Bike Storage Benefits

DIY garage storage keeps your bikes safe without you spending too much money. It also extends the lifespan of your bikes, so you won’t need to worry about wear and tear. If you leave your bike outside and don’t invest in proper storage, it can cause damage to your bike.

Bike wall hanging with shelves

While it’s okay to leave your bike out for a day or two, outdoor storage is not as safe as indoor storage. Also, storing your bikes in a garage will protect them from weather damage. Outdoor storage is easy, but in the world of bicycle storage, it offers the least protection.

If you have wall space, you should consider vertical or horizontal options. Garage bike racks or a bike stand will only provide so much. A garage wall-mounted bike rack could be the answer you’ve been looking for but never thought was possible.

Vertical Bike Storage Vs. Horizontal Bike Storage

Vertical Bike Storage Vs. Horizontal Bike Storage
SHED Architecture & Design

Finding a bike storage solution is not hard. After you determine what you need based on what you have, creating more floor space will be easy. What size bike and their wheel sizes will determine how much wall space you’ll need. The number of adult bikes and kids bikes, or if you have one bike will influence your options.

Once you solve these issues, determine your wall space. If you have a concrete wall or drywall will also be important factors to consider.

1. Vertical Bike Storage

Vertical bike storage is one of the best ways to create more space in your garage. When you store a bike vertically, you reduce its ground footprint from 72 inches to 48 inches. That’s extra two feet of space per bike. 

If you have up to four bikes, when you store them vertically, you’ll have an extra six feet of space in your garage. Between each bike, create an aisle that provides easy access for loading and unloading.

The vertical rack should be installed so the bikes can be lifted above it without touching your ceiling. You want the ability to lower your bike into the rack where it can rest a few inches off the ground.

A vertical rack would work best on a concrete wall. However, and because your garage doesn’t have concrete walls. You can install them on drywall by nailing your vertical bike racks of rubber hooks into the wood studs that line the garage walls.

2. Horizontal Bike Storage

Horizontal wall bike rack solutions are ideal for garages when there’s not enough room for kids bikes. This garage bike storage idea secures bikes flat against a wall and takes up little space. 

Horizontal bike storage racks offer dual-level storage space. They are easy to install. If you have kids bikes, this might be the best option than a standing bike rack if you don’t want to leave your bikes outside.

Most horizontal bicycle storage racks require an 8 feet minimum height clearance.


  • Since there are different types of bike storage you won’t have problems finding one.
  • Safety. When your bike is stored in your garage it won’t be stolen.  
  • Longevity. Since your bike is indoors, you’re protecting it against all sorts of weather conditions.


  • Price. Depending on the model, some bike storage types can be expensive.

Drywall Bike Storage – How To Do It

Drywall Bike Storage - How To Do It

By now you’re wondering how you can attach a bike rack to your garage drywall. Most residential garages are made with drywall, so it’s understandable that you would have this concern. The good news is that it’s easy to do.

DIY Drywall Bike Rack

Before you start, make sure you have the proper tools.

  • Stud finder
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Anchor hardware

After you’ve decided on the best location for your wall bike rack, you can begin.

  • Locate the studs behind the drywall.
  • For heavy bikes make sure you have a bike rack that can hold the bike.
  • Drill through the drywall and into the wood studs.
  • Attach the bike mount with the appropriate screws.

Garage Bike Storage Rack Ideas

A few things you’d need to consider when considering garage bike storage rack ideas, you’ll need to think about location. Also, how many bikes do you have and are your garage bike storage ideas easy to assemble.

It’s also good to take measurements and figure out how much space you have to set everything up.

But before we explore our Top 10 list, here are a few ideas that will give you a better understanding of your options.

Standing Bike Storage Rack

Standing Bike Storage Rack

All you have to do is wheel your bike into the stand, and you’re done. Bike racks hold multiple bikes and are portable. Although they are useful, floor bike stands take up garage floor space.

Pole Bike Storage Rack

Pole Bike Storage Rack

A bike pole is tension mounted which means they’re easy to set up and take down. They also use minimal space and are easy to move around your garage. Similar to gravity bike stands, however, the top bike is placed high – making it harder for younger children to reach.

Wall Hook Bike Storage Rack

Wall Hook Bike Storage Rack

Wall bike hooks and racks that are screwed into wall studs. These are the cheapest option. They’re quite small and thus don’t take up much space.

