The Entryway Mirror – The Star Of A Welcoming Home

Let’s be honest, an entryway without a mirror just isn’t complete. We need an entryway mirror to check out ourselves one more time before we leave the house. It gives us a boost of confidence even if it leads to outfit changes and more questions than answers.

The fact of the matter is that some things are just meant to be in a room. Like the bed is meant to stay in the bedroom and the coffee table is meant for the living room. Sure, the entryway is a bit more tricky but it more or less follows the same pattern.

Now that we’ve established any entryway needs a mirror, let’s see how you can decide which type suits your own space. Even if you have a small entryway you can still make it look outstanding. In fact, mirrors are known to make spaces seem larger and more open. So, perhaps a large mirror is what your entryway needs to feel welcoming.

The size, the shape and the style of the mirror are important but so is everything else you place around it. For instance, you can have the mirror mounted on the wall and under it you can have an entryway table. You could put a table lamp on that and a flower vase or a planter so create a warm and inviting look. Entryway storage is also a must most of the times. So, perhaps you could either have some shelves, some open cubbies or a small cabinet if the space allows. Just have a look around the house to figure out what best suits it.

Entryway mirror
The geometric juxtaposition of mirrors mimics the design of the console table
Round entryway mirror
The rounded, smooth edges of the cabinet are highlighted by the circular mirror
Matching entryway mirror and furniture
In this case a rectangular mirror was best suited to match the intricacy of the table
Abstract mirror for entryway
Sometimes a simple mirror can be highlighted by an interesting frame or an accessory
Large and Glamorous Entryway Mirror
A large and circular mirror can make a small entryway seem open and more glamorous

But let’s get back to the real star: the entryway mirror. We often take it for granted, not realizing how practical this accessory is. Having a mirror close to your front door saves you a lot of time, meaning less back and forth through the house. If you also have a space where you keep accessories, you can get dressed and take care of the rest as you exit the house.

Vintage mirrors for entryway
Ornate mirrors are best suited for certain particular styles such as vintage or traditional
Modern entryway with mirror
A modern entryway can have its own share of intricate detailing but in a small dose
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
The size and shape of an entryway mirror is often dictated by the other elements present around it
pair your entryway mirror with matching furniture
A mirror ca be in sync with a console table, a bench or a shelving unit without them necessarily forming a set
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
A wall-mounted entryway mirror almost always required something underneath, such as a table or a bench
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
If you want, you can set up a small vanity in your entryway, with a mirror, a small table and a chair
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Sometimes you want the frame to be a distraction, to turn the mirror into a focal point
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Turn a large mirror into a statement piece for the entryway area
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
A mirror can often double as a decoration, even as a piece of art in some cases
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
It’s often the little details that turn items into focal points, like the frame of this mirror
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Who says one mirror is enough for the entryway? You can two, three or as many as you want
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
If possible, place the mirror so it reflects something beautiful like the view from a window
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
You can definitely make a statement with an oddly-shaped mirror, especially when it contrasts with the backdrop
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
A mirror can be framed in a lot of different ways and sometimes the frame stands out more than the mirror iteself
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Make sure to balance out the proportions of everything in your entryway for an inviting look

We already mentioned that mirrors are great at making spaces look larger and more open. But what we didn’t say is that they also have a dramatic impact on the decor a lot of the times. Circular mirrors in particular tend to have this effect. There are a lot of different design strategies to choose from. You can either have a single large mirror placed on the wall at a comfortable height. Or you can have a cluster of mirrors of different sizes for a more eye-catching look.

Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Match the mirror to the console table to create a cohesive look
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Sometimes ornate and detailed are synonyms of glamorous. Other times it’s simplicity
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
Position the mirror directly above the console. Center it for a symmetrical look
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
You can match the entryway mirror to a lot of things like the wallpaper, the area rug, the table or even your front door

Some people prefer a tall, rectangular mirror here so they can see themselves from head to toe. While that can definitely be a good idea in some cases, you may not have the space for such an accessory or it isn’t practical. As it turns out, a large mirror sometimes makes you second guess yourself more than you’d want to. A small mirror, above the shoulders would be a better option in this case.

Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
In a lot of modern and contemporary homes, minimalism is an expression of beauty and style
Frameless Entryway Mirror
A simple, frameless mirror can be the ideal match for an eye-catching console table
A Group of Entryway Mirrors
A group of mirrors can be used to decorate a large entryway wall or to draw attention to the space
highlight entryway mirror with matching lamps
If you have a dark entryway, make sure to place a table lamp or two close to the mirror
Define class status with elegant entryway mirrors and furniture
Opulence is a style embraced by some, often representing a symbol of status
Gold acrylic mirror for entryway design
The lighting around the mirror should be soft and pleasant as well as symmetrical and evenly distributed

A mirror or a cluster of mirrors can definitely make a statement if you want it to. It’s easier to achieve this look with circular mirror or with mirrors that have interesting-looking frames. Speaking of frames, there are quite a few options to choose from. One would be a mirror with no frame at all. Then there’s also the frame that matches the wall for a seamless and chic look. And that lets the mirror be the star and the ornate frame with intricate detailing that can easily be a focal point on its own. Each type come with its own set of pros and cons.