Stylish Custom-Made Wine Cellars That Fit Under The Stairs

Looking for the next great feature that will make your house stand out? How about a wine cellar? Before you dismiss the idea as being too opulent or expensive, keep in mind that wine cellars don’t necessarily have to be large underground rooms filled with barrels.

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There’s even room for one in an apartment. Let’s talk about this in a bit more detail.

Why even want a wine cellar in the first place?

Why even want a wine cellar in the first place?View in gallery

There’s actually plenty of reasons why anyone including yourself would want a wine cellar in their home. The most practical one is that wine cellars allow you to preserve wine and even improve it. Since wine is after all perishable, wanting a way to prevent it from spoiling makes perfect sense. Wine cellars are meant to do this by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity inside and reducing vibrations.

Having a wine cellar right there in your home is also convenient. It allows you to have a personal collection of wine bottles and easy access to them and it means you won’t need to go shopping every time you have a get-together. You’ll always have something special waiting for you for such an occasion. 

Wine cellars also offer another advantage: they provide you with a way to store and organize your wine bottles in an efficient manner. You can use labels to differentiate between different types of wine in your collection or come up with your own storage system. 

There’s also another reason why someone would want to put a wine cellar in their home and that’s to actually improve their expertise about wine. Actually having a wine cellar makes one more likely to be interested in learning more about wine preservation, varieties and so on. We’re not saying having a wine cellar will instantly make you a wine connoisseur but it at least puts you on the right track to becoming one.

What’s the difference between a wine cellar and a wine cooler?

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These may seem similar to the uninformed eye but wine cellars and wine coolers are actually very different from one another. A wine cooler is merely meant to be a way to store wine for a short period of time in order to bring it to the correct serving temperature. It’s not designed for aging wine or for long-term storage.

In comparison, a wine cellar is a dedicated space where wine is stored for long-term aging and for long periods of time in general. It can include a wine cooling system and it maintains a constant temperature, it controls the humidity levels, the light levels and it prevents any vibrations from happening. There’s all sorts of different types of wine cellars. You can put one in the basement, in a closet or anywhere there’s space for it.

The space underneath an interior staircase can be used for a lot of things including as a wine cellar. Depending on how much space you have there you can choose from all sorts of stylish designs and storage systems that would turn this space into a cool feature and even a focal point of the house. 

Under the Stairs Wine Cellars

Full transparency

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Put emphasis on the wine cellar with a bright and transparent design. Full-height glass walls and doors and open shelves with backlighting can give you the desired effect. This particular design was done by studio Architectural Plastics.

Minimalist and efficient

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Keeping things simple is a good way to ensure that you use the limited space underneath the stairs to its full capacity. Make it extra efficient by maximizing the storage capability of the wine cellar with space-efficient racks and shelves. 

Encased in glass

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Sometimes an issue with the space underneath the stairs is that you can’t easily see and access it. Here however the strategy compensates for that. The wine cellar is encased in glass and the fact that the stairs make a turn really helps with its placement. It’s a design by Patterson Custom Homes.

Next to the stairs

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Instead of squeezing a tiny wine cellar underneath the stairs you might be able to build something bigger and better next to the stairs. In this setup by Associated Design the stairs twist and wrap around the cellar which was custom built for this little nook. 

Framed and on display

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Having a wine cellar underneath the stairs is definitely a cool feature you should be proud of. Put it on display and make it stand out by exposing the interior with glass partitions. The lighting is important as well. For a traditional design take inspiration from this setup by studio Case Design.

A divided design

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There’s multiple elements and features that can be included in the design of a wine cellar. There’s individual display racks as well as wine coolers or shelves and these can be paired together in various different ways. In this design by Bill Cook Luxury Homes it’s all done in a simple, practical and elegant manner.

Diverse storage options

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It can be practical and it would also look interesting to include more than one type of storage for the bottles when designing a wine cellar underneath the stairs. Check out Sommi Wine Cellars for some inspiring ideas in this regard. 

Big and spacious

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The design of the wine cellar is dependent on the type of staircase. A long floating staircase like this one leaves plenty of space underneath for a big and spacious cellar. It’s all encased in glass which exposes the wall behind the racks and the staircase itself.

Repurposed space

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The staircase-wine cellar combo can be designed as a pair right from the start but this space can also be repurposed later on. It’s a valid idea even for old houses. This particular design by Cellar Maison is a fitting example. 

Emphasis on verticality

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The wine racks can be placed against the wall and cover the whole space from the stairs down to the floor. This emphasizes the height of the wine cellar which in this case is quite long which is also emphasized by the horizontal line of bottles running through the center of the wall. Check it out on pinterest.

Modern geometry

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This under-stair wine cellar has a modern design based on puzzle-like modules that fit together perfectly. It’s also all custom built to fit under the stairs and behind the glass railings that extend all the way down. Check out Genuwine Cellars for more ideas and details. 

Space divider combo

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When space isn’t limited there’s room for some really impressive wine cellar designs, like this one. The floating staircase is a gorgeous sculptural feature and the cellar makes for a unique space divider. Check out Demax Staircase&Railing on pinterest to learn more about it.

A compact design

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This acrylic and oak wine cellar may not be as big or as impressive as some of the other ones but it sure fills this space underneath the stairs perfectly. It was designed by Sorrells Custom Wine Rooms in the same style as the rest of the house.

A tight squeeze

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Even if you don’t have a floating staircase or open space right underneath it you could still manage to fit a wine cellar in this area. This one is placed to the side, into the staircase wall. It’s small and narrow but nevertheless very practical and quite elegant as well. Check out One Kindesign for more details. 

A secret room in plain sight

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The space underneath a staircase is like a secret room and it still keeps that mystery even when it’s actually exposed and in plain sight. Turning it into a wine cellar is a great use of space no matter what size it ends up being. Check out this design and more on pinterest for inspiration.