Garage Ceiling Storage Rack

Your garage ceiling might be the biggest untapped storage space in your home. If you don’t already have items hanging from your garage ceiling, consider installing a bike rack or hooks. You’d be surprised how much space you could save.

Garage Ceiling Storage Rack
Steve Fuller

If you have a tight garage with no extra space, the ceiling is your only option. Ceiling bike storage racks keep bikes stored out of the way. Most systems are for single bikes, but if you more than one bike, solutions exist.


  • Don’t take up any wall or floor space.
  • Easy to access, lift and lower.
  • Some models fit any wheel size – from balance bikes to adult bikes.


  • If your bike is hard to reach, you might not use it.
  • Hard to reach for kids.
  • Ceiling installation is more difficult.
  • Bike hoists are better for only large kids’ and adult bike rack.

Top 10 Best Garage Bike Storage Options

Now that you have a thorough understanding of your bike storage garage options, here are the Top 10 ideas as chosen by our panel of DIY and home improvement experts.

BT-H Taxidermy “the Highland” Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Wall Mounted Bike Rack

This wall-mounted bike rack is hand-crafted in Portland and is a road, mountain, and fat-tire bike compatible. Designed after the head of the long-haired highland cattle, it’s a leather bicycle seat that comes with bullhorn-style road handlebars.

Not only is this rack aesthetically-pleasing, but also great at holding your bikes. This rack can be secured to the wall with two screws and provides stability for your bike. Among most garage bike racks, this option is adjustable and comes with hardware on the rack and with bike hooks.

Q-Rak Floor to Ceiling Freestanding Bike Rack

Q-Rak Floor to Ceiling Freestanding Bike Rack

This freestanding bike rack is made with a durable chrome finish so you know it’s sturdy and long-lasting. It can hold two bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and fat-tire bikes.

The maximum weight capacity is 80 pounds, and since it stands vertically, provides greater storage space.

You can also adjust the bike rack to be at a height that suits you best, and the bike can either be ceiling mounted or freestanding. A one-year warranty comes with your purchase, and the rack can even be mounted on a slanted slope.

Sapulpa Freestanding Bike Rack

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

This cheap freestanding bike rack is perfect for holding your bikes. It’s made with sturdy powder-coated steel and is weather-resistant.

Feel free to use this as a dual bike stand or separate it into two individual stands. The stand fits bikes for all sizes and can be adjusted wheel sizes.

Those that have this rack have suggested that it’s great for small kids bikes rather than adult bikes.

Industrial Pipe Wall Mounted Bike Rack

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

Another great bike rack on the list, this particular model is made with sturdy black iron pipes along with thick wood and real leather.

It’s got an industrial aesthetic with a minimalist look that’s sure to add to the design of any garage. This rack is suited for all bikes and comes with mounting hardware, the rack and hooks.

The rack will also hold your bicycle 14 inches away from the wall to prevent any damage or scuffing to your garage.

The rack is handcrafted in Portland, and those that have purchased it have given it rave reviews. One mentioned that they’re secure and easy to install, while another mentioned that it’s of fantastic quality.

Bike Holding Freestanding Bike Rack

Bike Holding Freestanding Bike Rack

This particular bike rack is constructed with slats that are made of resin wood and it’s both sturdy and sleek. This is a great rack for those that want to hold multiple bikes at once as it’s designed to hold at least six bikes.

It’s also both children’s bike, mountain bike, and road bike compatible. The slats are also carefully placed so you’ve got enough space to safely store bikes.

As a bonus, this rack also requires no maintenance, and it also won’t crack, splinter or break. The paint will also not bond to the surface, and it’s UV protected.

Customers love its heavy construction and mentioned that it has lasted them through the seasons. It also comes in two colors of cedar and green so you’re able to pick the stand rack that suits your garage aesthetic best.

Vertical Single Sided Anchored Bike Rack

Vertical Single Sided Anchored Bike Rack

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garage, this bike storage is the perfect solution. Since it uses vertical space, you’ll efficiently be able to store your bikes. It’s also made with powder-coated steel for sturdy construction and great durability.

The bike rack can hold a total of three bikes including mountain bikes, road bikes, and children’s bikes, and it comes with a one-year warranty in case anything happens.

