Designer Furniture Pieces And Accessories That Inspire In Extraordinary Ways

When talking about designer furniture we’re not referring to a specific style but instead about furniture which has been specifically created by a designer with a unique aesthetic and purpose is mind and which, most importantly, is not mass-produced.

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Each piece of designer furniture, fixture, or accessory for that matter is usually unique and, of course, that comes with a price tag that’s higher than usual. There’s some amazing iconic pieces that you might already be familiar with and a lot of others yet to be discovered.

Here are a few of our own favorite designer furniture and accessory creations.

Silenzio by Antonio Lupi

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You might be surprised to see a washbasin first on our list of designer furniture pieces. Although it is technically a fixture, the Silenzio washbasin by Antonio Lupi has an extraordinary designer that goes beyond being just practical or functional.

It’s a real piece of art with a sculptural and magnificent aesthetic. It’s designed with a very organic shape in order to be able to perfectly blend into the wall, appearing as if it’s coming out of it, as if the wall itself is morphing. 

Bettelux Shape by Tesseraux + Partner

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Here’s two more gorgeous elements that could make any bathroom look magnificent: the Bettelux Shape tub and mirrored wardrobe. With an organic shape and delicate outer edges, the tub adds a sense of elegance and flair to the space around it and becomes a subtle accent piece without overpowering the surroundings. It seamlessly flows into a powder-coated steel frame which makes it look weightless. 

The stylish wardrobe with the same name exhibits similar design characteristics, featuring the same sturdy yet delicate metal frame and lightweight appearance. The full-length mirror beautifully conceals the contents while the open sides keep everything easily accessible and within reach, giving a glimpse inside without fully exposing the contents.

Khis by Frants Seer

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The tailor-made Khis bathtub range brings the warmth and beauty of wood into the bathroom and turns the largest fixture in this room into a beautiful focal point. Each tub is hand-made, one-of-a-kind and customizable, created from natural materials and eco-friendly finishes. In addition to delicate lines and elegant finishes, each design manages to stand out through its understated elegance and simplicity. 

Ebb & Flow by Susanne Nielsen

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The Ebb & Flow decorative lighting designed by the company’s founder Susanne Nielsen combine beautiful influenced from the British and Nordic styles and are made from unique combinations of basic materials such as glass, crystal, metal and textiles. There’s a wide range of products to choose from, each special and magnificent in its own way. 

Eau de lumière by Davide Oppizzi

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The Eau de lumière chandelier is a tribute to perfume as well as a unique light fixture that brings forth the beauty of simple materials such as oak wood, fabric and white Carrara marble. It’s particularly well-suited for display in large spaces with high ceilings such as living rooms and dining areas and it has a refined and modern aesthetic. 

Cocoon by Limahl Asmall

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The Cocoon pendant lamp designed by Limahl Asmall has a simple and unassuming appearance but behind its simple twisting shape is a lot of charm and character. The warm glow of light gently peeks through the laminated timber leaves creating the most beautiful ambient lighting. The pendant is ideal for stairwells and dramatic areas with high ceilings. 

Melt by FRONT

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Its distorted shape is not an imperfection but a symbol of beauty and uniqueness. The Melt floor light, as the name suggests, gives the impression of a melting glass sphere which is emphasizes, even more, when it’s on and is eye-catching even when off. The copper finish gives it a modern aesthetic and makes this stylish floor lamp even more mesmerizing. 

Drop by Patrick Naggar

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The delicacy and malleability of glass are beautifully expressed by designer Patrick Naggar through the Drop series, a collection of stylish sconces made from a combination of blown glass and metal. They come in a wide variety of different colors with a transparent or sanded finish and in combination with brass, chrome-plated, bronze, brushed nickel or copper accents. 

Cerne by Ginger & Jagger

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Cerne is a piece of designer furniture that inspires us to reevaluate our own definitions of something iconic and basic such as a coffee table. It’s a table that brings together the natural beauty of the wood and the delicate nature of metal.

The organically shaped body can be made from a variety of beautiful wood types including walnut, maple, ash or ebony. being complemented by a delicate metal border. There’s a multitude of beautiful combinations to explore. 

Core by Ginger & Jagger

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Rarely does a wall-mounted mirror look so simple and yet so mysterious. The Core mirror is handcrafted and comes in three different sizes, each one is unique. To get this beautiful and organic shape each frame is created by hand hammering the brass and shaping it around a tree trunk, a very interesting and unusual technique.

Diamond by Maison Valentina

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The Diamond vanity is a luxury piece, one that exhibits elegance, sophistication and opulence in an intriguing yet straightforward form. The freestanding vanity has a wooden body with irregular geometry and it’s finished in a high gloss black varnish which contrasts with the gold leaf base and the matching interior. The oval sink has a translucent black finish which allows it to seamlessly blend with the body. 

Apollo by Maison Valentina

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Named after the ancient Greek god that symbolized beauty, the classic starburst mirrors but with a much more complex and detailed aesthetic. 

Vienna by Tom Faulkner

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The chair is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture and has been the focus of numerous inspired artists and designers over the centuries. When it comes to designer furniture, there’s definitely lots of options if you want to find a chair that stands out for all the right reasons.

This is the Vienna carver chair, a beautiful and elegant piece that combines mid-century modernist and art nouveau details in the most harmonious way. Its delicate silhouette and strength are perfectly balanced.  

Edge by Tom Faulkner

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The magnificence of the Edge dining table lies in its simplicity. The base is constructed from only three pieces of plate steel. Two of them form the sides and lean towards each other while the third is the support piece which holds everything together. You can get it in a variety of elegant finishes which contrast but are also complemented by the simple glass top.

Murray by Charlotte James

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Murray is a designer sofa that has the wonderful ability to blend into almost any type of decor. It has a casual appeal, it’s cozy and comfortable, simple enough to fit in modern and contemporary settings but also with a hint of formal elegance and customizability. The multitude of wood finishes that it comes in make it possible to find the perfect version for each type of space.