Best of all, there’s no assembly required with this bike, it comes assembled and all you have to do is install the rack. The bike rack is also adjustable so you can find a bike height that suits you best.

ZGR-BK Wall Mounted Bike Rack

ZGR-BK Wall Mounted Bike Rack

This wall-mounted bike rack is compatible with all bikes and is designed to help you save space. It comes with a patented gas struct system that’ll make it easy for you to both raise and lower items with minimal effort.

The bike rack is made with strong material, and installation is easy. The bike rack can handle up to 50 pounds of weight. The protection wall-mounted bike storage back will also help to protect your garage during installation or when handling your bike.

StoreYourBoard Bike Rack + Storage Shelf

StoreYourBoard Bike Rack + Storage Shelf

This fantastic bike rack can hold up to 5 bicycles and comes with adjustable bike attachments to suit a wide variety of bicycles. It also comes with a handy overhead shelf that you can use to store helmets, shoes, tools, and more.

The bike rack itself can support up to 200 pounds, and all the hardware is included for simple installation.

Great Working Tools Bike Hoists Set of 2

Great Working Tools Bike Hoists Set of 2

Among all pulley systems, this one is superior. This bicycle ceiling hoist can store two bikes overhead and help save space in your garage.

Smooth pulleys and easy-to-use hooks and latches allow you to store your bikes with ease. The hoists can hold up to 55 pounds and can accommodate heavier mountain bikes. Since the hooks are extra-large, they’re also safe and will help to securely hold your bike.

Since they’re also coated in anti-scratch rubber, your bike will be well-protected.

PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

This swivel bike wall hanger is great at saving space in your garage, and the storage system first most bike types from children’s bikes to hybrid bikes and more.

With its vertical storage system, you can conveniently store your bike, and the angled hook design allows you to mount your bike with ease.

The hanger can hold up to 30kg of weight, and you’ll get detailed instructions for easy installation. Your purchase also comes with a full set of sturdy hardware that’s of top quality.

Another bonus is that you can hang the bike front end up or down so you can keep the dirty gears/ chains away from any items in your garage.

DIY Wall Bike Storage Racks

There are never enough DIY ideas when dealing with your garage space. In the DIY world, it’s anything goes. The more bizarre or obscure the idea, the better it will be.

Here are a few DIY garage bike storage ideas that will inspire.

Wall Mounted Bike Rack

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

This design from instructables is ideal for a garage wall. It’s simple and cheap to make and it can hold multiple bikes which is great for family homes or any bike enthusiast.

You can install a few wooden boards on a wall and then space the hooks to fit several bikes close together.

Vertical Pole Rack For Two Bikes

Vertical Pole Rack For Two Bikes

If you want a bike rack that doesn’t take up a lot of space or stand out when empty, this bike storage rack idea from instructables might be ideal.

A metal rod extends from the floor to the ceiling and which holds two bike hangers. You can space the hangers if you have more than four bikes and is good for any size bike.

Bike Storage For More Than One Bike

Bike Storage For More Than One Bike

What’s nice about a simple vertical rack like this one is that it can be adapted and customized to hold one, two or several bikes. You can also adapt it to fit a smaller space if necessary.

The design and tutorial for it which are available on instructables are similar to another bike rack which we mentioned a bit earlier. It makes use of wooden boards and hooks which you can screw in and space apart.

Metal Pipe Bike Rack

Metal Pipe Bike Rack

The metal pole bike rack idea which we discussed earlier is one of the most practical and space-efficient ones and also one of the easiest ones when it comes to building and installation.

Here’s another version of it which can be found on lifehackers. To make this particular bike rack you need a metal post, two brackets and four hooks as well as some metal square pipe, screws and optionally some foam rubber as well if you’re worried about the metal damaging your bike.

Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions

Let’s face it, sometimes your garage is too crowded. If this is the case, that’s okay because there are plenty of outdoor storage options available. Let’s take a look at a few.

PVC Bike Stand With Pegs

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

This PVC stand is not only super easy to build and really cheap but also practical in an unexpected and cool way. Because of the way in which it’s designed to work, you need pegs in order to be able to use it.

That also allows you to spin the wheel while the bike is on the stand which is useful if you’re doing some repair or maintenance work on your bike. Check out the tutorial for this stand on bmxmuseum for more information about it.

Repurposed Rail Bike Rack

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

You can save time, effort and money by making a bike rack out of things you already have. A creative mind can find uses for all sorts of things. For example, you can make a bike rack out of an old crib rail.

This ideas works best when you have children’s bikes with different wheel sizes. It’s also ideal for heavier bikes or if you have more than one bike. Floor racks provide easy access as your bikes seamlessly can be accessed by your kids. Where storage ideas are concerned, free standing bike racks are a space efficient option that can accommodate bikes of all sizes.

A staircase railing could also work in case that’s easier for you to get your hands on. Check out kellyleighcreates to find out how this works.

Wooden Pallet Free Standing Bike Rack

10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organized

Wooden pallets are versatile. If you have a few fat bikes or several adult bikes, outdoor storage is the way to go. Pallets are good for many DIY projects including floor racks. If you have more than two bikes, then consider using a pallet. If you have one bike, a pallet would be a waste.

With bicycle storage, a wooden pallet option is easy to make and can hold multiple bikes. It’s best used outside since it takes up more space. For more information, check out the tutorial on Instructables for more details.

You could even attach a pallet to a wall and make a wall bike rack for your small kids bikes. With bike storage, it’s all about saving space for when there’s not enough room in your garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Can I Store One Bike On A Garage Wall?

Bicycle storage ideas vary from one to another. The most affordable option is a screw-in storage hook for a wall or ceiling. It’s a good way to hang your bike off the ground without hurting other bike frames, and with a wall mounted bike rack, the bill will be out of the way.

Is It Okay To Hang A Bike Upside From Its Front Wheel?

Many experts believe it’s safe to hang a bike by its wheel from your garage ceiling. The only exceptions are bikes with specialty aero carbon rims. Bikes with aero carbon rims are too light and the carbon will flex if you squeeze it with your hand.

A road bike or gravel bike might require a bike stand, or hanging them by their rear wheel. Maybe a horizontal bike storage idea would be better to save floor space? As we’ve said several times, there is no shortage of ideas.

What Can You Use For Bike Racks?

Among bike storage ideas, a basket is a great way to mount your bike. A basket is good for grocery shopping as well as for those who prefer using a backpack instead of a pannier, but don’t want to ride with the backpack. Ceiling bike storage frees up wall mounted bike racks, and is better than a standing bike rack.

With heavier bikes or fat bikes, or even kids bikes, a garage ceiling might not be a good idea. Outdoor storage steadyrack bike racks will work well. You want to keep in mind the condition of your bike frames. Either way, garage bike storage offers room to explore your DIY home skills.

How Do You Hang A Kids Bike In The Garage?

The best way to hang a kid’s bike in a garage is with a heavy-duty rubber hook. Heavy-duty rubberized hooks made to screw into a stud or rafter are your best options. For vertical storage, hang a bike with one hook.

Floor stands would provide easy access for your child, but would give you less floor space easy to access. You can hang. a small bike by its rear wheel, as a second choice.

How Do I Protect My Bike In The Garage?

Outdoor storage is not as safe as garage bike storage, especially if you have multiple bikes. With storage ideas, whether it’s one bike or many, you’ll need to reinforce your garage with security locks, alarms, or cameras.

You want to store bikes in a space efficient environment for two bikes or up to six bikes. If you choose a vertical bike rack, your bikes would be harder to steal than if they were attached to a regular bike stand.

With your bike inside it doesn’t mean it’s fully safe. Heavier bikes are harder to steal than kids bikes. Make sure your bikes are secured to a wall or floor. If you have up to four bikes, you might not have enough wall space.

Garage Bike Storage Ideas Conclusion

Now that you’re familiar with the best garage bike storage, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a space-efficient bike storage system. There are many storage ideas to choose from to help you store multiple bikes. With many garage bike racks to choose from, your mountain bikes and adult bikes will not longer be a problem.

When you store bikes, a bike storage rack attached to your wall space or garage ceiling, for example would be better than using floor racks. When you store your bike upright, you won’t save as much space, so outdoor storage would be better.

A horizontal bike rack can fit on your garage wall and won’t damage your bike frames. You can also use bike hooks, which are the cheapest garage bike storage ideas.

With bicycle rack storage options, if you have more than two bikes you can use something easy like bike hooks or explore ceiling bike storage options. Should you use floor racks or a standing bike rack, you’ll find that bikes seamlessly can be arranged. If they don’t use wall space, maybe they’re not the best option.